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My online experience was awful. 2 out 4 of my online professors did not do very well. They were math classes and I was thinking I was going to get a lot more help than I did. But there were very few examples, and rarely anwsered their email. I had one professor tell me to google the information. I just think that if a professor is to teach an online class that they really need to help their students and try to teach. Not just throw us to the wolves. We pay lots of money for a good education and I don’t think they succeeded.
The teachers were great hands on teachers. They worked well with my volleyball schedule and tried to really work with the students to help them succeed. Other than the academics, Midland struggled trying to get Intermural‘s going. There were no banquets and no recognition for the students hard work. It’s a great school if you are trying to get your basics and that’s it, but if you are trying to get the college experience this may not be the right school for you.
Midland College is more a community college. majority of its students are high school graduates raised here in midland. Its nothing crazy here either. Midland doesn't have that many things to do here so its pretty much school work and whatever else you can get into. the staff, however, go above and beyond to really help. although like most colleges there are certain teachers that could acre less for ya. I would recommend if you are good with a calm college life.
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They are always concerned over the students future to succeed into greatness. The campus sends out weekly emails that explain the weeks agenda. Since, COVID-19 has occurred our emails have been over how to contact our resources and guidance for online excellence. The college has used every ounce of their resources to ensure the kids end off the school year successfully.
I love how open the campus is. It's also very easy to see where you are and where you need to go. Midland College has always been a great college to attend with a wide variety of options. Midland College was my first choice and I'm super excited to attend! It's also super close to home. That way, I will always be able to see friends and family.
There are very interesting teachers, yet some take their job as if they are teaching at a four year university.
Really Love the professors ! The town has very high rent. Super cute safe town and people are nice 😃The college faculty are very helpful
very diverse and great teachers who begin to know you well. small classes that allow teachers to actually work with you rather then at a big college. campus is small and it is very easy to find your way around fast. maps all around if you get lost though. great study rooms and doors are a little outdated but still very nice.
Midland College is a fairly small campus. It contains a decent amount of student activities, such as clubs and organizations. This campus only has two places to get decent food (they are currently renovating one). All in all, this campus is nice for those who seek education at a low cost.
ive been there alot and everytime i go its a great expierence and i never have any problems with anything everybody is always very nice and its very welcoming. to the people the atmosphere and the setting evrything is perfect and honestly there isnt a whole i think should be changed parking is good professors are awesome students are nice and it has a lot to offer from the vendings and even a starbucks
midland college is great. extremely overpriced and terrible professor choice. as an example ms. meredith martin has been the most uptight rude and condescending teacher i have ever had and i wouldn't recommend her class to anyone online or in class. she doesnt care about her students just that she does as little as possible so she can focus on things that are important to her which clearly isnt fostering relationships with her students. i will never take a class from her again.
I'm applying there this year because I am a senior in high school, but I have been on there campus before. It is clean it is big and the counselors there are really helpful.
Midland college has been an amazing school to me. There are so many ways to be helped on the campus as well as online.
Midland College over all experience was ok. In the Geology Department they needs lots of work especially Mr. Giles. I wouldn't recommend Midland college to anyone. Especially, not the Geology program through Sul Ross. Sul Ross is an awesome school to attend but not through Midland College.
So far wonderful college, very helpful staff and wonderful community that is built around this area.
I really love Midland College! My first year here was wonderful! I learned so many things I never thought I would learn. They actually taught me how to write an essay the correct way! This is hands down a really great community college and I would recommend it to anyone.
The professors at Midland College are motivated in their jobs and very passionate about the subject they teach.
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It was a really great and fun experience with great people. I was able to succeed with a great staff and teachers who want to make you smarter n help you learn. Midland it self is a great place with great people in the community. Midland college really helped me grow as a person and helped me achieve what I wanted to achieve
This is a very good community college, that works very well in conjunction with Early College High School. There are very good teachers here, and although the campus is pretty small, it also looks very good. There are also a lot of resources for students to use if they need help.
The professors and students are always communicating in order for everyone to be successful. The student center is a good place to hang out, study, and eat. There is a game room that has a variety of games that any student can access to relax a bit. The student center also has a food place where you can order almost anything. The library on campus has a variety of sources that can help students with homework, including research papers. The honors program in this college is really helpful and successful in my opinion. The various facilities make this campus a great one to attend.
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