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The best experience of my life. I could not have picked a better fit for myself, this place has really helped me excel and find who I truly am.
The smaller class sizes have allowed me more direct learning experiences. The philanthropy makes the school unique in the giving experience. The opportunity to participate in many clubs and organizations is amazing.
Millsaps College is REALLY expensive. However, the amount of money you pay provides you with decent food, a high quality education, a one-on-one support with professors and staff, and close relations with other peers. The campus is small, so you do not need a car to get around. Dorms are moderately well managed. Security is always on the clock, and they are available 24/7. There are many resources on campus that will always be able to help you if you need it. Overall, it's a great place for a great penny.
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I have only been at millsaps a year but it feels like forever at this school. I have made friends that will last me forever, passed tests in subjects that used to terrify me, and have already seen my overall personality shift into a more positive light. If anyone is looking for a college that will prepare them for medical school and hold them to a higher standard millsaps is the place for them.
I'm currently a student here at Millsaps College. The academics are great, but the city of Jackson is decent. I came for the accounting department here, and it has been exceptional so far.
Classes are difficult but the professors are so nice and genuinely care about the success of their students and will do whatever it takes to ensure that every student understands the course material. Wonderful school with wonderful students, professors, and staff.
Even as a freshman at Millsaps, I can say with confidence that this one of the best schools I have ever been to. The professors are brilliant people who challenge students to think creatively and encourage the inclusion of other perspectives to create the best experience for the community as a whole. The classes are perhaps the most unique I have ever taken, and the curriculum helps students develop skills necessary for any major they wish to pursue. I love this school, and hope that it can only get better from here!
I'm just starting my freshman year and I'm absolutely loving it! I am a basketball player and my teammates and coaches are amazing! Everyone makes me feel like I'm at home. Wouldn't change anything except maybe giving athletic scholarships so you wouldn't have to worry about paying for school to go here, because it's very expensive.
Millsaps College offers a close knit community of students and faculty that fosters growth and provides only the best education. Millsaps makes it easy to stay on top of academics while being involved on campus and in the community.
Millsaps is one of the most dedicated schools to education. They are truly concerned about you receiving. The best education and graduating ready for work or for furthering your education. The campus is beautiful and I feel very safe here.
Millsaps College has provided me with leadership opportunities, community engagement programs, and academic resources. Through my time at Millsaps, I have gained confidence as I have taken on various leadership roles in student life. Furthermore, the small class sizes allow for one on one interactions and relationships with professors that have afforded me opportunities that only a small college can offer. In regards to its students, Millsaps works to create a diverse environment. As a result, I have had the opportunity to make friends and meet people with different backgrounds which has expanded my world view. Overall, Millsaps has shaped me into the person I am today.
I really love going to school here so far. The teacher's are so helpful and really care about their student's learning. The students are all friendly and all very involved in academics and extracurriculars.
Great, tight-knit community with a strong focus on personal growth, writing and interdisciplinary studies.
Millsaps is a terrific small school. The environment is very welcoming, and you will quickly learn to meet many people on campus and have great academic relationships with professors. The work is tough, especially when you take on many activities (as many students do), but it is so worth the experience. There are also many opportunities that the school provides to advance you into your chosen field and to succeed after college. Overall, it is a fantastic small liberal arts college!
Great atmosphere and interactive classes with professors that care about your education and learning process
I have not utilized these resources as much my first two years, but now that I am a junior, I will be using them more often.
I have loved all of my professors, however, have had issues with some professors who are not willing to be flexible with students within a certain department. Class sizes are perfect for my preference, my largest one being about 13, and I also love that Millsaps focuses on class discussion and debate.
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Jackson is not the safest place in Mississippi, however, Millsaps does a wonderful job of making students and families feel safe and secure while living on campus.
The buildings need serious updating and renovations. The HVAC systems NEED to be replaced and the bathrooms have not been touched since the 60s.There are also safety concerns as the doors will often get stuck. Residence Life does all that it can. The administration, however, does not put forth the effort or money to fix serious issues.
Our Greek life is responsible and a great asset to the Jackson community. Philanthropy events are always a huge success for how small the school is and the people are very dedicated and worthwhile.
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