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Wouldn't recommend, supposedly nationally accredited and I haven't learned anything yet I am still almost done with my college coursing. Horrible cashiers office, don't ever plan to owe money to this establishment. Waste of my time and money!
I am just getting started in the MBA program but up to this point the MNU staff has been excellent to work with.
I have appreciated the atmosphere of MNU. I have been encouraged to explore and grow, and I have seen my learning increase by leaps and bounds. I love the teachers; they truly care about me! I have been developing such a depth in my relationship with God and with others that I never even dared imagine.
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I like how welcome everyone is. I love how it is a christian school where chapel is part of your schedule. The one thing that I wish that would change though is the price of Mid-America Nazarene University. It is really expensive compared to other schools.
This is a faith based college. We begin class with a devotional and prayer. Professors and all staff are here to help you and encourage your growth
MNU is a great Christian university! All college students will learn the values of being a Christian and how to maintain that relationship throughout the workforce, education, and life. This university also has a very calm atmosphere that will allow students to feel at peace when walking to classes, getting work done at the library, and so much more.
Midamerica has been an amazing experience so far. In the one year that I've been here I have learned how to interact with people in a way I never knew I could. The teachers in the Ministry department have taught me how to interact with the world around me. It isn't just a Bible college, it's a place where you can learn to coexist with people around you and have your own beliefs but be able to love people even if they don't believe what you believe. A big focus on the campus is to help people in their faith. If you are looking for a place where you can grow as a Christ followers and as a person of society this is a place for you.
I love going to MidAmerica Nazarene University. They have a strong, Christian support system and everyone on campus feels like family. The campus size is perfect, so I am able to get from class to class in a timely manner. Also, my teachers are awesome. They are completely devoted to teaching and are always willing to help when I have questions or problems. I would recommend to anyone MidAmerica Nazarene University.
I love MNU! I feel safe, accepted, cared for, and like I fit in overall. There are opportunities to play sports, go out, get jobs, and do so much more. The professors really want students to succeed in every way! I would not want to go anywhere else!
At first coming to this school seemed like a good idea and a good opportunity to get out and experience the life of a college student. Two months later I found out that you will not get that here. The food is absolutely terrible, the cafeteria closes very early, no campus life whatsoever ESPECIALLY on the weekends, for being a christian school the majority of them don't have true christian values, the dorms are like prison cells and are in need of serious renovation, I got depressed asked for help and never got any, I was also an athlete and the program isn't good. I would not recommend this school to anyone.
Every one has been so helpful.
I feel that students career prospects of and value of a degree from this morning school is very high.
I love the campus, the class ratio and everything.
I feel secure on this campus that's why I'm excited to be attending it.
There are cleaning ladies that are available 5days a week.
From my conversations with the coach I would rate the athletic department as great. I really love talking to them.
I haven't start at this school yet but I belies a great school.
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The amount of job opportunities are great. I will have at least a lot of networking and job requests through the school. I will be able to have a job in my field when I graduate.
I feel like I am finally apart of a family on campus. I feel safe and accepted by most on campus and I really enjoy being there. The people I have met there and the opportunities that have been opened for me are great. I am already in an internship program at my school as a sophomore, working in my field of study. I am also able to branch out and do other things within my field of study across all different types of areas. We have a lot of opportunities to work in ministry in all different areas of the city and state. The school all together is a great place to be. The studies and classes are also great, the professors got the extra mile to make class fun and interesting while still being challenging. My dream school.
We have our 24/7 campus security that is always on alert for crimes being committed on campus. We also as a community take it upon ourselves to try and deal with issues such as safety of others very seriously. Walking in pairs and walking females back to their dorms. We have a very safe campus.
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