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Great transfer college but boring to be in. It definitely is a real college but it just does not feel like it sometimes. It is boring but most student are there just to transfer.
I was a transferred student at Midlands Technical College from Lander University in Greenwood. I really enjoy all of my classes I am currently taking. The professors are amazing and very understanding and will give you many different resources to succeed.
Good for a community college. Classes are a little too spread out between the three main campuses (Farrow, Beltline, Airport). Teachers are hit or miss, some are great and some are alright. Food options are limited. Figure out what school you're trying to transfer to as early as possible, so that you can get the most out of your classes.
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I had a few professors that I truly enjoyed. Unfortunately, the rest of the staff there is uninterested in helping you become a successful student. They are so saturated with students and understaffed as a whole, they do not have to time to dedicate to you as an individual student. There is little personalization. You can tell that they don't treat their employees very well either. They are so unhappy with their jobs, that it reflects in the effort they put forth helping you down your path to graduation. I will never go back.
Midlands Technical College was very difficult to work with to schedule classes, reach out to financial aid, never followed up on with students. Unless there are no other alternatives stir clear of Midlands tech. It is not worth the prices for classes.
I'd prefer the score to be 3.5 stars so I was nice and rounded up. Overall my experience at MTC has been fairly positive. The professors are all knowledgeable in their area of expertise but as teachers, some are definitely better than others. The nursing department has been fantastic but the financial aid department needs some overhaul. You literally have to pull teeth to get any real help there.
I liked how you can choose which campus you want to learn in and if it is close to your home. Your schedule helps out alot.
I'll be honest, there are some things about MTC that I do not like at all. Their website is constantly down at random times for maintenance and their attendance policy is the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard of. But there prices are much lower than what you would pay at a four year college. I'm enrolled at MTC to get most of my liberal arts core out of the way before I transfer to my dream school. It is saving me a lot of money by paying for classes at a tech school. It's the same education, but you're not paying near as much for it.
I love my school. The teachers teach everything I need to know. No freebies you have to earn your way to the top! Overall great school and great semester.
With small classes and professors that care about how you are doing, Midlands Tech is a great experience. This was the best decision I made in how to return to school.
Scam... The Quick Jobs courses are, judging by the course I spent $3,500 and wasted a year doing, a complete scam.

They will promise you that these Quick Jobs courses will get you back to work quickly. They will promise an end of course certificate. Lies, lies lies!

I did the medical coding and billing course. I tried for 3 long, miserable years to get an end of course certificate out of them and gave up. Similarly, quoting that course on my resume got me more rejections than after I took it off. This course has never even got me an interview, let alone a quick job, despite my grades being the best ever seen.

So, $3,500 down the drain and NOTHING to show for it bar time wasted successfully completing a worthless course.

I would not recommend this scam of a college to my worst enemy. I hope they follow ITT into bankruptcy.
My experience at Midlands has not been the best at all. In the beginning semester I signed up for two classes that I did not need, and my advisor did not suggest that I take my prequisite classes for my program. In the second year I was not given my life scholarship back until i raised questions. I was dropped from three of my classes, but resolved that with the next few days when I was given my scholarship back. My car was also damage on their property. The computer class needs to be set up differently or attest get a different teacher. It seems that the tests do not follow the chapters at all and everyone I know has difficulty with this class. The teachers though I will admit are very nice, I do like them but that's about it.
I have been a student at Midlands Tech for 3 semesters and overall I do believe it's a good stepping stone for students to get started in college but the process to get started with Midlands Tech has always been a hassle. The financial department at Midlands Tech is incredibly unorganized when it comes to scholarships, FASFA, or payments. Making advisement appointments are not always easy to make because the timeframes are not always flexible with students who have jobs. The bright side of Midlands Tech is some of the professors. I got lucky to have some of the best ones at this college because they have really cared about my success.
They have very manageable classes especially if you aren't quite ready to leave the house. I enjoyed my time here but if you are in the gamecock gateway you will hate it and I'm very sorry. All I recommend is going in knowing what college you want to transfer to and making a plan cause they don't know every transfer class for every college out there.
Midlands tech is a great college to attend & the teachers are very helpful. When I attended it was a great community college experience. I plan to attend again by fall '16 to finish up my Associates Degree.
I go to MTC as apart of a technical bridge program to the University of South Carolina. The counselors are wonderful and do their best to give us all the resources we need. I haven't had a bad experience with an instructor yet- they are all here to help up reach our goals.
I like that Midlands Tech is close to home, so I didn't have to move to attend college. It's one of the few schools in the area that has a two-year nursing program.
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Other posters have stated that MTC is very friendly for adult learners, who work. I would DISAGREE! If you need any tutoring services or need to go to the library forget it. The campus hours are until 5pm on most days, 5:30 at the latest. I have to take time off from work anytime I need to handle anything administrative. You can take a lot of general education classes at night, but once you hit a certain point in your program most of the classes are only offered during the daytime. Other than that, MTC is a great community college.
I haven't started working on my major classes yet, and I don't feel like most of the core classes relate to what I should be studying
I enjoy college. It's a lot of work but I'm learning alot
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