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See a bit unorganized at times. Staff is helpful at times. Instructors are sometimes unsure or unorganized.
Teachers aren't that good. I've only had 1 good one. Poor time management, also if you have a complaint about a teacher they sweep it under the rug. Some good things are the student coordinator Mrs. Ortiz is awesome and really tries her best along with the teacher leann. This school is alot of money for not that good teaching. You also have to pay for alot of things out of pocket besides tuition which is a rip off.
I am in the MRI program at Midwestern Career College and everything is going great! I love that the classes are at night and that before I graduate I will already have my externship hours done and working in a hospital! They do not overwhelm you with classes like a traditional college does and the teachers and staff are always there to help. I'm so happy that I found this college when I did!
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I studied as a surgical technologist at Midwestern Career College. Their practical hands on training and qualified, experienced professors gave me the knowledge I needed in order to attain a well paying and rewarding career. At MCC there is no nonsense. You learn what you need in order to succeed in the field of your choosing.
Midwestern Career College is a world class institution. I had the pleasure of teaching at their beautiful campus in the Chicago Loop. The students are hardworking and eager to learn and the staff is unconditionally supportive. I would reccomend this college for anybody wanting to learn technical knowledge in a healthcare profession. Additionally, they have a great ESL department that offers English for Academic Purposes for beginning levels to advanced. The staff and instructors are highly dedicated to their students' success and helping them achieve their dreams.
I’m in my last term at Midwestern and they are really going all out to help us get jobs. They have lots of information they give us about interviewing and networking and they even have people whose job it is to help students with their resumes. It’s really nice that they go out of their way to help students get jobs and not just leave us to figure it out on our own.
I got in and did my classes, which were great. The location was convenient and the schedule was great. I was able to work and go to school. The best thing was the externship. I clicked right away with my supervisor and was hired after graduation. Now I am making good money and feel like I have a real future ahead of me.
I was in the surgical tech class at Midwestern and the classes were really good. When I got to the externship I already knew everything I needed to succeed in that environment and I was able to get a job before I even graduated. The staff were nice and it’s just a great school in general. THANK YOU MIDWESTERN!!!
Stay away from this school. They will tell you anything to get you enrolled and collect your money. They will let everyone pass just to keep getting tuition. They will tell you your program is accredited even when it's not. I finished this program. Passed my NCCT and applied at a highly ranked hospital. To be denied.. and told by HR that they don't hire NCCT and my school is un accredited. What a disappointment and waste of 20k. Advice. Pay the extra money and go to Robert Morris for the surgical tech program. This program was a joke !!!
Some credits that I was told would be transferred weren't. Also new management changes many things in regards to what grades would be accepted, so students enrolled before new management are caught in middle of chaos.
They offer good hospital choices for internship
The professors are knowledgeable but could slow the pace down.
Teachers need to be more detailed and not rush
School needs to be more clear Astro what courses are transferable
my class doesnt take financial aid
helps get you a job
i've had no issues so far
Review Midwestern Career Center
i've had no issues so far.
We currently are taking medical terminology, anatomy, and physics.
Our teachers are working hard to ensure that we have all the education and background we need to ensure success in our careers.
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