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Excellent professors for a community college! Awesome courses to take! Great price! Great dorming experience! Nice town! Overall happy I chose this campus!
Mid-Plains Community College is a great school for students from small town or non-traditional students returning to school. It is small enough to not be overwhelming, but large enough to offer whatever classes you may need. Don't underestimate the education the students receive here because it is a community college, the courses are challenging and the instructors push you to do well. I really feel that the instructors want to see their students succeed and will not allow them to get lost in the shuffle.
The teachers are easy to work with. The classes aren't too big. The food could use work. And the campus is easy to get around. And the class rooms are easy to find. The staff is easy to deal with. The financial aid department is very helpful. The store is a bit overpriced but that's common for school stores. They do need fat guy shirts that would fit me.
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Mid-Plains was a good starter school and had very impressive duel credit classes through the high school
This school is like no other school I have went to. I have yet to meet someone on campus who didn't individually invest in me and my future. The teachers are great and really work to make sure you succeed and enjoy your time. The campus is constantly planning events and doing different things to get students involved.
Not worth it!!! Often find yourself with nothing to do, and the work is not challenging what so ever. Teachers try to make this seem like a university but it isn't. There is hardly any diversity aside from the men/womans basketball team. Coaches are rude along with some teachers. It always smells like cow poop, which is understandable considering the fact the feed mill is so close by. The only good thing is that there are a few food spots.
I really enjoyed Mid-Plains Community College. They provide a variety of different classes that help with short term goals. They also provide a well structured Dual Credit program.
I enjoy going to school here, but they run it a lot like a high school. There’s not much to do on campus and even less todo off campus.
I have enjoyed my experience at McCook Community college. Attending a junior college I have had many opporunities I would never had at a university. I have a goal of complete my college career debt free and coming here has helped me achieve that goal along with creating lifelong relationships.
The volleyball coach needs to put more effort into coaching and not her teaching and home life. You need coaches on campus
I liked how you were able to meet people from all over however there was also a lot of drama on campus. The school is great. The people living in campus are rude.
I was a math and physics tutor in the Student Success Center. The supervisor and faculty cared so deeply for all of the students and always went an extra mile for anyone struggling.

The office staff was incredibly helpful. They understand that college can be a very confusing process and they were always very patient and made the process much more insightful. They were always very easy to get in touch with both by phone and in person. The financial aid staff was especially pleasant to deal with.

My Calc I, II and III instructor stood out more than any other. There wasn't a single exam that stood a chance against me under his instruction. He has a passion for what he does and you can see it in every single lecture.
Mid-Plains Community College offers various degrees. The professors go above and beyond to teach and help their students. Academically, there are several classes to choose from. There are a few athletic teams, but I would suggest that they add more sports teams, such as soccer.
The school is great, I went to McCook CC and honestly that school has given me a lot. I now have life long friends and the teachers are awesome. Classes are small , so you learn better. The community is great.
The teachers and students are nice, respectful, and open minded to differing opinions. The teachers are well informed and largely understanding of the students and their lives. The classes are manageable for almost any schedule. I do not believe that there is anything that I personally would change about Mid-Plains.
Its a great small college to attend
Mid-Plains has a lot of professors who come back to it, also a lot of students who come back later on to work in the Student Success Center, and Student Life areas of campus.
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The course quality is impressive because they are formed to fit the now, not the thirty years ago Business World. I had so many options for required classes so I was able to form my schedule to my wants & needs. The class size for my major average around 15 people which is big enough, but individualized enough for specific needs. The style is not a boring lecture it is always informational but a creative environment. The professors are great.
Your degree from Mid-Plains is something that is applicable to your job not just something you need to graduate. I have learned so many applicable skills from my professors. If it hadn't been for the great recruitment staff on campus I may have ruled it out early on. The student success center and the library have tons of options to get you into campus activities whether it be study help, or a job.
The Business department at Mid-Plains Community College is outstanding. With so many different departments in Business alone you are constantly interested in what you are doing in the classes because they fit you!
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