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The overall experience at the Airport campus is just plain average. There is much more to be desired in regards to the quality of classrooms, and quality teachers quite frankly.
I have chosen the nursing program at Midlands Technical College. The college works well for me as I am in my thirties, a mother, and I work full time. The nursing program at Midlands Technical College has a very good rapport. The student nurses have amazing hands on experience, as well as a high percentage of passing rates for the NCLEX exam. After the student nurse graduates the nursing program from Midlands Technical College the amount of knowledge they possess is outstanding, which greater increases employment after graduating and taking the NCLEX.
I am quite pleased with my decision for choosing Midlands Technical College as my choice for nursing. I am very eager to graduate and begin my career as an Oncology nurse in the future.
The teacher to student ratio is good. The teachers are also very helpful as well as the student body when it comes to study groups. Also it was very easy to get in contacted with the teachers. I would like for them to have more night classes.
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I've had a great experience at Midlands Technical College thus far, professor have been helping hand in hand to allow each student to get to the next step. I enjoy attending this school
The campus itself is kept pretty clean and seems to be fairly safe. The professors are hit-or-miss. I've had some great teachers that really care and want their students to succeed, while others are severely lacking in people skills. I've only had 2 teachers that came off as jaded and uncaring (I basically had to teach myself in those classes). Students appear to be overall happy though.
I applied and can’t wait to find out if I make it in so there for I don’t yet if I did get accepted but yes I heard from a lot of people saying it’s a great school there and it’s a new chapter in my life
Great school with great professors. The coursework in my major greatly prepared me for my career as a paralegal. Obtaining my Associate Degree from Midlands Technical College has afforded me a great advantage in my return to college to obtain my Bachelor of Science Degree in Paralegal Studies.
I loved how the professors knew my name! I learned more here than I learned at my previous 4 year school!
I have really enjoyed my first semester at Midlands Technical College! I think this is a great place for people who are not sure about what they want to major in. This is a great school for anyone wanting to save money in their first two years of college. The professors overall are nice. They are willings to work with you, but still have high expectations when it comes to the work you turn in. The campus is pretty average, but not nearly as bad as some other colleges.
For a community college the Midlands technical college in West Columbia is pretty big with very nice innovations put it place. I like how there are not only several places to sit outside but as also outdoor outlets near the benches. The library it's self is pretty spacious so I always have room for myself and belongings. My experience with teachers have been good. Since the classsize usually isn't large it gives the opportunity for a more personal interaction with the professor.
It's a great starter school! I would recommend everyone start here and transfer to the 4 year college of your choice!
I am currently a dual enrollment student at Midlands Tech. The teachers that come to my school from Midlands Tech are excellent and they provide me with so many resources to ensure my success in their classes. For the school itself, Midlands Tech reaches out to all students to ensure that we are obtaining a quality education with the resources that they provide.
Most of the advisors don't know how to advise, they lie as well. They tried to stretch out my education plan to a ridiculous amount of years. I was able to find a trusted professor to advise me and set me up to transfer. Not very pleased with my time here at Midlands.
I am starting the paralegal program at Midlands Technical College it is very intense and helps you learn new things, and makes you think! Studying law has changed my life and made me look at life events from a different way. Instead of looking at events from a personal angle, you can better understand that things are put in place (Laws) so you can understand the basic structure of society, ethics, and basic law that govern these areas. The cafeteria is very clean, the students are very friendly, and you can find a group that will accept you for yourself without having to act a certain for approval or just to (satisfy) someone. Paying attention and taking notes in class is a must and of course being on time to class and being quiet while the instructor is talking is understood to be main rule.
My experience at Midlands Technical College has been truly amazing! As a non traditional student I have been very grateful at all the resources and course offerings my school offers to make it feasible for older students to be able to get a degree while still working full time.
The professors are not helpful. I have had multiple experiences where I email my professor and they won't even respond. They do not care about the students. I do think that this is a great route to save money too. I did a whole year of college for free which is great and will help in the long run!
I would like to see more interaction within students. There seems to be a lack of diverse activites in the school. Other than that the school is great start for people who are undecided in there future.
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Midlands tech is a good college to go to if you want/need to save money. The school is very affordable and they offer many scholarships/grants. The labs are nice. Need more food options.
Midlands Tech is a great school after you manage to make your way into it. The professors are approachable, tuition is affordable, and the students at Midlands Tech is great to work with. Getting into the college is a bit difficult though. When I was applying for Tech I had to stay on top of the staff to move my application along. My application was held back for a year before I could even start classes, so make sure to keep up with what stage your application process is in.
Midlands Tech is a really good school and I highly recommend it. I heard about Midlands Tech from my Guidance Counselor and I also heard about their program that allows an enrolled student to exchange to go to a higher 4-year college after 2 years at Midlands Tech. From what I know, a lot of majors are found here and no matter what career path you choose you should find it at Midlands Tech. This is a very good 2 Year College and for those in South Carolina that want a great school to start off their Higher Education, I would highly recommend Midlands Tech! :)
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