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Currently enrolled in graduate school here. Not sure how all of the departments are, but the psychology department seems to be a little unorganized. Most professors do not email back and there is a lack of communication between the department heads and students. With that being said, the classes are great and I am feeling prepared for the internship year.
The academics at millersville are good because most class sizes are small and you'll have the opportunity to have close relationships with your teachers. If you're not interested in having a night life or the big party scene then Millersville is perfect for you. It's very small and quiet, but decent academics. Athletics are not a big part of student life but if you are on a sports team you will make friends quickly.
I like my professor it was very easy for me to pay attention in class. I learn how to become independent while attending college. I love my major Occupational Safety & Env. Health. Overall these past four years at Millersville University, I learn how to adapt to the school environment.
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My experience at Millersville University has been phenomenal! I have participated in two different organizations (MU Footprints & FUSION Step Team) as an Exec Board Member and have worked my way up to in these organizations and had also begun my own student organization (After School Corps) that focused on student volunteering. In 2016 I was nominated to participate in Millersville University's Homecoming Court and had the privilege of learning about some of the other student leaders from the university. During my time on Homecoming Court my love for the University grew and I was honored and crowned as Millersville University's 2016 Homecoming Queen. Through my many involvements on campus; student organizations, homecoming court, housing employee, and student services employee; I have learned many skills that have been very useful for me professionally.
Millersville is a quality institution for post-secondary education. I'm in an undergraduate program for Technology and Engineering Education, and the professors in my major are all willing to help and they provide the highest of quality in their content areas that really prepares students in the major for teaching in Technology Education. The school itself is highly regarded in this area to the point that there are five or more job offers per student upon graduation of the Tech. Ed. major.
They have a good education program with a lot of caring and dedicated professors that care not only about what they teach but also who they teach. The campus at night time could use to be better lit so as to create a safe night walk from classes back to the doorms.
Millersville University has offered me more than enough. Millersville has given me access to keep Music a passion along with majoring in what I plan to do with my life, Social Work. Millersville had accessible to me, a tour, a meeting with an admissions counselor, and also meet with a professor to learn more about the department. I was able to access their website and use all the tools they had handy for me to learn more about the college. Through the tough decision, I know Millersville is best for me and is extremely helpful with preparing you to feel comfortable despite all of the nerves.
Campus is beautiful and very safe. There are many emergency posts available if need be, but I have found it to be very safe. Mostly well lit around campus, and smooth layout for walking around.
I like how passionate the education department teachers are about equipping us to become teachers! I also like how interactive and hands-on the education department is with our classes, they really get us out into field experience opportunities to experience firsthand what teaching looks like.
I visited Millersville University with my family for an Open House last year. I found the university to be very welcoming and warm. I knew before i left that it was place where i wanted to start my college journey and it was also a place/ community that i wanted to be apart of. There isn't much that i can say about change at the school. Its actually what i've been looking for. My mom is very excited about the school also. I'm glad she loves the school just as much as i do.
Millersville University is a clean and friendly environment with a multitude of career opportunities. The class sizes are not too big and most of the teachers and staff want to see you succeed. My favorite part about attending Millersville University is the amount of resources that are available to students and it is not limited to educational resources. I am so pleased with the Health Services and counseling center. I recommend everyone to attend Millersville University.
Millersville has some great professors, but it also has a few duds. The food is the biggest downside to Millersville, as there are no labels in the main dining hall, and what they serve is less than desirable. They changed the hours of the dining hall for the Spring 2018 semester, making it incredibly inconvenient to try and eat in the morning especially. Certain offices take forever to get back to you, and others work like clockwork and are very efficient. The cleaning staff in the dorms could do a better job, as they leave piles of dirt in the stairwell instead of sweeping it up. However, the other buildings on campus are kept very clean, which is appreciated. Overall, it's a nice school with a decent atmosphere.
Millersville University offers students a great education at an affordable price. I've been to two other colleges and felt that, out of all of them, Millersville University provided the best educational experience. Professors were both knowledgeable and caring.
Millersville University has a great community involvement and atmosphere. The people and the professors are wonderful too.
I am a social work major and i absolutely love the dedication and inspiration that all of my social work professors put into teaching along with their outside of the classroom help and advisement. I am assuming that from who i have meet outside of social work, that Millersville as a whole is a very dedicated and uplifting learning environment.
I recently just transferred to this college, and so far my experience has been great. Even before I was enrolled as a student at Millersville, I thought the campus was beautiful and that the college offered students many different kinds of opportunities.
I've found that Millersville is a good match for me because all the professors I have had so far have been very helpful and kind, the size of the campus is just right (not too big or too small), and the dorms are very comfortable and I enjoy living in them.
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Ask your advisor about dual majors. Not all will tell you. I have many classmates who are in multiple programs but was never explained this in my advisement sessions.
I like the overall experience at Millersville University as well as the atmosphere of living in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. The transition from high school to college was a very smooth, positive one, as everyone involved in the school and others that I met were all extremely friendly and open to help in any ways that they could. I look forward to spending more semesters here.
I like how Millersville has the same small-town feeling that I have back home, there are a lot of family stores and although it's out in the country Lancaster City being nearby is really nice. The academics are pretty average from what I can tell so far, but it's a state school so that's not a big surprise. I have had the most experience with the Art, History, and Theater programs so far, and I have to say that all three are very proficient with the Art and Theater programs offering a lot more than I was expecting from a state school that does not specifically focus on one of those fields.
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