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I love MACU. The environment is amazing. Everyone is so nice and care about everything. Professors are great and care so much. The athletics are amazing and extremely talented.
I was septical about starting here at MACU but it has been one of the best decisions I have been pertaining to my education. There is just such a positive vibe about the school and evertyone seems to want you to succeed from the instructors to the students.
The staff in the adult program are extremely helpful It has been a terrific school to pursue my degree. The schedule works perfectly for those working a full time job and want to pursue a college education.
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The college is nice enough, students all know each other and it is a fairly tight knit community, and the teachers all seem really nice and helpful. However, there are so many rules at the university that it makes you feel like you’re 5 years old and have no freedom.
Mid-America was my only college choice because of the baseball program. Coming to this school has taught me about God and taught me to have a relationship with Him.
Currently enrolled in the Adult Studies Program and it is very working adult friendly. Enjoying the ease of the online classes much better than sitting in a class room because you can do it on your own time. So far professors have been very easy to work with and student services has been very helpful.
All of the staff is so helpful when you are first starting. The university’s president is a wonderful man as well. He just wants God’s will over your life and education.
My experience at Mid-America Christian University overall has been decent. However, I do not have much to compare the university too being that I am a freshman. The classes are engaging, but not very challenging. The professors are kindhearted and encouraging, but they seem to lack the ability to teach in a college setting. The campus is pretty, but it doesn't offer many hangout/study spaces. The biggest change I would make to the University is offering more electives and more challenging courses.
Everyone is so caring and helpful. I never would have even gotten this far, anywhere else.
The class schedule is AMAZING, I'm not at all overwhelmed!
The people who work here are vert helpful and want nothing but the best for their students. As an adult student it also is wonderful that they have a variety of online degree options.
I think one of the best things about Mid-America is how small it is. It's so easy to build relationships with others and make connections. My favorite thing about MACU however, are the professors in the ministry department. I have never felt so supported and encouraged before and it really helps me to learn better and want to understand what I am learning because I know my professors actually care about my education.
Mid American Christian University ( MACU) is a great smaller than usual private college. The smaller classes offer chances of individual and more personal help. Teachers and staff are excellent. The environment is one of a kind.
The staff in all departments are very helpful. They go above and beyond to seek answers. They are very consistent with keeping in touch with you throughout your classes. They will call you or text you to see how everything is going. They will respond back within 48 hours when you have a question. They are very committed to seeing that you have the best success with attaining your degree. Their online degree programs are convenient for working adults and all resources are available to you. The same student specialist has been "assigned" to me during my semesters and he has been very consistent with checking on me and my progress.
MACU is a fantastic school. You get a lot of one on one attention from your professors and the attitude on campus is very positive and uplifting. You will build lifelong relationships here! It truly is a place to call home!
Thus far, the Staff are extraordinary in their passion about their courses, they ensure they are available at all hours and are very prompt in replies to questions. The courses are challenging and engaging. Professors are excellent in grading, guidance and encouragement.
I chose MACU after I felt like God had called me to play softball here. I spent many sleepless nights towards the end of my senior year praying that God would give me a vision for the next few years of my life. Softball drew me here, but the Lord has kept me here. My experience at MACU is similar to most people's experience at MACU I love, the Love. At MACU I feel the presence of the Lord everywhere I go, whether it be the place or the people. I believe that God is love, and when you feel or see God in places you began to love them, along with the people.
Its okay I just feel that there should be scholarships for people who need help going to school because I am on a fixed income and can not afford to pay for school and pay my bills to maintain my house to live in
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Mid-America Christian University is an incredible school for those interested in pursuing a career in ministry for the Kingdom of God. The atmosphere is pleasant and welcoming with no judgments on who you are or where you come from. The professors are engaging and personal with each and every student. This school is completely focused on helping you understand what God is calling you to do with your life.
The student-professor relationship here is truly amazing, and everyone is like a family, while there is still diversity. People are so friendly and are always willing to help if someone else is on need of assistance. The only thing I would say needs some work are the activities and food on weekends for the students who live on campus and can not go home on the weekends.
I enjoy my classmates and teachers. Everyone is friendly and easy to work with. Teachers and staff are always there to help.
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