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Middlesex Community College - Massachusetts Reviews

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Middlesex is a really good school. The teachers are good. They help you out a lot. They are nice, make sure you do your best
Middlesex Community College is a Community College so expectations should be low as far as academics. There are both really good and really bad professors here. I would recommend researching your professor before signing up for classes. Middlesex has two different campuses (one in Lowell and one in Bedford), so whether you're looking for an urban area or the suburbs they have something for you.
Middlesex Community College has been an amazing experience for me. The environment has been so supportive and I truly feel at home here. The college has fantastic student support services and every faculty and administrative staff member are devoted to making sure your experience is positive. Even the facilities people are friendly! The only problem I experience with the college is that sometimes the other students are not as focused on their studies and this can be frustrating for those that take their work seriously, but the Commonwealth Honors Program is wonderful and creates a challenging learning environment full of dedicated students. I wish there were more clubs to join, but overall I couldn't ask for a better experience here!
Review Middlesex Community College - Massachusetts
Class size is decent, professors give time and care about student, online classes can be difficult if groups aren't trying hard.
The college has an ambient atmosphere very conducive for learning besides hard-working Professors who are by your side to walk you through a problem, to the best of your satisfaction.
Personally, I liked the college with all that it offers; from the quiet location to friendly classmates as well as the Professors, and would highly recommend the place for anyone who wants to succeed in life.
It's a place where everyone learns!!!!
As a student currently at Middlesex, I have been happy with my decision to continue my education with them. All of the staff and faculty have been amazing. The professors have done a great job at teaching their courses and allowing the students to become involved during class. After completing a year and being enrolled in my second year, I have noticed all of the professors making the importance of a students education and encouraging them to continue on.
Middlesex Community College is an outstanding school to enroll in. All of the professors and faculty that work there are very accommodating to students and their busy schedules outside of school. they focus on students wanting to graduate on time and help them get ahead to help them succeed.
I attended this college for a couple years now and this college was great. The professors and advisors were super helpful. The classes that I took were very informative and I learned a lot. I also used their tutoring service that was available, when I needed that extra review for a test or finals. I also really enjoyed the newsletters that was plastered everywhere around campus. They always were very creative and kept the students in the loop about all the different activities and trips that were happening. They also had shuttle buses that took you to your car if you parked at an off campus parking lot, which really came in handy when it was too cold or too hot to walk to your car. The school does not have a party scene or nightlife but they always have trips to random places that gives you a chance to meet new people and do fun things. Overall, I enjoyed this school.
So many resources so much help. It's great!
The teachers here really love what they reach and it's really inspiring. But some are too laid back and teaching styles are hard to learn from.
Like I said before my major was not offered anymore in the middle of my first and second year. So now I'm in a more language based major then just Global Studies. My majors not a popular one so there aren't many opportunities for me here.
Mid year , I didn't even know it, the school canceled my major. Like it's just not there anymore :( so now I have to switch to some language major. Which is very similar but I wasn't focusing on languages. But other than that it's been so cool. I have such a broader sight to the world and it's just made me more excited to go and explore it! I love my major :)
School has so many helpful tools and resources it's really helpful when you have no idea what your doing. Everyone's very nice. Massachusetts is just boring with boring people sadly :(
They take into consideration if you have a family, your job and other factors that will let them know how they can help you make an appropriate schedule that will fit your needs.
I haven't really taken any online courses. All I've heard is that they are good and the professors are always there to help the student.
Career services are beyond words. They are so helpful and want the student to have the greatest jobs and internships out there.
Overall my experience has been great. I've known a lot of people who have become very close friends and the staff that have met me want me to really succeed.
Review Middlesex Community College - Massachusetts
The student prospects and the value of the degree is very great. The career services are very helpful in getting the students ready for an internship and jobs.
The academics are great. The professors are very helpful and approachable. If the student doesn't understand the topic they are willing to stay an hour more in order for the student to understand the content.
Bentley is a great business school. From student life to academics is totally great.
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