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Midwestern University - Glendale Reviews

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The school is very expensive but it is worth the money. Every instructor is willing to help students succeed. It is family friendly and has tons of activities for students and families.
What I like about Midwestern University: large student body, study resources, cooperation between students and faculty so students can succeed, high graduation rate
What I dislike about Midwestern University: Lack of interesting clubs and extracurricular activities to engage myself in
I love the ability to do research with healthcare professionals and to take classes with other disciplines. With my program I was able to challenge myself and learn more about medicine before continuing on to my next program. The campus is really safe and the classrooms are nice. If you are hungry there are limited options on and off campus. I bring my food to school most days. The professors are mainly PhD and some medical providers. There are inter murals if you have time for that and the local area is not too exciting but if you travel some you can find good areas.
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some positives, some negatives. Hard to see where the tuition money goes. Moderately supportive staff
We bought a house in the area that's super affordable
Phoenix is a big city. lots available
Not too strict, we're all adults and grad students.
The advisers are extremely helpful.
Everything I have had so far has been great.
If you are looking for healthier options... you are out of luck. Sports bars, and fast food are the only choices
As long as you are prepared, the administration strives to help students succeed. Open door policy is always in action! Great administration!
Make sure to be on top of your fin aid as it really is up to the student to get everything together. The fin aid team at the school is more than willing to help, but only if the student is prepared!
This is a graduate professional medical school, which means not a lot of time for parties, but there are a couple of sports bars across the street.
As the school is feeding a lot of students, sometimes quality isn't as much of a priority as quantity. Great variety of options, but the pizza is terrible and wouldn't recommend getting it.
Housing is great! Very close and accessible to campus. There is a pool, volleyball court, and really great BBQ areas. It is a great family friendly complex, in case one has a family. The apartments are well maintained and have an excellent staff that is available to you 24/7.
The students usually party off campus in their houses so its hard to say- and a lot of students don't party cause we're really focused on school.
Phoenix has remarkably low cost of living - you can get a great place to live for an amazing price.
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Phoenix fine except its pretty miserable in the summer. There are a lot of good local restaurants in central Phoenix but there isn't that much to do for such a big city.
Most of the students here are pretty busy studying so intramural sports aren't that big.
The school is very strict about being professional and following the law. It is a graduate health care campus and we are expected to act like professionals.
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