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I would not change anything about my experience at Midd. Every professor I had exuded enthusiasm for their subject that inspired us students to fully apply ourselves. The student body is welcoming while brilliant in areas such as music, academics, and athletics. The campus is beautiful, and the overall area is one that I can truly call a home away from home. The only drawbacks I can think of are the high costs (which exists at any elite institution) and the fact that students and teachers sometimes unintentionally impose left-leaning ideas onto students, although an active effort is being made to eliminate that.
I personally think that Middlebury is a great college, academically and socially. Though Middlebury may have a bad rep for being so isolated from large cities and towns, the many different activities on campus make up for the lack of city life. Academics here are excellent, with great professors who are more than willing to spend their time with you to make sure you are doing the best you can.
I'm not in the least bit surprised by what happened at Middlebury post Charles Murray's talk. I'm an alumnus, and can first hand claim that it is (on the whole--save a few notable exceptions) a bastion of political correctness and radical leftist ideology. I never felt included a part of their community. Shame on those who attacked an innocent professor (also a close friend) and shame on those who silenced the speaker's first amendment rights. I will no longer remain silent in the face of radical extremism, free speech must be protected. Our democracy depends on its survival. While I'm grateful for an excellent eduction, I do not look back fondly at my time at Middlebury. Hopefully the Administration will address this glaring cultural bifurcation. "Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about the things that matter."-Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
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Middlebury College is a wonderful campus with many student clubs, and many international students which is really amazing. The campus is small which is nice to know it very quickly. Plus the scenery is simply amazing: surrounded by mountains. The classes are all pretty small which is nice to participate, and the professors are always available if students have questions.
It's hard to articulately describe my experience at Middlebury. I've grown intellectually, met fantastic friends, and am so thankful for the opportunity to be a part of such a great community. I'm often in awe of my peers – there are so many passionate and engaged individuals at this school. As a gay midwesterner, I was unsure of how I'd adapt to Middlebury's culture, but I couldn't be happier. The academics are rigorous, but I've found them to be rewarding.
As a freshman in college who is in his second trimester at Middlebury College, I can say I made the right decision. The school is great and the academics are superb. Be prepared to do lots of work and many late nights, but by the end of the semester, you feel accomplished. The teachers are great and everyone is really friendly. Now, to give the real truth on how it is to be a person of color on campus. As a person of color, you may feel alone. There is very little diversity on campus, the majority being predominately white, and you may feel like you stand out. However, majority of people are accepting of anyone no matter race, religion, ethnicity, sexual orientation etc...and I have never felt unsafe on middlebury campus and it really is a great community. If you going to Middlebury, be ready for heavy course load, bad Atwater parties (you will understand) and meeting friends that will last you a life time!
The community atmosphere is the foundation of what makes this school incredible. Everyone is so friendly, and helpful, and smart, that it inspires you to be more that way. Academically the school is challenging enough that you feel pushed, and sometimes overly so, but that is how you progress. The food is phenomenal, and no swipe system means that you get it whenever you want. It is one of the safest school campuses, with very low rates of disturbances, and while the party scene is small, that is what people come to Midd for, the small close-knit feel. I trust everyone here enough to leave my backpack in the dining hall at breakfast, and come back at dinner to retrieve it, which translates to fruitful and interesting acquaintance making all the time, especially at the frequent events hosted by the college. Go here, its nearly impossible to regret it.
The academics here are superb, and the professors are probably my favorite part about Middlebury. They are all engaging, knowledgeable, and more than willing to discuss content outside of class. Truly, I talk to a professor after class virtually every day--they create a wonderful intellectual environment and they're some of my best friends. Campus food is excellent, though it sometimes can be difficult if you have a food allergy as I do, depending on the meal. Dorms do the job, I don't really care about housing that much and got a single when I wanted one, so it's fine by me. The facilities are ridiculously nice, every building I've entered has impressed me.
We don't have greek life, so a lot of the social scene is determined by sports teams, both varsity and club.
Student involvement is high, team performance is generally very good (multiple national championships were won last year), and athletic facilities are great.
Cannot imagine a better place for hardworking, creative students who revel in their individuality.
I don't feel very qualified to speak generally, but I haven't had a problem with the housing process. Good roommate selection, fine dorm room. You'll probably get a single if you want one after freshman year.
Totally depends on what you're looking for. I'm a member of the ultimate frisbee team, which is known for wild parties, but I'm sure they're not the Bacchanalian ragers you'd probably find at some state schools. If you're looking for that, you probably won't find it at Midd. But we certainly like to have a good time on the weekends, and you'll find parties Thursday, Friday, and Saturday (and sometimes Wednesday if you're on the frisbee team). We don't have frats, so most of the parties are through the sports teams. Personally, the intensity and frequency of Midd parties are pretty much perfect for me.
There's not much going on downtown--it being rural Vermont--but Midd Rides provides good transportation and the on-campus parties are a great time.
I have never ever felt unsafe on campus, though I'm speaking as a male. I know there was one theft on campus this year, but I think that was just an aberration. People leave their backpacks with their laptops in them wherever--it's Vermont, so.
Speaking personally, Middlebury has seemed quite diverse to me. My closest friends here represent Montana, Massachusetts, Texas, Maine, and France. Those five individuals vary (signficantly) in sexual orientation, political ideology, race, economic background, and nationality. So I think it's at least fair to say that you won't have to go out of your way to find someone who is different from you, which is mind-opening.
The professors are exceptional, the course variety is superb, and registration is simple. The workload is no greater than I'd expect it to be at an elite college, but I certainly did more work in high school. Teachers are accomodating in that regard. Truly though, I'm not an effusive person, but the academics at Middlebury--at least what I've experienced in the humanities--are just a delight and tremendously enriching, particularly if you are partial to a more intimate learning experience.
Review Middlebury College
Middlebury is always one of the top schools in every sport in New England DIII. Our athletic facilities are truly fantastic, perhaps some of the best in all of DIII--we just had a massive field house built. Plus they're open to all students.
People party on Fridays and Saturdays, with the occasional weekday party. I would say a slight majority of people on campus drink, though their individual frequencies vary--some may have a beer or two with some friends in a dorm, and some may frequent large parties 3 days a week. I've never felt any great deal of pressure to drink, and there are not an insignificant number of students who'd rather get ahead on homework or stay in reading on a Saturday night (including myself on occasion). Teetotaler or tippler, you will likely find your scene at Middlebury.
Middlebury is on the highest tier of renown for US colleges. Though it may not have the breadth of name recognition as some Ivy league universities, employers in the fields in which a Middlebury education excels are sure to hold it in high regard.
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