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I have only been through the registration process but overall everyone was very helpful. It was very organized and efficient. Th wait was kind of long because students did not have all the proper paperwork done. But over all staff was really helpful.
My experience at Miles College has been one to remember. My main enjoyment came with the overall good feeling the campus gave me whenever i walked on to it. The teachers are very close and personal with you to ensure that you understand the work presented. The only issue with the college is that people who don't attend the college are always coming onto campus to cause trouble.
No change excellent school student need better dress code nothing really needed more wonderful teachers like the one u have
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My experience here at Miles College has been a wonderful experience the reason I say that is because doing my years at the college I have done many things such as join the band and also cross a sorority name Tau Beta Sigma National Honorary Band Sorority. While traveling with the band I have had the opportunity to visit many city such as Chicago, Tennessee, and Atlanta. I am also apart of the Honors Curriculum where I have received many cords for my accomplish. The things I like about Miles is that the school let the students have actives on campus an also the work system is a another thing I like about the school they make sure you have everything done in order to attend Miles. Miles needs to get more parking space an stop giving students fees they have to pay such as laundry, an dorm usage fee what's the point of that if we already have to pay $100 to get a dorm every year and paying for your housing plan.
The teachers are very helpful and very understanding they look after you when you need anything. The more you want to be in school the more they will help you stay in school. The campus life is okay but they make a way for us to have fun and have a great college life experience
Miles College is an Institution that takes a Diverse group of Student and mold them into Ivy League Professionals! No other School has this Type of Structure!
My experience at Miles College has been wonderful. The things I would like to see change would be the cafe food. I would like to see them become a University. I would like to see them grow and become an even better school
It is really fun like there’s always something going on, on the campus like everyday. Also the professors really want you to succeed & they are very helpful. Everybody at the school is really friendly and you’ll make friends I’m the blink of an eye.
Miles has a great choir, band and educational programs. They have alot of great teachers to push you to greatness.
I like how the professors are very understanding and very educated. Even though the campus isn't what you would expect I choose to make the most out of it. I think that miles college is what you make it! any college is about what you make it . Everyone experiences college differently, so people say college isn't for them and that's fine . I wouldn't suggest coming to miles for a 4 year college its nice but not for everyone.
Very good college to attend, you can concentrate on your work and still have a great time. A very safe college and very concerned staff and President that will talk to the students and your parents if there are any concerns or problems . Miles College produces many teachers, business professional and individuals in the field of arts, strong Greek life, organizations, top notch band and strong athletic department. Take a chance on Miles College,Miles will take a chance on you!
I love Miles college it teach me about my culture it prepares me for the world ahead. like any school miles has there ups an down but for the most part it is a well rounded school with a Christian base.
My experience at Miles College has been wonderful. As a non-traditional student, I have been blessed to have professors who care enough to know and understand me as a student, employee, mother, and caregiver.
Miles College is the best College in the World! You can come to Miles with poor High School grades and become just as smart as an Ivy League Scholar! Miles is a school for anyone seeking a second chance or someone seeking to expand their Intellect. They offer a chance to travel the world to study abroad all expenses paid.
Miles College is a 4 year Cme Hbcu college. Medium sized campus, 6 dorm halls, some of the majors they offer are Management (Business), Business Administration, Biology, Accounting, Early ChildHood Education.
I chose this college at a college expo because Miles had really made it look amazing. They even had a jump start program that I attend and love, but the crime is seriously BAD! I am now a junior and the crime as not got any better. I remember one time that really made me upset is when we had a drive by shooting Miles College band students got injured and Miles College said the shooting was not on the campus but it clearly was it happen in front of the dorm. Miles SGA do have a lot of activities you can do on campus also. When we are going to the library there is no paper to print something you have to bring your own paper. I think that is crazy!
I have only visited Miles college but i liked what i seen it it a part of my church heritage which Jefferson chapel Christian Methodist Episcopal church .Miles College is a historically black college founded in 1898. It is located in Fairfield, Alabama, six miles west of Birmingham. It is a private liberal arts institution of the Christian Methodist Episcopal Church.
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Within my 4 years there, my overall experience has been a good one. Besides the lack of poor campus security and very limited parking, my advisor, along with my department instructors makes up for what the campus lacks. Positive individuals willing to help their pupils meet their goals and aspirations besides graduating.
Since I been at Miles it helped me mentally. I never been a peoples person before but seems like its a great vibe everywhere I tend to open up to new people every day. Everybody wants to see you succeed its always from students on campus to professors nobody is going to tell you how you cant do something. Miles is really like a big family taught me I can open up to people and not regret it. I'm also in the band so I traveled a lot and met new people its just a wonderful experience that you'll have to see.
This school was a first for me outside of my home state of Nevada and it showed me culture like no other. I lived and grew to love some amazing people here at Miles. But most in important I gained a new love which is my career in Education. I also found the love of my life here as a Golden Bear.
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