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The second I stepped on the campus of Milligan College, it felt like home. I felt like I was meeting up with my family.
What I love most about Milligan is that it equips students to serve in any work place, bringing the message of Christ wherever they go.
Milligan College has provided an excellent, well-rounded, education opportunity as I’ve attended the past 3 Years. Having professors that care about their students on an individual, name-by-name basis, makes a huge difference in participation, and my own personal reason to want to be a better student, and participate in all aspects of my education experience!
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I would not change anything. The teachers help you so much and the class sizes are small. The campus is small and it is like a family atmosphere
My son just arrived at Milligan and just found out that WEBB HALL HAS NO AIR CONDITIONING!! And the ONLY WAY a student can request AIR CONDITIONING is to have a approved medical condition!! And if you get caught with and unapproved AIR CONDITIONER you get fined 2 0 dollars a day then 30 dollars a day and then get reported to the dean. What kind of place is this?? How on earth can you sleep, rest, study or do anything but sweat and be miserable when it's over 100degs in your living area!! This is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard of in my entire life. What kind of education institution allows their students to live like this. I mean it costs over 30,000 dollars to attend this place!! It only gets 1 star because that's the only way I could move forward in posting this!! I cannot comment on the rest of the college but I would not recommend it.
I absolutely love the small school atmosphere. I am on a first name basis with all of my professors, and I have grown in my faith so much over the course of just the first year I've been here.
Before I picked which college to attend, one place I considered was Milligan. The best part about it was how beautiful the campus looks, especially in the fall. It looks like you've stepped into a fairytale. However, there's nothing to do outside the campus.
The people at Milligan are great. Everyone genuinely cares about you, your growth in every aspect, and your success. The location is perfect. The scenery is beautiful, it's nearby a large town with lots to do, and there are big cities within a couple of hours. I do think it would be good if Milligan got a football team. That would increase enrollment and diversify the student body. Also, new dorm buildings would be fantastic.
At Milligan, you'll find amazing professors who really invest in their students. Campus is great; the community is beautiful and so special.
Has more diversity in course options and degree offerings as well as in student population than any other school this size.
Sports are a big part of Milligan! We are known for having a great basketball and baseball team. Sports are a great opportunity for the students to get together and cheer each other on and enjoy a fun time together
I love Milligan College. The small, Christian community makes it feel like a second home for me and the students/teachers are always willing to help one another out and encourage each other not only in our studies but as well as strengthening our faith and growing closer to God. I'm so happy I am apart of such a beautiful and loving community. I would choose Milligan over any other university!!
My overall experience at my school was really good. I am really happy with it and can't wait to go back.
If you need a job or internship, then the school will help to make that possible
Campus security is available all the time at our college for any reason at all.
Living on campus is good because your close to your classes and cafeteria.
Frats are not a huge part of my school. The big part of our school is centered around sports.
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Basketball was the big sport at our school. Our gym was filled with the student body at every game, whether it was the girls game or the guys game.
My school is unique because it offers a wide variety of areas to major in. This in turn allows a more diverse group of people to attend this school.
The local community values the quality of MIligan grads and the reputation of the school as turning out quality, well prepared graduates has spread far and wide. The job prospects are great for a Milligan graduate. Also, many students find internships all over the country as well as right down the road.
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