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Not a real school if you want to get any where in life. The teachers they switched teachers 3 times, then finally they gave us a teacher which was a student from our class named Pete with no experience teaching. Theirs no infrastructure or follow up by guidance counclers well just one guy who really cares the rest are out for your money and ready to recruit other students without an available teacher to be found the school I’m sorry but it’s a rip off, if you want to go to a real school go to Wentworth Technology that’s s real school with real teachers with a real background Thank you.
Do not give these people your number. They ask you online when you’re filling out for info, the times your available to receive a call. I put mornings only. From 1:25-1:37 I received 5 phone calls, 4 of which were blank voicemails. The final call I asked why they were calling when I specifically said I was unavailable, and told them to take me off their list. If there this incompetent with calling people at correct times, I could only imagine what else they do wrong. Go elsewhere for training.
The Counselors are nice and helping with pleasing your needs.
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I have never took a online course.
The career center is great connecting and helping the students. A lot of information to provide the students with good services.
The teachers are nice I have learned a lot of new things.
There are a lot of opportunities to go to see different colleges speak and discuss their school even college trips.
The school cares and tries to help the students to be successful as possible.
Favorite experiences is connecting with the teachers and playing varsity girls basketball.
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