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Midwestern State University Reviews

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The professors actually remember your name and anything that you have told them in the past. They make you feel very welcomed into class and will go beyond to make sure you pass their class.
The campus is beautiful. The class rooms are great size with, the most kids in one class about 70 students. There's always something for going on. Very welcoming and nice.
Midwestern State is a great University. The campus is average sized not to big and not too small. I enjoyed my time there as a student. The staf at the Library was particularly friendly and helpful when it came time for finals and writing your papers. You will experience professors who actually care about you and not just drones. The professors are helpful but will not hold your hand they offer good advice and communicate very well when you have an issue. Student life is great as there are opportunities to join different groups fro theater to Greek life. And lets not forget a good value for your money.
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I enjoyed going here starting my college career! The campus is easy to navigate around since a smaller campus, the teachers are very good and can help one on one, and we’re the one of the best D2 schools in Texas at athletics !👌🏼 I recommend it
good community great classes, good opportunities to make friends and explore. Campus life is friendly and welcoming.
It is a great school to go to and i would definitely recommend to anyone. The campus is a beautiful place and the food there is great. The professors are friendly the people are kind and everything about it makes me not able to wait to live there
Midwestern State University is a liberal arts school that is very diverse and welcoming when it comes to the campus. It's a place where friends become family and where a school turns into a home. It's not the biggest but overall academically and athletically its a great school where you get to get connected with many people on a personal level due to the brother and sisterhood of the campus. I love it and would recommend this University to other home-like people as well.
My time at Midwestern state university definitely has been an exciting one to say the least. I have met a lot of interesting individuals, as well as intelligent professors. Next semester I will be starting a new chapter in my MSU career as I was assigned a leadership position. I am anxious as to what this journey awaits, however I am certain that whatever it brings it will be something to remember.
Midwestern state university offers a wonderful undergraduate and graduate degree program. The mathematics department is pretty challenging. The campus holds movies and popcorn every Thursdays at the moffett library. In the fall, the campus is so beautiful. So much green space and the area all around is just beautiful.
Small school, but the education received is very good. Small surrounding town, not much of a night life.
There is nothing that I would really change about the school it was an overall great experience. I mostly enjoyed being around a group of serious like minded scholars.
Although my first year as a freshman at Midwestern State was a tough one to get through it was a good school, and I'll be returning. My second semester there I met an amazing English professor who just inspired me so much with her perception on life, and school. She made me want to push harder and do more for myself despite the hardships that come with it.
My experience here is great! Beautiful campus coupled with amazing professors made my first year one that was successful and memorable.
The campus is very homey. The atmosphere is also very welcoming and comforting. I enjoy how small the school is and how inviting it feels. My favorite thing to do is walk around campus and enjoy everyone's company.
when visited midwestern the overall feel of the college was not like any other college ive ever been to. The advising team really strives to make sure all students are take care of when some advisors are out sick.the really care for their students and want to make sure everything is good to go so they can have the best year ever.
Midwestern State University is a good school overall. There are a lot of opportunities on campus to get involved. These include, numerous clubs, fraternities, sororities as well as athletics and the arts. Academically, Midwestern State is excellent and its different departments offer different opportunities for its students to get scholarships as they are posted in each department. Midwestern State also encourages the all rounded education of its students as it requires each student to take classes outside of their major. The institution is also home to a variety of students from all over the world; it boasts students from the Caribbean, Africa, as well as Asia. Its diverse range of students encourages students to interact with cultures different from their own and encourages inclusivity and acceptance of everyone irregardless of their background.
Midwestern State University is a great school for people who can not afford to go to a big university. The campus is very nice and the people there are respectful.
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The students and professors are wonderful. Staff is very helpful when it is time to figure out schedules and getting registered for classes. There are always things to do and activities to get involved with.
The Nursing Program here is spectacular! I am currently in it now and feel like the smaller atmosphere gives you an edge, as you get more 1 on 1 time with your Nurse Educators.
MSU is a good school. Not great. There usually isn't a lot of on-campus activities that go on. Wichita Falls is a safe community
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