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So far my experience here has been great. They really are focused on getting you the knowledge and experience that you need to succeed in the field of your choice.
It was very good! A lot of hands on learning that really prepared me for life. They don't offer dorms, which in turn helps you get ready for the work force a lot faster. It works out good because the you get into the work force and are ready for it on a different level than what the other colleges prepare you at
The greatest things about MIAT are the opportunities. Not only the job opportunities after graduating, but also the hands on learning opportunities that are presented to students every day. The only change i would suggest would be to hire more lab assistants to help the instructors with large groups.
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I am taking the "AAS (Associates in Applied Science) and I'll basically be able to do ANYTHING when it comes to the Energy/Power Industries. To be honest, I could run a country with what this school teaches you. Lets not forget the toolset that is included in Tuition that is big enough to start your own business, or go to any job FULLY equipped (It's Snap-on Brand)
This school is hands on, informative, and has an amazing job placement rate as well as a career center. They help you learn what you need to know, and once you have learned what you need to complete your program you can come back FOR LIFE FOR FREE to retrain on any of your classes, especially useful for when new technologies are developed and you need to touch up. Easy to get into the school, and to me they really have super nice housing. Would do it all over again
they are willing to work with you if there is a problem with you have conflicting schedules
Careers Services will help you actively pursue a job and if you every need to retake a class you past in the future you can do it for free.
class sizes are small and very hands on. The instructors all no what their talking about when it comes to their subject at hand.
If you are looking for a job in the energy field you will get one if you put effort into getting one
Am attending the energy associates program and experiencing a lot of hands of real world applicable situations and experiences.
Its a small hands on school where if your looking to get into the energy, aviation, or HVAC field it is a very reputable college.
The career service in particular is outstanding. They line you up with potential employers based on an individual basis of how you are doing and where you want to go after graduation.
You can re take any classes for free as long as the school is standing. They have a career center and try to get you into jobs asap.
Its an school for technology. Its all given to you at face value when you sign up. If its something you are interested in you will enjoy it. If not, you won't come here. Why would you.
It was pretty expensive for 20 month program . But the job is supposed to be worth it. We will see!
Its just a school for aviation. Its a small building and the facilities are bland. They do make known all of the internship and job opportunities around though. They care about us getting a job.
No Resources besides career planning
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No wifi. Not that kind of school
We don't have an online Course
Only two schedules to choose from (730-2) (330-10)
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