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You are REQUIRED to take a vet assistant program, which is a job you can be trained to do in a day or less. Then you can take the Vet Tech program. Waste of money.
Absolute worst. Zero credits transferred.
No place to go. Take classes and go home.
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The past credits do not transfer but that is to be expected. They have a stern curriculum
They have it set up so you only take two classes at a time.
Part of my program is internship which i really look forward to because it will help me significantly in my career
They are very helpful and will walk you through everything step by step.
They have a 94 percent job placement rate. So I am hoping for a new career soon
Theres not much available for campus activities. Its definitely all about learning but i love it.
They provide each of us with our own personal Ipad to use and keep. so computers are always on the tip of our fingers
I haven't had much experience with the online courses but professors are always more than willing to help. So i imagine it would be the same with online
We have very small classes and have a lot of opportunities for team work. We have been with the same group all the way through so you really become friends.
Its not your average campus, basically you are there to get an education. Their main focus is most certainly education and they make sure you stay on track. But when it comes to campus activities they are lacking
Everyone is friendly and helpful in all circumstances. They have great payment options. Everything is included in the tuition books scrubs ipad everything
I am a Veterinary Assistant student, my program is very hands-on, which I love because we get to work directly with animals. The first 6 weeks of the program is career prep, then after that you jump right into the real work. The work load is quite a bit sometimes but it's all worth it and helps you with everything you need to excel in the program.
Since my schedule is very flexible, it made it very easy for me to attend classes every day of the week. When I can't attend classes, I always have the option of calling or emailing my instructor to let them know I will not be in class for the day.
Professors are really dedicated to students and make sure that students are happy and succeeding in what they are doing. Assignments are very hands on which makes it easier to get involved in and a great learning experience. The school has very effective communication skills so it's easy to go to any professor or staff member to request help, like tutoring, or just to talk to them personally one on one.
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I am grateful that there was some financial available to me, but do to my husbands income, I didn't get as much as I was hoping for, but what the Financial Aid didn't cover, the school covered the rest in an interest free personal loan through them. I make monthly payments to them and didn't have to come up with a huge lump sum like other schools
Unfortunately there are several students who complain on a daily basis, about the program and voice their opinion loudly. There are always going to be complainers, but the administrative staff will meet with these students and do their best to meet the needs of these students and resolve any issues that they have.
My School is the only one with in a 75 Mile radius that offers this program, I am very grateful that it is available to me. They also offer bus passes to all students to get a free ride to school, it is part of the package.
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