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i found several jobs through the program and my major that i am presuming and it help me complete and make a resume and cover letter to colleges and into the work force my certifications also help me get a job
my professor is involved in all her students and is always helping when i need extra help completing an assignment and there for you ready to help when you need help. she always ready to help me further my education with information
im a business major for hotel and resort management i havent had to do crazy sports and i am right around the corner from graduation just a few more weeks left to go and ill be a graduate of mid florida tech the best school i have been to so far.and my major the material
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My experience with online courses is not that good im not a computer kind of guy I had a few courses online but didn't do that good on them its difficult for me to stay on target on the computer.
Classes Are Never a Dull Moment – I'm a firefighter student and my classes are amazing. The skills you learn make you think more about dangerous situations that could possibly happen. They push you during your firefighter agility tests and classmates cheer you on. Patience, like I've stated throughout these questions, is a necesity. They don't seem to spend much time on the written material which is basically half of how we pass the class. The practicals are a lot of fun but require a lot of hard work. If you don't have the heart and will power to finish this class, you won't.
Patience and Payment Plans Are a Necessity! Instructors are great, some more than others. Patience is defintiely key when teaching your students. I feel sometimes they think forget that we are students and won't always pick up on things right off the bat. They do these routines everyday so it's instilled in them. We are here to learn these new skills and traits to better ourselves in this career profession. One thing needed is payment plans for this school, especially for the recession were having right now. $2000+ all up-front is a lot right now. Having to pay for books, uniforms, tuition, bunker gear, physicals, shots, and testing fees all add up. I would love if this school implemented some sort of payment plan. Thank You!
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