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The education major professors for the most part are really good. The general ed. professors lack care of their students in succeeding. They tend to care more about looking smarter than their students, will give lower grades in order to feed their egos. The food is terrible. Don't be surprised if after a few weeks of you start feeling sick all the time. The campus lacks lighting in some areas, they tell you there are at least 2 emergency stations in sight from 1 of them. In most cases this is not true, leaving areas susceptible to possible crimes. I know I was followed at night in one of these suseptable unlight areas. But it was the only pathway to my dorm that got at least some foot traffic on it at night. Better safety measures for those living on campus during winter weather as I have slipped, almost slipped many times on poorly treated sidewalks, roads. Don't be surprised if reverse racism remarks are made by those of ethnicity towards a Caucasian person. Lancaster capus=unsafe!
I recently just visited Millersville for an open house and I was impressed with the professors, facilities, dorms and the dining. Everything seemed updated so anyone interested in attending I recommend you check it out!
I am an incoming freshman that grew up going to Penn Manor a school district that Millersville Univesity is located in. Both my parents work here as a cook and custodian that's why I am going to the "Ville", and I get an awesome tuition waiver. I practically know where everything is located already. I even know some of the professors by just growing up in the community.
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Millersville University offers a rural vibe and great academics for the area. Parking for commuters needs to be improved though.
Rural and beautiful area. Great atmosphere, helpful professors, diverse, great opportunities and people, computer labs available for those who need them, and the library has many floors (at least 7) and two of them are quiet floors. There is a Starbucks shop in the same building of the library.
Yo this school is terrible socially. Nothing goes on here, everyone from ville goes to shippensburg, west chester, or temple every weekend because we dont do anything.
I came to Millersville as a community college transfer student after considering other colleges in the area (Franklin & Marshall, Elizabethtown College, Lebanon Valley College) and finding that this would be the most affordable option for me while having the most comprehensive program in my intended major (art & design). Academically, Millersville is great for a smaller state school and has a huge variety of offerings; I'm especially excited to pursue an internship or study abroad opportunity. The campus is really nice and feels completely safe after dark. The faculty in general has been great during the transfer process and are incredibly sweet and friendly. I was a little bit apprehensive about Millersville because I probably wouldn't have applied if I didn't feel my options were so limited, but so far I have nothing bad to say about my experience.
I have visited Millersville as a prospective student earlier this summer. I loved the environment, the helpful staff and students, the campus, and knowing that they take their education seriously. This is certainly a college I would recommend to anyone!
I love Millersville so far. The academics are everything I could've ever dreamed of. I'm an English education major and I love all of my classes so far. The classroom setting that is provided by my professors is very hands on and intimate, which is good for someone who learns better this way. There are a variety of clubs to join, which is good and MIllersville has a lot of opportunities for students to beef up their resume's. I would recommend this college to anyone.
The campus is gorgeous, and it doesn't take too long to get from one side to the other. The people are great, too.
Overall, I enjoy Millersville University and there isn't much I would change. The campus is nice and well taken care of, and the area surrounding it is great. It's only a short drive to an area filled with great food and a great community. The dorms are average, but come with many different options to fit your needs. The classes tend to be small, even with required classes. The food is what you would expect from a college, but there are many different choices for whatever your hungry for. I would suggest Millersville for anybody looking for a positive college experience.
Good choice of classes and the professors are wonderful. Parking needs to be improved because it costs way too much and there are already other fees and passes for classes that we need to buy. Campus is pretty and pretty accessible.
Millersville University is an amazing school. It has a nice campus with well known programs in the science and arts fields. It is a medium sized campus so it is less overwhelming to me compared to larger universities.
I liked the atmosphere and how welcoming everyone was. It felt like a place where I could make it my home.
When I took my tour before I decided if I was going to enroll at Millersville University, the staff was very helpful in showing the campus but only talked about academics for a shorter period of time.
Its an okay school. It does have its diversity problems among students and professors. The food is awful and repetitive.
This will be my second year of college and I’m super excited. You have a lot of people who are just super supportive and will offer help without you asking. There’s so many resources on campus and you won’t have a hard time at all. You create your own college experience so whatever you want to do, do it. You can create your own major, organization, sports team, whatever you like. Millersville makes your dreams come true.
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I am very excited to be a part of the education program here because it is one of the best in the country. I am quite a shy person, so it's been a little difficult making friends, but I'm looking forward to joining clubs and being more active on campus. I am excited for the future here and after school because I know I will be well prepared for the work force with a degree from here.
Millersville University is a good college with great academics, people, activities, environment, and much more. If you are thinking about joining the Millersville community, it would be a great place to get to know many people.
I love MU! I grew up in the area so it certainly feels like home. Millersville is beautiful and the professors are dedicated and intelligent.
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