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The course offerings continue to grow as well as the options for mode of instruction. Most instructors are very good at what they do and even go beyond expectations.
The school offered hands on learning experience. The professors were great at what they were teaching. Sometimes communication wouldn't always be clear.
Great school. Application process and acceptance were easy and the staff made themselves availble during the process. The class scheduling is very easy. Courses I have taken so far have been challenging but fair and pertinent to my degree. The online courses make achieving a degree much better for me and my current family and work life.
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The counselors at MSTC go out of their way to help the students figure out EVERYTHING. It's wonderful! The teachers are great and because the classes are so small, the one-on-one with the teachers is great and incredibly helpful.
Mid-State Technical College has many great opportunities for students. Whether you are a working single parent or you live on your own and support yourself, Mid-State offers many different class schedules for everyone. Including early morning classes, night classes, once a week classes, or a class where you meet every single day for an hour. Mid-State offers a great cafeteria and also the chance to get involved in student life.
Mid-State Technical College is a great school and very affordable. The courses are reasonably challenging and you learn a lot through hands-on experiences. Most students are first-time college students, but there are also returning students who has their B.S. or transferred from a 4-year university. The food that the college sells is delicious, but it is expensive. There is not a lot of clubs or sports at this school, and they do not provide dorms for students. Overall, I recommend this college to those who wants to be able to afford college and to those who wants a valuable education.
Mid-State Technical College is a great well-staffed, well-maintained school. All of the teachers are polite and are willing to help out any student that needs help. Therefore if you are going to go to college right out of high school and want to save money going to Mid-State Technical College would be a great decision!
I have had a lot of success so far at Mid State Technical College. Everyone I have spoken to has given me great feedback and the professors know their fields of study very well. Everyone is knowledgeable and its a friendly environment.
Local jobs are very welcoming to local college grads
The teachers are easy to understand, and the quality of the programs are excellent
It's easy to find a job after you finish
The teachers are easy to understand, classes are straight-forward, and it's a great student environment.
The career center helps us when it's our time to look for internships in are degrees. With the possibilities of being hired on the full time or the option to find a job, we prefer feels is better suited for us I'm just entering my 2 term at Mid-State Technical College, and to be honest, I'm still learning about all the things they have to offer me.
Everyone is nice, helpful, and caring. They respect everyone as the person and equal. I would recommend Mid-State Technical College to anyone one looking to learn and advance their career. We have a lot of support when it comes time for are the internship time. We have career recruiters come to us at the different time during our term. On the campus, different companies come together for career fairs from all different areas of study.
In my Administrative professionalism and Business management in Healthcare. In my programs, they encourage the use to incorporate different tools laptops, IPads, and the materials we need to guide us in the right direction. The workload has been perfect not too overwhelming. The way the instructors teach makes you want to keep learn what they have to share.
I have had the most AMAZING instructors. All my instructors want to see me achieve my goals and the offer so much encouragement. With every step, I take towards my degree I know I'm not alone.
I've had to take a handful of my generals either as night courses or online. This is not ideal as it can make for long (9+ hrs) days at school. However, many programs give students three day weekends which is very nice.
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Perhaps I'm just not an online course student, but I did not enjoy a single online class while attending MSTC. There were many silly attempts at trying to encourage "classroom discussion" amongst the students, yet no one really participated in earnest. Some courses are just not made for an online format, yet they still attempt to squeeze them in.
There are fantastic and frequent opportunities for mock interviews and resume reviews. Many programs bring in potential employers to do interviews right on campus. Excellent job outlook for most programs.
Opportunities for internships are fantastic. If you're in the engineering department, you will have a smorgasbord of internships to choose from after your first two semesters. Other programs may have to do a little more work to find internships, however I have heard that they are still easy to find.
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