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Mildred Elley School - Pittsfield Reviews

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I somewhat stumbled into my current career path (after having tried God knows how many other jobs) and couldn't be happier. Most teachers are the bomb (you know who you are!) and from what I understand, the career services are supportive too. Looking forward to next steps.
Loved my time at Mildred Elley! I felt I got a good education and most importantly, they helped me get a job earlier this year. I'm super greatful.
Glad I signed up here! Smart instructors. Challenging programs. Helpful financial aid available and flexible hours.
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I have no problem at all with the staff.. everyone has been helpful and supportive throughout my time here. The academics are no joke, so be prepared to work hard. I believe some people come here for the wrong reasons but if you are focused and follow your passion, Mildred Elley can help you get there 100%.
The program and workload is alot of information crammed into a short time. Extremely helpful office staff will get you all set up for the career you’re looking for and help with financial aid if needed. Everyone is so very friendly. The treachers are very dedicated to helping the students succeed in every way possible. This has been a wonderful experience and I highly recommend Mildred Elley!
I graduated from Mildred recently and love love loved it. Academics are certainly challenging, but rewarding. Teaching staff is for the most part knowledgeable and cares about the students, but there are some that could use improvement.
Great school. Lives up to the hype. All students have the opportunities they work for and desire - Mildred elley opens so many doors.
Such a wonderful place. I'm blessed to have the opportunity to follow my dreams and God as my witness, I will prove the worth of my teachers through my actions. Thank you Mildred Elley!
Super happy i made the choice to come here. The teachers are top notch and I've had a great great experience so far.
I appreciated the tutoring help and how much staff really cares ! Personnel are friendly and I've been very satisfied with the credit transfer process.
Awful experience with the extremely rude, unsupportive faculty in situation that I felt fearful. To my dismay I stumbled into a faculty member who cornered me in a hallway; the fact is he recognized me as a witness that testified against him in this case that took place in 2014. I went to the schools Dean of Affairs, Carrie Swaine who had already been approached by a fellow student who also voiced concern.Mrs. Swaine put her hand up in my face as I began to explain the situation and spoke over me: "You're Kayla I'm guessing? Nicole already came to me about this, he has been acquitted, there is nothing I can do." i realized this woman was not going to do her job to keep her students feeling safe and happy while in their school envoirnment. I then called the schools President in Albany. She came in for a talk and was bias against me- telling me he "didnt recognize" I couldn't handle this level of disregard from people who are supposed to be supportive so I withdrew my enrollment.
I've been happy with the evening program, and agree with other reviews: It's All About Putting In The Time!
Definitely a school for adult learners, the more time you put in, the more you will get out of it. Dedicated instructors and staff will go out of their way to help, if you make the effort. As an older adult I've never felt out of place, and have been very happy with the results so far (almost half way through the evening program).
If you put in the work, you'll get a lot out of it. Be prepared to cram a lot of info into a short amount of time. Teachers are great here!!
I am a recent graduate of the Mildred Elley Pittsfield Campus, and I have to say that I have experience nothing but support and compassion. A good portion of the faculty and staff will go above and beyond to help a hardworking student succeed. In completing the Medical Assisting program I have had a great experience I enjoyed my time at Mildred Elley and would recommend this program to others.
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