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I enjoy being a student at Midlands Tech because the professor there so helpful with making sure that their students succeed in life, the only downside to the school is the subway and the club life but other then that it’s great
What I like is that the classrooms are a more smaller population. What I what like to see change is how some of the proffessers teach. Sometimes they really don’t know what they are talking about. I have had a hard time. Also I would like to see some of the office people be a little bit nicer. It’s a great school. They’re are just something people need to work on. I have met a lot of new people so that is fun.
My experience at midlands wasn’t bad, I actually enjoyed it as a freshman and I learned a lot about life and how college works. I plan going back for my second semester before transferring. My advice would be make sure to get everything in financial aid handled before starting classes because over the summer they will not answer the phones, lol. They offer many scholarships through MTC foundation.
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Good for a technical/community college. Has some amazing professors, some mediocre. None of the normal "college life" stuff, but the price is affordable.
Teachers at MTC are either really good or really bad! Half the staff doesn't care and they're just there to collect a government paycheck. I will be transferring out of there as soon as possible!
I like Midlands Tech, it allows me to make my own schedule, the classes are small, the teachers are great so far. The only thing I think could change is the fact that some of us have to take developmental classes and they don't count towards your degree. So for me it's a waste of time and money. I have to take extra classes that I have to pay for that will not give me credit towards my degree. Besides that everything else is great.
It is older, but the small campus gives you more of a chance to connect and really get the help you need
Midlands Tech. is an average college. Most professors are great at what they do, and the academics are good at MTC. The campus is old and some of the first ever buildings from the 80's are still there and they are very dingy and need to be updated.
At Midlands tech, I really enjoyed the literature and writing courses. However, I would like to see a change in the way technology is used.
I like how the Professors are willing to help students inside and out of classes. They actually care and want to see their students succed!
So far its a little frustrating registering for programs that were on Midlands Tech website but the instructor is telling me they are not offered.The bookstore is understaffed and the supervisor which should know how to do everything failed to give me assistance purchasing books but tried to pass off.Later his subordinate took the time to look further into the issue and got things done ,but this process took over and hour.I have some great professors and I look forward to learning everything I can.
I like the selection of classes and the offering of Associate, Certificate and Diploma Degrees. I also like the range of possible interests and the attraction of all ages.
The overall experience at the Airport campus is just plain average. There is much more to be desired in regards to the quality of classrooms, and quality teachers quite frankly.
I have chosen the nursing program at Midlands Technical College. The college works well for me as I am in my thirties, a mother, and I work full time. The nursing program at Midlands Technical College has a very good rapport. The student nurses have amazing hands on experience, as well as a high percentage of passing rates for the NCLEX exam. After the student nurse graduates the nursing program from Midlands Technical College the amount of knowledge they possess is outstanding, which greater increases employment after graduating and taking the NCLEX.
I am quite pleased with my decision for choosing Midlands Technical College as my choice for nursing. I am very eager to graduate and begin my career as an Oncology nurse in the future.
The teacher to student ratio is good. The teachers are also very helpful as well as the student body when it comes to study groups. Also it was very easy to get in contacted with the teachers. I would like for them to have more night classes.
I've had a great experience at Midlands Technical College thus far, professor have been helping hand in hand to allow each student to get to the next step. I enjoy attending this school
The campus itself is kept pretty clean and seems to be fairly safe. The professors are hit-or-miss. I've had some great teachers that really care and want their students to succeed, while others are severely lacking in people skills. I've only had 2 teachers that came off as jaded and uncaring (I basically had to teach myself in those classes). Students appear to be overall happy though.
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I applied and can’t wait to find out if I make it in so there for I don’t yet if I did get accepted but yes I heard from a lot of people saying it’s a great school there and it’s a new chapter in my life
Great school with great professors. The coursework in my major greatly prepared me for my career as a paralegal. Obtaining my Associate Degree from Midlands Technical College has afforded me a great advantage in my return to college to obtain my Bachelor of Science Degree in Paralegal Studies.
I loved how the professors knew my name! I learned more here than I learned at my previous 4 year school!
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