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This was a very personable experience. Professors here are really concerned with the well-being and academics of their classes. Classes are smaller and the campus is beautiful. I have greatly enjoyed my time here.
I like the fact that the College is a community college which means it is easier to enter, also the classrooms are big but with a small number of students which makes it easier for the students to have communication with the professors. In addition, the professor cares about the student's development and understatement while in the classroom.
I am currently a student at Midland College this semester. Having gone from a major university in Texas for three years to transferring to Midland College due to a family situation has definitely been a weird and hard adjustment due to the differences in the overall experiences. Having gone to a university for so long, I am used to professors treating their students like adults so it's a weird being talked down to a sense. My overall experience has been good but there is definitely some need for growth on this campus.
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Midland College- a 2-year program transitioning to a 4 yr program via Sul Ross University. The small classes really do make a difference. The instructors are passionate about ensuring that the students are learning hands-on, real world applications. Focus is not so much on your grades, but how well you learn. First class services and resources. I'm 55 yrs old and was impressed with the welcome among the diversity in cultures and ages of all who attended.
I like that Midland College has multiple classes for each subject to need for your major. It makes it very easy to work around my schedule for work and home life. There are classes on campus and online for whatever class I want. The campus is easy to get around and they have so many books about my major in the library so it is easy to get that extra knowledge. The food served on campus is good and prepared quickly so I could always have breakfast before my morning classes.
This college does not care about their students. All they want is your money. The dorms are a health hazard and should be torn down. It was absolutely awful.
Midland College has been a pleasant experience for me. My advisor is extremely helpful and responds quickly when I reach out to her. The professors have been the best part. Each one that I have taken classes from, even online classes, have proved to be an invaluable asset to Midland College. They all really care if the student is learning the information. The campus is clean, and parking is always available. There is an on-site police station that gives an added sense of security. The only issue that I have had with Midland College is that many of the classes that are listed in the catalog are not actually available for students to take. This has resulted in having to take classes that I wasn't as interested in because what I really wanted to take didn't have a professor to teach the course.
Midland College is a diverse 4 year school. It offers great professors and academics. The tuition is low and definitely worth your money. Although there is not much to do in Midland, the college offers various student activities and programs. There are tons of classes and electives to choose from some. So far I haven't had a 'bad' professor. everyone at Midland College tries there hardest to work with you.
My experience at Midland College was definitely one that I was very honored to have taken and chosen. Midland College gave me the opportunity and chance to do something exquisite with my time. All the possible resources that are needed in order to achieve something great with your time are available to you. My professors, I don't know where to even begin ! When it came to not understanding the topic or a lecture, they never failed me and were always very helpful. I highly appreciated the time and effort that was spent on me. The faculty were the people that made it all happen! Without their astonishing help, I would have not felt so welcomed and comfortable with the school.
I enjoy the Midland College, because it's close to home and small-based college where everybody knows everybody. They treat me well when they help me apply for classes and scholarships.
I have loved every minute of being a part of the MC student body. I have gained friends for a lifetime! I think the teachers were great and really want their students to succeed and they are also very understanding when we have to miss class for athletics. I have really enjoyed being an athlete at MC as well because it has prepared me to move into the next level of athletics.
What I really like about Midland College is that the professors and your classmates really want to see you achieve your goal.
Midland College has been an absolutely wonderful experience! There are numerous opportunities for the students to become involved in the school and the faculty is top notch. The professors have been one of the highlights of my experience at the school and many professors will use a mixture of teaching methods to ensure students learn the materials without becoming bored.
What i like about Midland College is it’s a good place to start out at for academic reasons and even if you’re an athlete. The people are always so nice & the campus is nice & has a pretty simple layout.
I absolutely love this college I am so happy I chose midland college as a school. Midland college is so much cheaper then any other school.
I am currently pursuing a degree in marketing before I transfer (because Midland College is really a 2-year college, not a 4-year as is listed above), and as of now my education is absolutely FREE. There are so many scholarship opportunities and connections that it makes living in the middle of nowhere worth it.
I really like the size of the college. The teachers seem to want the students to succeed. They have all been very helpful. Some of the courses that the college provide are not available much of the time.
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Midland college is a great school. I'm a transfer student and when I walked in they made me feel like I was already part of their team which is an awesome feeling. they have a pretty good size campus and their is always police present so you know safety is their main priority. all in all midland college is a great school for you!
i liked midland college because their were overall good professors and i learned a lot. but its not very social and its not a fun college to attend.
I Paid full in scholarships. Went to classes I asked to be in another class but they told me it was full. The day they dropped people for no payment was the day they added me into the class . And did not inform me. So my classes were dropped. Once I finally got into my classes again , I was behind. My professor didn't like to be seen on the screen, so when he did something on screen he forgot to show my class. once test came the whole class failed. Many dropped out. I applied my pell grant months before school. Everyday I asked for it. I had no money at home and couldn't pay for my books. So they told me to drop out and try again next semester. So I decided that I should. Once I did they told me my pell grant has been there for almost 3 months.
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