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Middlebury Institute for International Studies at Monterey Reviews

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Based on my experience at this school, I can honestly say that regardless of the costs, graduate school is an investment into your future. The staff and professors are all aiming to put you where you want to be, in your dream job.
The faculty are truly experts in their field and the small class sizes make for great individual attention.
IEP program potlucks = most amazing food ever!
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I will choose my school again if I was going to apply to the translation and interpretation.
This is California. These are adults. Some people smoke marijuana, but it isn't really in your face. Most people drink socially, as it seems to be how everyone networks in grad school.
Campus is super safe. There were a few bike robberies but campus security locked it down quick.
Downtown Monterey can be awesome if its vibe fits your vibe, otherwise you might need to hit up Santa Cruz or San Francisco for something a bit edgier.
Great school if the programs line up exactly with what you are looking to study. But if they don't, there isn't much variety here to keep you involved.
Off-campus dining is excellent, but you will pay for that excellence more often than not. Monterey isn't really a "college" town and the dining options cater more towards the well-off folk that live and work here full-time. However, there are tons of great ethnic restaurants, and enough cheap options to get by.
There is no on-campus housing, so it is all off-campus housing. Monterey can be expensive, but it seems pretty easy to find decent apartment shares and stuff.
If you want stressed-out idealists many of whom haven't ever held a real job before, man you hit the jackpot! Otherwise it's probably a bit harder to find a relaxed mate. The Environmental Policy people seem a little more chill than the Terrorism Studies or Non-Proliferation students though.
This is graduate school, in a liberal academic field, in a liberal town, on the West Coast. The only thing about this school that is strict is the parking enforcement, and that isn't even the school itself... it's the City of Monterey.
There isn't a gym, the campus is basically just a collection of various residencies and school buildings covering a few blocks in downtown Monterey. It is kind of an old campus, but I never felt like it lacked anything I really needed.
Parking can people a pain, and it seems like most commuter students who drive (and teachers) are constantly battling the time limits and moving their cars. However, MIIS is located in downtown Monterey and the surrounding area is very easy to navigate on foot/bike and public transportation is plentiful.
I havent had to use the health center.
Being a grad school the population is more mature and less party school environment
there is no on campus housing
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Dining is within walking distance of the campus. Wide range of cheap McDonalds to 4 star restaurants
If you like the beach and nature it is a great place to live.
The campus is spread throughout a few block radius of downtown Monterey. Monterey is a small ocean side town with culture.
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