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Currently I am a Junior at Midwestern State University and so far my experience is really good. I love the campus and the people they’re really welcoming.
The staff is very helpful. I was having trouble with my application but everything was fixed with one phone call. My advisor was very helpful getting me in classes even though my application was a little late. I was a transfer student, she also set my schedule up so I could fit into the degree plan of the university.
When I went to tour Midwestern, I felt like I was at home. The tour was very interesting, and the people there are very welcoming!
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The thing I love most about midwestern state university is the class sizes. I find that I enjoy the smaller classes for a more one on one learning experience with the professor. Not every class is like this, but the professors are good in, in my opinion, for the most part. Just be sure to check rate my professor before you register for classes.
My experience at MSU is amazing. The people, Staff, etc, is amazing. What i love about this school i show so much diversity.
MWSU is a great college. The professors are friendly and helpful. MWSU is a small college which helps for socialisation and small teacher to student ratio. Moreover, they have a great undergraduate research program.
They are super nice and accommodating. They are really good at responding to emails and voicemail. I will say I wish that their website was easier to use. I also wish they had more opportunities to use technology instead of paper (like changing majors for example.)
If i was to sum up Midwestern State University i would say it is a campus full of great opportunities for academic success. The atmosphere is like no other with positive vibes all over. In every corner you will find someone willing to help you with your problems. Overall MWSU is a campus that is like a family.
I heard about the school. It seems cool. Some of the staff are cool when you get to know them. Some students are cool too. It’s a small town with little stuff to do.
Midwestern state is a smaller school, so classes are more involved. Another benefit to the size is the close community of on-campus residents.
I love everything about MSU. The campus is beautiful and is in a nice location. The fellow students are extremely nice and always so helpful. The teachers actually want to be there and see their students succeed! It's all around an amazing school!
The professors and instructors are very professional, are willing to go above and beyond by helping students in their studies, and are understanding and willing to work with students.
Midwestern State University is an excellent choice for a college education. It is consistently rated in the upper echelon of best colleges in the state of Texas for value and education. It is not too big, about 6,500 students, however not too small. It has a beautiful campus and cozy feel to it.
I am a in coming freshman and when you visit the campus everyone from the staff to the students are so friendly
I have grown up in this area my whole life so I know my way around. It feels good to get a great education while staying close to home and not the cost of the big name universities.
The MSU Campus is extremely welcoming , and filled with learning opportunities and fun . I can't wait to peruse my degree here at MSU .
I like Midwestern State University because of the diversity, the environment, professors and the warm welcome feeling you get when you arrive at the school. As far as what i would like to see change, i think MSU is pretty great at everything so its tough to say but i think they could make their library a bit more extensive as far as the amount of books they have.
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I'm only a sophomore but so far my college experience has just been okay I want to strive to make this upcoming semester better in all aspects.
I enjoy MSU. I love the small close community where we are all close and look out for one another. I like the environment and the people i have meet and become good friends. The classes are great and so far all the professors i have experience have taught me alot. I do wish MSU was more prideful and have spirit with school games and activities.
Midwestern State University is an excellent place to be. The professors are great and always willing to help out, the campus is beautiful, and the city itself is friendly. If you aren't from Texas, you may not be used to the heat and quickly changing weather, but that's about the only negative.
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