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Midlands Technical College is a very great place to go to especially if your just starting your college journey. They are inexpensive and can really help you find the direction that you want to go in life even if you are undecided. The Campus is a decent size and kept clean and the people there are all wonderful and helpful.
My experience at Midlands Technical College is great! The instructors are very helpful, staff are friendly and willing to help in all departments. The resources that are available are very convenient and the academic success center has a comfortable environment for students to study and much more. The scheduling at Midlands Tech. is flexible and they also offer online courses. I look forward to the semesters to come and a great experience in obtaining my degree.
Attending Midlands Technical College is a great way to save money and take the same required courses required at a 4 year college at an easier pace. The campuses have a beautiful, calm scenery and are very easy to navigate through. Most of the teachers are great explainers and are always open to help students in need. Although it is not as big as a university, there is still great diversity within the students and chances to meet new friends from all over. Give Midlands Tech a chance to see how great of an experience you can have and save money.
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Most teachers are nice. However, go to the financial aid office is a hassle and stressful. You don't have many options when it comes to lunch on campus. WIsh they would add another restaurant on campus other than subway. Needs more study areas, especially during finals.
I attended a quick start program there. It was very professional I was able to get signed up for school,FAFSA,school testing all in one morning also received a tour of the school.
I love the small class sizes! It allows for more one-on-one time with instructors and professors. Very helpful.
As a new student I found the process a little overwhelming, especially coming to it later in the game! Overall it has been a good experience, I've met some nice people and so far am enjoying my classes and teachers. The only thing I would complain about is I felt a little rushed when making class choices, I would have liked a little more guidance.
Midlands Tech is a wonderful 2-year school for both in-class and online learning. The professors are super helpful, and the staff is lovely.
School is an excellent start for those who want to pursue college but don't want the whole college experience. All campuses are good and have a great curriculum.
It's a very good technical college and the only thing I would like to see grow is study abroad programs.
Since I been there The staff has been very helpful, the diversity is awesome, the classes are awesome. The atmosphere there is just wonderful.
I like the ability to do almost everything online from admission to graduation. The ease that the staff gives is very satisfying. The enrollment is excellent but it's not overcrowded so it's not likely that your professor will think of you just as a number.
Made errors on my transcript and refused to correct. Carla Kaiser (registrar's office) spent two months "looking into it" only to to explain the few things she did to look into it only took 30 mins or less. 3/4 teachers only care about collecting a paycheck and made errors on the grades they submitted. Look into online classes/The Palmetto College through USC, DO NOT take classes here.
I have had a pretty good experience at Midlands Technical College. The teachers are very knowledgeable about the subject matter. It was very helpful that they had a bridge program to a four institution. I would like to see more evening classes for working adults.
It was an okay school. Just felt like I really wasn't moving forward. You have some pretty good professors and some not so good. Advisors are helpful in what you need to do but it just seems a little harder to execute.
Midlands was an okay technical college. Some great teachers and some terrible teachers. The facilities were always clean and many of the employees were very helpful. Something I would change is communication throughout the school, especially with the admissions and financial aid offices. I had to go back many times with questions and got different answers almost every time.
Midlands is a Avery friendly and safe environment to be in. I've visited numerous colleges and this is by far the best campus and facility . That have many opportunities for you to save money and get ahead in the future.
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Midlands tech is a great transition from high school to a 4 year college. It's provides you with all the tools necessary to be successful in college and even life.
Not a bad tech school. A lot of the teachers really seem to care about the students. The school staff was rude though.
Midlands Technical college is just what I expected. Something I wish could change about the school is the courses given at each campus. They needs to diversify the courses at each Campus, instead of having engineering courses at one campus, computer courses at another campus. Really eats up gas, when they could just offer some of the similar courses offered there.
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