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Middlebury can get cold, but that's the only negative I've experienced so far. Midd has provided with me with everything I could have wanted from a LAC. Phenomenal academics, great student life, etc. The student body is slightly homogenous, but if you make an effort to make friends of all sorts, it can be easily done. Students take advantage of extracurriculars and the sport facilities, and a trip to Burlington isn't far away. Apply to Midd! I've had a great time there.
It's an incredible place with incredible people. The academics are the most rigorous a college can offer and the campus is beautiful. The athletics are a huge plus too with an athletic center unlike any other! Apply to Middlebury. It's a place like no other.
Not too much cultural or racial diversity, but the school does try with international students. Overall, felt welcome even as a person of color.
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Middlebury is a great school with outstanding professors. If you are looking for a challenging academic environment with ample outdoor opportunities, Middlebury is the place for you. The people are amazing, the classes are small, the professor truly care about the students, and the area around the college could not be more ideal.
I love all of my classes, very challenging but overall all always learn something relevant and interesting all the time. Will say the campus can be intimidating and sometimes infuriating for POC's.
Small community leading to closer connections between students & faculty members; excellent natural environment helps with relaxing! Overall great place for spending four years.
Middlebury is an incredibly diverse and open minded campus. The campus provides students with opportunities throughout the community of Middlebury and the camous itself. The teachers offer plenty of office hours to accommodate their students, and they create very personal relationships with students dedicated to their specific field of study. The campus itself is incredibly gorgeous and the perfect environment for collective growth among students.
Excellent interdisciplinary education. Professors very available for extra help with students and willing to get to know students personally. A lot of homework, but generally chill student life. Beautiful campus and excellent location for those who enjoy rural towns and outdoor activity. Diversity reflective of its location in Vermont.
Middlebury is set in a truly incredible location between the Green Mountains and the Adirondacks, providing stunning views from an idyllic campus setting. The small classes and attention from professors offer students the opportunity to engage with research, arts, and intellectual passions from an early time in college. Middlebury professors love teaching, are passionate about and invested in the growth of their students, and provide a supportive yet challenging academic environment.
I love Middlebury, there are so many things to get involved in and so many passionate students and professors.
In my current role, I travel to college campuses around the country to recruit and interview students for positions at my company. I see lots of different schools and interact with dozens of student populations. Each campus has a different vibe and feel, and conversations in campus coffee shops range from purely academic to purely social. I loved Middlebury for the blend of high caliber academics, a hardworking student body, and a focus on active, healthy lifestyles. Students at Middlebury balance work and play, and a weekend was never without hours in the library or miles of hiking, running or biking. The teachers have high expectations for your work, but they understand there's more to get out of college than acing every exam. As I tour college campuses today, I look for candidates who strike that same balance, who take their work seriously, but they don't take themselves too seriously. That's what Middlebury is about.
Middlebury is a great school with a lot of really interesting professors and staff. I definitely feel like I've grown a lot as a person since coming here. I would warn that coming in as a Feb makes things very hard because mid year integration is difficult.
Middlebury is a good school. Classes are great and you can learn so much here. It's nice too because the learning doesn't just happen in the classroom. I learn every day from participating in non-academic groups and also just from talking with my friends. The social life is okay, the party scene fluctuates by semester but is never amazing. The school caters to a very white and very wealthy identity.
its a really good neighborhood. peaceful and quiet. all the teachers get along with students. there is alot of activity and the campus is really pretty
I spent the weekend at Middlebury with the swim team and absolutely loved it. The coaches and teammates were so welcoming and I loved the two classes I sat in on.
Middlebury College is beautiful and academically rigorous and has the potential to provide you with four years of great education, great friends, and great opportunities. However, it is very white, very wealthy, very normative, very straight and does not do a good job of supporting all of its students. I happened to be one of the privileged students who Middlebury caters to, and had an incredible time but I am very aware of the college's flaws.
Its been an okay experience, but I havent been here too long. The clubs I have joined so far have been very welcoming.
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At Middlebury it felt like home and I felt accepted to learn despite of my being away from Los Angeles.
I would not change anything about my experience at Midd. Every professor I had exuded enthusiasm for their subject that inspired us students to fully apply ourselves. The student body is welcoming while brilliant in areas such as music, academics, and athletics. The campus is beautiful, and the overall area is one that I can truly call a home away from home. The only drawbacks I can think of are the high costs (which exists at any elite institution) and the fact that students and teachers sometimes unintentionally impose left-leaning ideas onto students, although an active effort is being made to eliminate that.
I personally think that Middlebury is a great college, academically and socially. Though Middlebury may have a bad rep for being so isolated from large cities and towns, the many different activities on campus make up for the lack of city life. Academics here are excellent, with great professors who are more than willing to spend their time with you to make sure you are doing the best you can.
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