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The people and the college are amazing. They are fun and making the learning process not as hard as it would be at other universities. We have an awesome Greek life and our bars are lit. We are one of the original eight public Ivies.
Miami has offered me so much. The teachers are very helpful. The classes are available online so it makes it more manageable than expected.
After touring Miami, it was the first school that I could imagine myself attending. It was everything I wanted in a school except the location which was much farther from home than I was hoping for. The drive from the airport is also a bit long but I do love the scenic location. It is a true college town that is very homey and welcoming. The buildings were beautiful and the college gave great vibes. Our tour guide was very down to earth and I can tell that was their vibe there at Miami. The academics are great and it is surprisingly one of the oldest schools around, up there with Yale and Harvard.
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Miami is very expensive. The business school specifically is artificially hard and the professors do not care about their students. The party scene is amazing and I've made so many lifelong friendships here. Parking is always a nightmare. The school finds every opportunity to make you pay ridiculous sums. Miami seems to only care about making money. If it weren't for the friends I've made here, I would have left a long time ago. Greek life is amazing here so college is really only enjoyable if you are involved.
Imagine if a college admitted every douche bag you knew in high school... That is literally Miami University down to the "T." If you do not look or act the way people expect you to, then you will have hard time finding friends. This especially true with trying to rush. Even if you want to be Greek, its impossible if don't either know people before rushing or if you are not like them. Learned this after a semester at Miami and I left because I knew I deserved better. And you do too.
Miami University has a beautiful campus with a diverse selections of programs and majors. The majority of the professors do an amazing job furthering the knowledge of their students. The school has many social, academic, career, hobby ect. clubs and organizations to join as well as great programming for the students entertainment and personal development.
I absolutely love Miami and it was definitely the best choice for me. Although there are 18,000 students, the campus is compact and the student body really feels smaller than a mid-sized university. There are some outstanding resources and an incredible alumni network that drive academic success which really exemplify the "Public Ivy" education. My only complaint is that, since the university is known for the Farmer School of Business, students who are not in the business school often feel a bit out of the loop. Farmer has its own complete set of resources, alumni, and academic counseling that give the students an incredible support system, but the rest of Miami students do not have the same resources. As a microbiology student, it is often difficult to find staff members that can help with scheduling and academic planning questions. Besides this, Miami is an outstanding university and I am proud each and every day to spread Love & Honor.
I am going to go to Miami this fall! I cannot wait to see where Miami will lead me for the rest of my college career. When I had visited the campus, I fell in love in an instance and knew that that would be the place I would spend the next 4 years of my life. The only thing I wished Miami had was more diversity, but besides that, I hope I'll love it!
Miami lacks diversity and during the first few weeks you will notice that there is a type of person that goes to Miami. However, don't let this deter you, you will find a group at Miami. Party/alcohol culture is pretty but you can get along without partying. You're alittle ripped off for housing just based on price and location. The professors are stellar, most genuinely care about your success and all are easily accessible.
I love being a Miami student! Our facilities and campus are beautiful, the professors truly care about students, the campus culture is unique, and this school really does prepare you for a job after graduation. If you're hoping to pursue a career in business or fashion, this is a great school in Ohio to bust into that world. Miami alums are incredibly connected within the business world--we have countless alums that are CEOs, CMOs, etc. Additionally, we have a great fashion organization, MUF&D, that puts on the largest student-run fashion show in the US. Miami definitely has a party culture and heavy Greek life. So if you don't love going out, just get involved with other organizations and make friends in different ways. Highly recommend coming here!
I attended Miami University in Oxford Ohio and earned a BA in Architecture. I participated in two speciality programs with the department of architecture. The first in a recently revitalized neighborhood of Cincinnati called Over-The-Rhine. For this internship 7 architecture students renovated the second floor of the Greater Cincinnati Coalition for the Homeless. Secondly, In the summer of 2010 I built two homes for teacher housing in a village called Abrafo-Odumase in Ghana.
The one very large issue Miami University could improve would be a co-op program for students. Beginning my career in architecture in the midst of a national economic decline with the only housing market crash in history was torturous. Architecture was the largest professional field with 13% unemployment as a result of the crash. Having SOME professional experience with a firm in my field would have been a huge advantage.
Miami University is truly one of a kind. Not only do you get that college town field, but the academics are amazing. After studying abroad for a semester, it made me realize how wonderful Miami University is. The professors truly care about the students and are passionate about what they're teaching. Further, classes are much more structures and cover a broad variety of topics, preparing college graduates for the real world. In terms of the community, it is also outstanding. There are several different ways of getting involved and a variety of clubs/ societies that appeal to all kinds of interests.
I like how I was able to commute to the Hamilton Campus from home before I decided to move closer to Oxford to take classes at the main campus. I wish the advisors were more educated on finding out what courses their students want to take and then determining the best plan for them rather than just telling them to do the Miami plan first then take the classes you want, because I ended up wanting to take classes my last two years that were all at the same time.
The campus is very attractive, established on a wide area. The natural plants and the flowers around my campus gives the message of love and honor to every visitor. Everyday, there occurs a new event that plays a vital role in developing and building a student’s career. The faculty of my university is always ready to help to the arrivals.
Very expensive. The school does not offer very much relief. The professors are not very good at what they teach. It seems as if the university is always trying to take more and more money away from you each year.
If you like rich stuck up people who judge you for having pockets on your shorts then this is the place
Attending Miami University has been one of best experiences of my life so far. I am so glad I made the choice to come here. I love everything about it, the campus, academics and the people I've met.
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What I like most about Miami is that it is a college town that also has the sense of a community because of the townies and locals that live nearby. I see this sense of community a lot because I am a Miami cheerleader and we always have a nice turn out and support system for the student athletes at all of the football, basketball, volleyball, and hockey events. My classroom is experience is also great because the class sizes are small and the professors are there to help us with any questions and concerns that we may have. At Miami I have met some amazing people and friends and people who are truly supportive and encouraging of my academic goals.
At Miami I enjoy the countless opportunities to study interesting and successful majors and programs as well as the study abroad. At the school the professors are very good and caring and really help push us towards succes in gaining experiences outside of the school and preparing for our future careers. The one thing about Miami that I don’t like is the fact that it is lacking in diversity and in the understanding of different cultures, beliefs, and ideas of the student body.
Miami has a lot of wonderful academic programs, and some wonderful professors and student orgs. It's also a party school (which can be good or bad depending on your priorities). It's really expensive for out of state students, though, and the town of Oxford is really small (there's no movie theater!) Miami also has a reputation for being very white, and for most of it's student body being upper-middle class. Also our football team sucks.
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