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It is a small campus with lots of opportunities. It is easy to interact with people on campus. The professors are willing to help you with academics and future plans about your career.
Campus involvement is taken as a priority here. I absolutely love it! You are here for an education but you learn just as much outside of the classroom as you do inside the classroom.
I love Millikin! While there are some things I do not like, the school overall is great. Yes the food might not be too good but its a college campus, what do you expect? The one thing I really do not like about Millikin is the sophomore and junior housing requirements. Millikin has a partnership with The Woods, an apartment complex, and requires sophomores and juniors to live there, in Greek housing, or petition for off campus living. The Woods is separate from Millikin but nevertheless, it is overpriced and often charges students for bogus damages.
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I live from home and the campus is commuter friendly, and there are plenty opportunities to get involved whether or not you live on campus. The diversity on campus is excellent and the performance-learning aspect is suitable to my studying needs.
Here is my review on Millikin University.
I could not be happier with Millikin! All of my professors and peers have been very sociable, very encouraging, and accepting.
I LOVE my school! Just like every school, there are drawbacks, the food isn't always great, the local area doesn't have much to do, but the campus is beautiful (though some of the buildings are falling down). My professors care about me as an individual and want my educataion to be exactly what I want it to be. They are invested in my future and know me on a personal level. Millikin is my home and the students and faculty are truly my home away from home.
I have loved Millikin since the day I started. The nursing program is hard but beneficial to your future and guarantees you a job. Campus is beautiful. And there are so many majors to choose from so your options are wide.
Millikin is the reason why I have stayed in Decatur so long. I do not like the town, but the education I am getting at Millikin is amazing! I wouldn't trade it for the world.
My overall experience at Millikin is hard to put into words. I enjoyed the class sizes and how the teachers were there for you. There are so many resources available for you to succeed to in your education. The ability to maximize your learning and experience is all there, just have to ask for help.
Millikin has been wonderful. The professors are very helpful and they care for each student. There are many opportunities to get involved and I love my new school!
Millikin University is full of opportunities for all kinds of students, whether you're a theatre major or a nursing major. The faculty and staff are extremely knowledgeable in their fields and have real-life experience in what they are teaching. The small class sizes mean that you are able to get to know your professor on a better scale than if you went to a state school where you have class with 200 other people.
I liked the professors and how they treated me with respect and helped me achieve my goals. I appreciated that the school knows that sexual harassment and assaults occur and they encourage addressing and pursuing the problem.
The cost of tuition, on the other hand, is continually rising and is not worth the high cost. I suggest that this is due to the new building they are building on campus. The on-campus living is okay, but extremely expensive. (The Woods Apartment rent is $803 a month per person, whereas it costs around $300-400 a month to rent an off-campus house. Their pretense for meeting the Woods' occupancy is that their students learn better on campus)  The rules are strict, compared to other institutions. Individuals working at the office of residence life violate a lot of privacy in their position (checking rooms and individuals' bags). The campus life is great. A lot of student organizations are present! The campus is not too diverse, but this is something that Millikin is working on. Also, they are working on making sure that students are represented, especially minorities.
I love how the professors want to see their students succeed. I am pursing a degree in nursing and ever since I have met my advisor I have felt at home at Millikin. Since I am a commuter I drive to school every day and Public Safety is only one call away if I need help and there are also emergency buttons in the parking lots if I feel unsafe. The officers are on patrol at all times which makes students feel safe, including myself. There are plenty on resources on campus if I ever need help with homework or I need a quiet place to study. Professors encourage students to come to their office hours and this is allows a platonic relationship to form but also allows students to fell encouraged to ask for help about anything going on in the classroom.
I really enjoy the environment that the school offers. It's a very unique experience to be a millikin student. The school is small, but feels large because of the fact the you know so many people. The classes are a good enough size to know many of the people in your class as well as also knowing the proffesor.
The professors are great. They're always willing to assist you and provide countless resources you can use to help you in your classes. Being a student-athlete is made easy. My coach works to keep our team GPA above a 3.2 and offers study tables, and is in constant communication with our professors on what our travel schedule is. The professors are very understanding when it comes to traveling. They will do anything in their power to make sure you don't miss any material. Even the security at Millikin University is fantastic! They provide safe rides, they help keep campus clean, and they are super friendly! All the workers at Millikin are very nice and polite. One thing that I would change about MU is the wireless internet. Our wifi here doesn't have the best connection.
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Public safety does a great job making students feel safe.
There is a high rate of students finding jobs in their field upon graduation.
I have never lived on campus.
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