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They are very nice people. The class sizes are smaller so students are able to have one-on-one with the teachers. There is also a few teachers that could use some help on explaining some things or even need help enjoying what they are doing. I had a teacher that taught over the classes heads because he normally taught 300 classes and my class was a 100 class. Over all it's a good school.
My overall experience at Mid Michigan Community College was great. The staff was very welcoming and treats you fair. The professors are very understanding and is always looking to help you succeed. The environment there is incomparable and so soothing; you can study peacefully. The only thing that would make Mid Michigan a better school is adding a better cafe.
I love how low key everything is. Like a laid back atmosphere that is full of positive lighting, and with wonderful people who are willing to assist you.
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Great place to save money when considering a 4 year college degree. Though the Harrison campus has a high presence of high school students dual enrolling at the college.
The teachers here are very supportive and strive to see the students succeed. I felt very comfortable in all of my classes to ask questions and tell the class my opinions, which is usually rare.
Mid Michigan Community college has been a very great experience. Professors are all helpful and understanding, there are many student resources but is definitely on the expensive side of community college.
Mid Michigan Community College is a wonderful 2-year institution in both Harrison and Mount Pleasant. The campus offers both Associates degrees and also transfer programs for other universities. I highly recommend Mid for any students looking to get a higher education at a two year college!
With only one more semester left until I complete an AS degree, I have had a relatively good experience with MMCC. The majority of the instructors seem to be dedicated to their work and try to make the classroom a good learning environment. The cafeteria shut down several years ago before I got here, it would be nice if it was up and running again. Also, the book selection in the library could definitely be updated.
I'm currently dual enrolled at MMCC and I absolutely love it! I love the small class size and my professor. I can't wait to attend here as a freshman next fall!
I absolutely adore MMCC! its the perfect college for the high school graduates who aren't 100% ready to leave home and head for a big city. A nice transitional school. Very affordable, diverse, and social life is amazing.
I was dual-enrolled through Mid Mich Community College (MMCC) during my junior and senior years of high school. I was able to earn 38 college credits, with 33 of those transferring to Michigan State University, which is where I will be attending as of Fall 2017. Even though I was dual-enrolled and didn't take classes on campus I was still able to access and use their writing help center. This was a beneficial tool in any class I had to write a paper in. A draw back though was that the math help center was somewhat difficult for me to utilize since I did not attend class on campus. If there was an easier way to access help online for math classes it would have greatly assisted me in my learning. Overall, MMCC was a good stepping stone on my path in higher education.
A small school with an increasingly diverse population of students who seem engaged in their education. The institution's recent focus on completion of degree programs will surely positively impact the student body!
Since I got accepted to it and i took a campus tour and i feel at home and completely comfortable with being there. They answer the questions that I have and they make everything easy for me to access to the things that i need. They are there to make sure that I accomplish my goals for my future job. This school is amazing !
The way the school is set up its hard to fail. Everyone is helpful and wants to see you succeed. Small classes for one on one, lots of recourses, cheap compared to otheres and just a great place to start.
I didn't have any trouble transferring the credits as needed.
The online courses were great - however, it seemed like the teachers often gave an extreme/unnecessary workload. Also, as said before, their is not a great class selection.
In my career, it seems that the job selection is limited. I wish that the school offered a bachelors in the degree
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Many of my teachers were amazing! They worked very hard to teach the class and help students who were struggling. They were very understanding. However, i did have a few that only saw the class a a job - they were uncooperative and seemed to do the minimal needed.
I feel like i have opportunities waiting for me, however they seem to be limited.
The curriculum and workload are as expected. However, The program lacks flexibility - often times there is only a single offering of a class for the year.
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