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I didn't start any classes yet because I was waiting to see what happened this fall. I did experience some of my friend's online classes. they seemed to be doing okay but they didn't seem ideal at the time.
I liked how easy my application process was and how quickly admissions got back to me. I wish classes could be in person, but with the virus, I know this is not easily changed. I'm excited for the spring semester to start.
I love how beautiful our campus is. It’s truly amazing and the classes are nice and professors are so understanding with their students.
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It’s been pretty good. Our professors have really tried to give us the “classroom” environment which makes it a lot better.
Proffessors are readily availible at any time to help with any assignment. Many of the gen eds are easier to complete online.
I would like covid to end to be on campus. Overall online learning is very simple and the due dates are on a week to week basis.
Taking classes online was sort of hard for me just because I was transfer student. The professors were really nice about it and tried to help me the best they could with being over email.
Millersville is a really great school. I love it here and would advise you to come here if you're thinking about. The atmosphere of the people and the events are astronomical. You'll have an amazing time with amazing friends all while getting a great education.
I enjoy my time at Millersville. There are tons of wonderful people here. They have an excellent library and lots of restaurants around to eat at. The teachers teach exceptionally well, they give good insight on the topics they teach. Many of the teachers will go out of their way to help you too.
So far due to COVID-19, classes online have not been bad at all. Teachers understand and sympathize with our struggles. They are also very flexible by moving their classes from in school to online. They do both synchronous and asynchronous classes, it all depends the course.
Online courses that I took were positive for the most part. I noticed that some professors I had online did not respond as fast to their online courses as they did when I had face-to-face courses with them. Overall it was a good experience.
I loved my experience at Millersville University overall. I attended Millersville for my undergrad and earned a BA in Psychology. I came across a lot of passionate and caring professors along the way. Although, a downside to me was that they lack in diversity of the student population. The campus was very safe and parties were intimate, but had a strong sense of community and safeness while still being fun.
Millersville makes online learning very easy through their homework page and with the use of zoom for classes that still needed or wanted to meet in person. All the professors, though new to online learning, made the transition very easy and were able to help whenever questions came up.
Millersville is a great choice because of its safety, campus life, events and area it’s located. The dorms are updated and have a very nice amount of space for living in. There’s always something to do on campus whether that be going to the gym or just sitting by the pond.
I took classes online when we went online due to COVID, they were not as bad. I just do not think I can do labs online. I struggled a little due to it not being hands-on, I managed and did well for the semester!
Great Campus! The professors are extremely nice. The food is also good! As a biology major, I never have time to run back to my room so I always eat in the science cafe that they have in the science building. I made a lot of great friends already!
My overall experience for online courses is pretty good, the professors explained assignments clearly and were easy to contact and receive a response timely. professors who teach online i feel have more success with students receiving higher grades.
I have taken a 2 courses online, along with a few courses that incorporated online learning.
The professors who taught in class and had material online contributed significantly to my success and understanding of course content. the professors who were solely online were great and used the D2L platform effectively and communication has never been an issue with them.
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As a returning junior at Millersville University, my experience has been average. My first semester as an incoming freshman was rocky, but with help i pulled through and succeeded. I got into a car accident that put me out of school for 3 weeks and i returned in a wheelchair with limited mobility and brain trauma. Most of the professors were accommodating. The counseling and health services are great, along with a phenomenal library.
I have taken liking to my advisor and a majority of my professors. The swans on campus add a little happiness and the campus itself is beautiful. I like that the academic buildings are relatively close to one another.
The things that i would like to see change is the parking, the amount of parking is insufficient with an oversufficient amount of parking tickets. The dining plan is nonsense, i had over $1,500 remaining and they wiped it clean for my fall 2020 semester. oh and the out-of-state tuition is outrageous, i am $65,000 in debt so far.
The campus is beautiful which makes walking to classes very enjoyable. Most of the professors that I had throughout my time were very knowledgeable and helpful in my academic success.
My online experiences were excellent and the professors were helpful in ensuring that the academics were the same as they would have been if they were face-to-face.
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