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Midwestern University - Downers Grove Reviews

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I would like to believe that the rigorous testing schedule will prepare students for the future, but sometimes it seems like they unnecessarily make things harder for us on purpose. It is a commuter school, so for the students who don't live on campus, most have to commute 5-45 minutes depending on where they live and on traffic conditions.
The education prepares students for clinical experiences. Professors are incredible. However, tuition is unbelievably high.
I enjoyed working with members from other professions/specialties in healthcare. Two things I would love to see change is longer hours for the ONE coffee shop on campus and extended hours for dinner in the commons area.
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This school is overpriced and has some rather old buildings.
There is a Health and Wellness center that has some exercise machines and gyms.
Most people here are white. There are few minority groups.
Campus housing is pretty expensive. Some people choose to rent an apartment close by.
There are some organizations present for students who want to be involved in a fraternity.
There is a Health and Wellness center available for students.
They can be flexible at times, so try to figure things out for yourself.
There are some options but they are pretty expensive.
Restaurants are somewhat diverse. There are also many options at the malls.
There are barley any scholarships at this school.
Program is mostly self-taught. At times, the material is dry and boring.
Food is so expensive, they only accept cash. Who doesn't accept debit/credit card these days?
Professors are mediocre, they kind of just whiz through the information and expect you to connect all the concepts.
Workload is pretty hectic, there are always exams and workshops.
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There are many restaurants and malls. They are pretty diverse.
Living in the Chicagoland area, you never know how much it will snow, or when the rain will stop. Weather conditions affect the amount of time it take many commuters to arrive to class. However, living on campus provides the added security of not having to worry about being late for an exam or activity due to the weather.
Midwestern University provides it students with many opportunities to enjoy life beyond the classroom. There are numerous clubs and organizations, student government, and recreational activities activities available for students majoring in any profession. At Midwestern, you can find whatever fits your interests, and if you can't, the university will work with you to help start a new organization that meets your interest.
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