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Love the professors. The course work maybe hard but is fitting for the course. I really enjoy the theological emphasis found throughout the campus. Online instruction is also exceptional.
Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary is a very solid and biblical college that grows its students in light of the gospel but also pushes them into the community. The Seminary is one of the fastest growing seminaries in the world and offers many unique graduate programs such as the timothy tract or accelerate program. The college is also one of the affordable and cheapest colleges in the area! I definitely recommend this college to anyone interested in biblical, theological, or religious degrees.
Professors and staff are all top notch. Most are actively involved in ministry or professional practice depending on their department.
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As you would expect at a seminary campus is incredibly safe and well patrolled by the security staff. Safety is not an issue on campus.
Midwestern is a great school. It's small enough that professors are easily accessible but large enough to provide a high quality education with vast resources. All of the staff is incredibly helpful and friendly. It's a great institution with reasonable tuition rates and an awesome location.
MBTS is helping me prepare for career expansion and growth as a pastor.
MBTS is a school with a fleet of supportive and engaging professors.
Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary is a safe school with a safe campus and a compassionate student body.
MBTS is supporting me as I seek to invest the gospel into others.
It's right next to Kansas City -- there's everything that one could want in Kansas City.
It's a Baptist college, therefore I would assume most of the people to be Baptist or at least Christians. People do not come to this college/seminary without the knowledge that what the Bible says is what is done. As a Baptist student, I feel very at home here.
The workload is tough, but doable for the online classes.
The professors really know their material and make it challenging yet fun.
They split my FAFSA and loan money into three payments without informing me -- it still covers everything, but it would be nice to be informed next time.
The professors are great about taking every subject and focusing it on Christ. I've grown in every single class, even my business class!
The RA is fantastic! She is helpful and friendly, and makes the housing process extremely easy. The apartments aren't too shabby, and there are no dorms on campus. That is an extreme plus for me.
This school is great, except in the Business Office. You just have to keep looking at your ledger to make sure they do not over-charge you for something unnecessary. I have found many mistakes on my account, but the good side is that everyone in the business office is friendly and extremely helpful. They took the over-charges right off immediately.
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The Humanities degree is Midwestern's honors program, so I just need to maintain a 3.0 gpa.
All professors at the Seminary have been carefully chosen. For this reason, all programs offer the highest amount of training and experience that will lead students to become fully capable of serving God in all types of ministry.
I am in Midwestern's undergraduate program, and I am pleasantly surprised by how much this program has challenged me. My major is in Cross-culture studies and Humanities. Dr. Arbo seems to be the school's well-kept secret. He is talented in many areas of academia, and his love and passion for students to learn what he has learned benefits me profoundly. I am but a child, learning the minds of great thinkers and artists like Aristotle, Augustine, Descartes, Kant, Rousseau, Locke, Pascal, and Aquinas.
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