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Career Development – I do like the amount of attention that is paid to career development, wheat with the professional dress on wedsdays, the mock interviews and overall guides in interviewing and getting an actual job. they don't just shove your nose in a book and send you away with nothing else really.

I do wish they had something where externship or volunteering was involved with the MT program (sorta like the MA program has). it really helps to get experience in a non-school setting. there is only so much a person can really get from the school's clinic ( although I am glad it's there to start with, helps get the student ready to take the training wheels off without the fear of possibly being fired or something that might happen if he/she had to depend of the money like a realworld job)
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there are just a few things I want to suggest they add to their already great school, and now is a super time since they are adding all those changes already to the Nampa school right now: a library, separate disability services office. either better stocked vending machines ( fruits/ sandwiches/ microwaveable meals/ bagels etc) or grill in house (half an hour isn't long enough to get more than a coffee outside of school during lunch)more seating also

PS: I do wish colleges like these that may be more business than school, would be more compatible in regards to transferring of credits from a similar business school. I am having to waste a whole lot of hours starting over again for SOME of their program classes/credits that I no longer need to do again. specifically the hands on hours and A&P (atleast from what i've gone through so far, I have LEARNED nothing new really)
This Is My Passion. My school is unique because it's short, sweet and simple. I have been attending school for about 4 months and so far I think it's okay. I would still go to it, and do to it even though theres been some troubles though out this time. This is my Passion, I have always wanted to be in the Medical Field, so i dont care how many troubles I face, I can do this!