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I remember when I first visited, I had the best experience with admissions giving me a private tour all around campus. My time at Mildred Elley has been super positive since then, with a big shout out to the strong academics and great professors. When you're looking at an investment like an educational institution, I believe you have to look at the value you're getting out of it and see if the juice is worth the squeeze. In this case, I have to say the value really can't be beat and the location is prime: you're getting experience in the heart of NYC! Great food, great diversity, and great overall return on investment.
Loved it here! I always wanted to become a nurse, but the teachers and staff helped me really solidify that decision. Appreciate everything.
Mildred Elley has given me the opportunity to complete my goals. The teaching methods are not elementary. Everything is fast paced and the Instructors provide you with the right tools and information to accomplish your goals. They are there to help you every step of the way. The staff is amazing!! The Academic Advisors strive to help you in every way. They always help you as long as you go through the proper channels. No College, University or Technical school is easy, but Mildred Elley does whatever is possible to help all students. I'm going to miss Mildred Elley since I am reaching the end of my journey. I am very proud to be at Mildred Elley as a student. My decision to be a student at this Institution of higher learning has been the best I have ever made.
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Becoming a practical nurse has always been the goal, so I regret waiting so long before coming here. But I woke up in 2016 and realized now's the time and I haven't looked back since. Really appreciate the opportunity here and the teachers know their stuff.
For profit schools get a lot of shade but I think it's undeserved. I like that they have to hit certain job quotas -- means their goals are aligned with ours, unlike traditional colleges. I'm having a good experience so far.
I would like to start out by stating that I got a lot of financial aid help on my tuition, so I can't speak to the school's expense if that makes sense. But the school is incredible! The pace is FAST so you can't rest on your laurels. Teaching quality is up and down depending, but overall I had a great experience.
Good experience. Make the best of it and put in the time otherwise you might not love it -- do your work, see professors after class, etc. No one will make you, so make yourself do it and take advantage of the resources offered to you.
The classes are flexible, and most professors are very smart and willing to help you out. If you need 1-on-1 time, they'll do that no problem. There is a lot of material packed into a short period of time but its manageable. Career placement is a big big help!
The best! So happy with my decision to come here. The night schedule is convenient and the class sizes aren't too big, which was a big plus for me. Tutoring is available for those that need it, and lifetime career placement too.
I like my experience here so far. You hear a lot of inspirational stories from graduating classmates about certificates and degrees holding real weight in the job market, so that's comforting. Professors are knowledgeable of the materials they are teaching, and are available if you need help.
I loved it here! Learned from the best (LPN program) and Mildred helped me land a nursing job shortly after graduating. :)
Good school. Teaching staff here is FAB. Financial aid was a lifesaver.

I found the environment really collaborative and helpful. Excited to be a nurse :)
So long as you stay focused and stick to doing the work, you'll be fine. I took courses that prepped me for next steps as an MA, and I learned a lot. I'm a 2017 graduate and I'd encourage anyone to go here. Worth it.
I had came into this school in order to change my career. I had no support from anyone at this school. Each subject class lasted two months, which wasn't enough time to fully understand what a person needed to know. In addition, if you don't have any experience in the medical field, this school is NOT for you, which they don't tell you. Yes, i had graduated but I'm still looking for work and no one will hire you if you don't have at least six months of experience, which the school should tell their students and offer.
A great school. The teachers are nice and the program is great. I'm getting the training I need and it works perfectly around my schedule. I would recommend this school to anyone.
I might say that initially I liked how the admissions reps, financial aid staff and other personnel treated me. They are very friendly and provided all the answers to my questions. I am very pleased that my admissions process went well. I am very satisfied with the credit transfer process, it was easier than in other colleges I have attended. I can't say how student life, diversity, etc is until I actually experience it, but I might say that being an adult learner, self-taught, in addition to professor experience I am ready. I will make updates for an overall, positive experience. My goals are to learn and gain real job experience.
Mildred elley is the worst school I ever been in, the administrators does not help you, the admission reps lies to you about the school, the professor don't do their job to teach you. Who ever want to come to this institution do your research before come in and signed the dotted line.I am business major I don't know why I wasted 9 months here , I am going to withdraw out of this school the end of this module.
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Mildred Elley NYC campus, has the potential to be a great school. With weekend and night classes to accommodate folk who are work as well as single parents. The course work is not difficult however your are only given eight week to study and be ready for a final exam. Mildred Elley lacks in student supportive services. Student are being told they need to continue attend school while students are in crisis i.e. Domestic violence, learning disabilities, childcare and homelessness. Some professor for the most part are cool other lack the passion and may language barriers. It would be amazing to see other course outside of medical business and legal at the metro campus.
If you value your education,money and time. This school isn't for you, many classes are passed off as a skeleton of what they should cover. Run fast and far away. I regret this place
The schedule and speed of the program is what really attracted me to it. I work the day shift so the ability to go to school in the evening was perfect. Initially I was in school 4 evenings a week, each class only lasting about 3 hours. Once I crossed into the LPN program I was only on campus 1-2 evenings a week. The only inconvenience I see for an evening student is that clinicals are in the day at a hospital nowhere near campus.
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