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I really love this school. Two years ago I went to school for my CNA license and it was nothing compared to this. From orientation to the first day of school has been a wonderful experience. The administration office really cared about my future. I love that they involved my parents in my enrollment process. They made it real exciting and comfortable for me
I love this school because they have helped me out by letting me come back after I had family problems. I got right back in school when I was ready with no questions asked.
I love my school!!! Midwest Institute is the best choice I have ever made. I'm going for Medical Assisting! What really inspired me to go to this school was my mom she went to the same exact one and now she loves her career. I went to another school and they didn't really get to teach me anything. They were just rushing through everything and was noone was taking the time to talk to me. The teachers here are great as well as the staff they really make you feel good every time you walk in the door. I love my teacher she really gets to know you and what you want out of the school. And they don't just throw you into the world you actually get to go to an externship or an internship and help you find a job that you really like. Oh and don't even get me started on the lab days! Those are the best you get real hands on training and you don't want to stop! The great thing about it is its only 8 months and your done. Its so easy. I'm not going to lie it is hard work. But its all worth it in the end! They are going to give the tools I need to succeed in the health field! I love this school and everybody in it! I got to meet a lot of new friends and I cant wait to graduate!!!!!! :)
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My experience at Midwest institute has been excellent. I love the hands on opportunity that this school has to offer. I also love my teacher, she is very open and never gets frustrated, I can honestly say she is here to teach us and makes sure we understand before she moves on. It is safe to say that when I'm ready for leave on my internship I am confident enough. This school has gave me my career I have been dreaming about since I was just a little girl.
My experience at Midwest Institute has been great so far and I feel confident in my skills and ability to get a job immediately after graduation.
Midwest is such an awesome school. Since starting I have learn a life long skill and have a job waiting for me once I finish my internship. In just 7 months I went from working a dead end job to having a career waiting for me. With my training at Midwest I'm able to start my career early in life, grow, and make a great living for myself. The hands on experience you get here is top notch and the book work makes your job so my easier because you know how to do things but you also know why you're doing them! The teachers and staff are all so friendly, it really is a little community and I'm so happy I have chosen them to guide me into my career!
My journey to go to school has taken about six years . I looked into different school over that time . One day while watching the news one of the schools that I was looking into was closing and send all their students to Midwest Institute and for some reason when I finally realize that I really needed to go back to school and I was going to get some financial help I remember Midwest Institute. I started looking into the school and they had everything I needed to get financial help through the WIA program . I looked at the school and felt no pressure to sign up for school. I got full help with financial aid and I get a full pellet grant as well and my tuition was been paid for . When I started school my first instructor made me fell very welcome and comfortable to the point that I did very well in school and never wanted to miss school at all. Because of personal issues the instructor had to leave and the instructor is doing the best that she can do. I'm still learning at lot new stuff every day . It's hard loosing a very good instructor but between the both instructors I know that I will be o.k. and move on to bigger and better things in my life. I'm getting ready to leave on my internship and I know from Midwest Institute I have the confidence that I will do very well at anything that I do . It hasn't been easy but Midwest Institute is a really good school . Sometimes in life you have stop listening to all the negative and do your research on all the school available and find the one that fits you and Midwest Institute was the for me .
I love Midwest! So far I have learned a lot and I have only been here 1 month. All of the teachers and staff are beyond friendly and make you feel at home. Love the online medical assisting program because it is very flexible and allows you to balance your home life with your school life. I would defiantly recommend choosing Midwest!
I love the school all the instructors and office staff are very friendly and very concerned about the students at the school
We started at another College in Maryland heights MO.It closed down So midwest offered the program n said we could finifh a teach out at their theyre just diminishing everything
We were dumped out of Anthem and moved into this school with hopes and promises.They are fibbers.
Too much money Im paying them for low quality education and services.
No Student center...Ive heard my instructor say a student went out on extern just recently, and she told them she didnt know how to wash her hands.
Its bad.I dont know where to start. minimal classroom space. Oh our tiny class crams in 17people exceeding the limit for room capacity
Rude. burnt out. Understaffed. Ive never seen a janitor.
The staff are very rude, condescending and patronizing.There is not any student services or advocates available.Every type of conflict is hidden. These people lie about fufilling the need of CAHEEP accreditation. We students signed up for the associates degree program...They dont even have a working printer in their computer lab.and they need sanitary bathrooms. How the heck did this school even get any Accreditation.I want my money back
Everything went good will my fafsa.
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I'm not having to change my work schedule at all.
I'm attending the vet assistant class in the fall and can't wait to begin.
I definitely think I got what I paid for as far as my education goes.But I had quite a few issues. I wasn't told until the last week of classes that there was a problem with my aid. It wasn't the school's fault but they should have informed me sooner. Also, I owed the school money that wasn't covered by financial aid and I wasn't aware I needed to set up a payment plan with them until the last week of classes. I could have been making payments since the beginning.
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