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Since I got accepted to it and i took a campus tour and i feel at home and completely comfortable with being there. They answer the questions that I have and they make everything easy for me to access to the things that i need. They are there to make sure that I accomplish my goals for my future job. This school is amazing !
The way the school is set up its hard to fail. Everyone is helpful and wants to see you succeed. Small classes for one on one, lots of recourses, cheap compared to otheres and just a great place to start.
I didn't have any trouble transferring the credits as needed.
Review Mid Michigan Community College
The online courses were great - however, it seemed like the teachers often gave an extreme/unnecessary workload. Also, as said before, their is not a great class selection.
In my career, it seems that the job selection is limited. I wish that the school offered a bachelors in the degree
Many of my teachers were amazing! They worked very hard to teach the class and help students who were struggling. They were very understanding. However, i did have a few that only saw the class a a job - they were uncooperative and seemed to do the minimal needed.
I feel like i have opportunities waiting for me, however they seem to be limited.
The curriculum and workload are as expected. However, The program lacks flexibility - often times there is only a single offering of a class for the year.
The admissions staff are very helpful and encouraging. However, some of the teachers seem to lack enthusiasm and drive in their classes.
I have been very impressed by the flexibility of the classes. I can find whatever class I need given at almost any time I need it. I appreciate this because I have to commute to college and it is nice to schedule all my classes on the same day instead of having to drive up every day.
I really like the online classes for their convenience and flexibility. However, I feel that some of the teachers just dump busy work on the students in order to make up for the lack of class time. Not all teachers do this, some are quite innovative and present the material in an engaging manner despite the lack of a classroom, but I feel that an online teachers are more likely to not interact with their students as opposed to a teacher in a live classroom.
I have only come across one uncommunicative professor in all of the classes I have taken here. Most of my professors have been eager to help me learn and willing to answer questions. They try to find new ways to present the material in an understandable manner and care about their students.
I appreciate the value of a degree from this school. When I was talking to one of the Professors they mentioned that this college is careful to try and provide job opportunities to its students when they graduate. I am glad of this because there is nothing worse than getting a degree and not being able to find a job with it.
I enjoy this school because they are very welcoming. Whenever I have a question about what I am supposed to do next or what classes I need they are very willing to talk to me. When I was first trying to find a college to take classes at I went to a counselor's office just to ask a question and I ended up having a tour of the college itself!
Great Experience, got a 4.0 my first semester and trying for one my second semester with the help of my teachers.
Great College, Has some great professors that can help educate you!
Previous college credits to old to transfer
Review Mid Michigan Community College
very hands on instructors and good class sizes.
job prospects at local hospitals
Can still work and take classes, very important for older students.
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