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Milligan is a great school. I transferred there and ran into some problems with registering and the financial aid department .
Milligan College is a hidden gym in the mountains of East Tennessee. With roughly 1400 students at the school, they intentionally keep the student body small to cater to the student:teacher ratio. Milligan is a school that understands the value of a true Christian education. This school has a unique culture of hardworking STUDENT athletes and also features very talented students in the music department as well. While the rules here are very strict, they will help mold your son or daughter into a well rounded intellectual. Above everything else I have said, the faculty at this college truly cares about the students, and will go out of their way to see that a student's potential is reached if they are willing to work for it.
Milligan was full of friendly faces and it had an amazing atmosphere that made you feel like you were at home. When I visited I did not feel nervous for college, I was actually excited for college.
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This could likely be decreased if the college allowed those of the legal drinking age to do so off campus without reprimanding them when they return. Also, targeted marketing to states other than FL, IN, TX and the surrounding areas in TN and NC could help bring in more diversity. Furthermore, the SGA has relatively little power and funding when it comes to changing school policy and planning events. The best aspects of this school are the small class sizes and the teachers’ willingness to assist you one on one and the school traditions such as Creeking, Buff runs, and Wonderful Wednesday. However, you will never get to enjoy a college party, frat, or sorority experience. And because there are so few people, the clubs will be hit and miss. The Christian element is also a key feature, but is a little dated. Overall, it was a decent experience, but if I had to choose again I would go to a larger Christian school such as TCU, SMU, or GCU. (2/2)
Milligan was a decent college. My bachelors degree in business admin consisted of relatively easy and generic coursework compared to that completed for transfer credit in classes at other colleges. My experience in the MBA program has been the same. Milligan offers great study abroad programs, however, due to the minimal class size, study abroad opportunities are limited and not promoted. The sports teams at this school are excellent with a high student turnout for home games. One exception is the swim program which is rebuilding after years of sub-par coaching. Most students on campus are athletes. Despite how old this College is, it is living in the past and refuses to grow its undergraduate class size to a profitable base. This is an issue when choosing friend groups in that, because their are so few people on campus from only a small variety of backgrounds, many clicks form which leads to less socialization on campus. (1/2)
Milligan College has become my home away from home. I enjoy the change of scenery in the mountains and I have gained new friendships that will last forever. At Milligan, everyone is genuinely nice and willing to help others. Our teachers are very attentive and are always lending a helping hand. Due to the small class sizes, each student gets their desired attention without ever feeling forgotten. I am on the Women's Basketball team and I have had a blast in my first year. I have made strong bonds with my teammates and our team represents the inspiring characteristics of our entire campus. Plus, the Christian atmosphere is incredible. Our campus exhibits the love of God in many ways while opening our arms to those who do not believe. Although I thoroughly enjoy my time at school, there are some ways that Milligan could improve. For instance, I would like to see more diversity, newer dorms, and an increased variety in our cafeteria food.
I am currently loving my experience at this college. The professors are wonderful, the campus is beautiful, and it is very easy to build good relationships with other students. It may not be a party college, but there are plenty of other means of entertainment: sporting events, student-led activities, video game competitions, (need I mention Wonderful Wednesday???), and plenty others. A great place to start getting your feet on the ground.
The second I stepped on the campus of Milligan College, it felt like home. I felt like I was meeting up with my family.
What I love most about Milligan is that it equips students to serve in any work place, bringing the message of Christ wherever they go.
Milligan College has provided an excellent, well-rounded, education opportunity as I’ve attended the past 3 Years. Having professors that care about their students on an individual, name-by-name basis, makes a huge difference in participation, and my own personal reason to want to be a better student, and participate in all aspects of my education experience!
I would not change anything. The teachers help you so much and the class sizes are small. The campus is small and it is like a family atmosphere
My son just arrived at Milligan and just found out that WEBB HALL HAS NO AIR CONDITIONING!! And the ONLY WAY a student can request AIR CONDITIONING is to have a approved medical condition!! And if you get caught with and unapproved AIR CONDITIONER you get fined 2 0 dollars a day then 30 dollars a day and then get reported to the dean. What kind of place is this?? How on earth can you sleep, rest, study or do anything but sweat and be miserable when it's over 100degs in your living area!! This is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard of in my entire life. What kind of education institution allows their students to live like this. I mean it costs over 30,000 dollars to attend this place!! It only gets 1 star because that's the only way I could move forward in posting this!! I cannot comment on the rest of the college but I would not recommend it.
I absolutely love the small school atmosphere. I am on a first name basis with all of my professors, and I have grown in my faith so much over the course of just the first year I've been here.
Before I picked which college to attend, one place I considered was Milligan. The best part about it was how beautiful the campus looks, especially in the fall. It looks like you've stepped into a fairytale. However, there's nothing to do outside the campus.
The people at Milligan are great. Everyone genuinely cares about you, your growth in every aspect, and your success. The location is perfect. The scenery is beautiful, it's nearby a large town with lots to do, and there are big cities within a couple of hours. I do think it would be good if Milligan got a football team. That would increase enrollment and diversify the student body. Also, new dorm buildings would be fantastic.
At Milligan, you'll find amazing professors who really invest in their students. Campus is great; the community is beautiful and so special.
Has more diversity in course options and degree offerings as well as in student population than any other school this size.
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Sports are a big part of Milligan! We are known for having a great basketball and baseball team. Sports are a great opportunity for the students to get together and cheer each other on and enjoy a fun time together
I love Milligan College. The small, Christian community makes it feel like a second home for me and the students/teachers are always willing to help one another out and encourage each other not only in our studies but as well as strengthening our faith and growing closer to God. I'm so happy I am apart of such a beautiful and loving community. I would choose Milligan over any other university!!
If you need a job or internship, then the school will help to make that possible
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