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Miami was my dream school and I was accepted in 2015. I have been having the time of my life here since. Love and Honor.
Miami is a beautiful campus that puts all at ease upon arrival. It is inviting, comforting, and safe. It is awing. The classes are extremely difficult, but are worth the hard work. Each class leaves the student feeling smarter and more prepared for the future. The professors genuinely care, and Miami is praised as a place of education by future employers.
I have recieved an amazing education from Miami University. As a student in Farmer School of Business, I feel I have recieved invaluable skills and business acumen that is not available at most business schools. I have had exceptional professors, primarily in the entreprenurship program, and the relationships I have built with professors have been one of the most special and valuable expereinces I have had in college. The social culture at Miami could use improvement, but education has been top notch.
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Miami University is a great public university to attend. It has a long-standing history of academic excellence and the professors are dedicated to students' success. Additionally the university has a lot of competitive students who drive each other to achieve their best. There is a riotous party scene, a vibrant social scene (outside of partying), and an iconic campus. The only part of my college experience I find slightly frustrating is the lack of ethnic and intellectual diversity, the remoteness of the small college town from party-alternatives on the weekends, and the relative political apathy of the student body.
Miami University is absolutely amazing just overall. It is beautiful, the programs are really great, and the people are amazing. The professors really care about you as a student and will go out of their way to help you most of the time. The only reason this is a 4 and not a 5 is because they don't actually fulfill their promise of being a sustainable campus and seemingly don't recycle at all.
I love this school and everything it has to offer! There are so many opportunities available to students if they take the initiative! Staff and administration always do their best to help the students and always want them to achieve their best to the fullest potential! I am giving the school four stars because of location. It is located pretty much in the middle of nowhere, therefore students resort to the more popular activities such as binge drinking and drugs. While many don't engage in these activities, this school has a reputation of intense binge drinking and drug use.
I love just about everything about Miami University. They fill your classrooms with knowledgable professors. The only thing that I would like to see change is the amount of parking that they offer to students.
Miami has a great academic program with hundreds of professors who truly care about the students' performance and giving them a strong education. The courses are all challenging, engaging, and relevant to future career paths. The thing I would change is the strong 'party scene' at Miami. There is just about nothing to do other than party, so as somebody who doesn't drink, it can become monotonous at night and on the weekends.
Amazing campus filled with fantastic people! The facility is unlike any other and the experience with stay with you a life time.
Lack of off campus housing is severe. If you enjoy living by yourself off campus, please reconsider moving here as your options are limited or at the very least search well in advance.
Characterized by academic rigor, its emphasis on community service, health and well-being, Miami University provides a plethora of opportunities to facilitate higher education, producing adaptable, motivated alumni ready to compete in the workforce.
Miami is a great school but is very centered around Greek like. The campus is beautiful and there is a very diverse student body.
I love the campus. The layout and design of everything including the landscaping is wonderful and makes me feel happily at home.
I've had an incredible experience at Miami University. I remember reading reviews of Miami before coming here, hoping it was all that people described. It has definitely been a place where I feel safe, have made incredible friends, have taken great classes, and know that there is even more that I've yet to do.
Miami is literally the most perfect school. It is absolutely beautiful and the academics and social scenes are great. All my professors know me by name and make and effort to get to know me. And there is always something to do at night, whether it's parties, a movie, crafts, play, bowling, etc. It's such a tight-knit community as well. As for greek life, it's definitely a big part of campus but it's very laid back and inclusive. Choosing Miami was the best decision I ever made.
I believe that Miami as many great things going for it, the only thing I would say is a little out of hand is the the amount of on campus deaths recently. The drinking and drug problems arehighly concerning.
I love Miami University. I thought I wouldn't fit in just because of the stereotype that this school gets but it really isn't anything like what everyone says it is. The professors are all really nice and truly just want to help you get to your goal which is a degree. There is plenty of clubs and ways to get involved, it's just a matter of you trying to get involved and getting out of your comfort zone.
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It is really hard to be in the middle of a landlocked state coming from someone who is surrounded by ocean 24/7 when I am home. However, the education is phenomenal and the professors are very approachable. If you are willing or used to living in the middle of nowhere an hour from the nearest city/airport, it is a great school.
I loved the idea of Miami more than the actual school. Everyone should know before applying here that yes, the campus is beautiful, but there is nothing else to do besides go to bars or binge drink at frat parties. Basically NOTHING to do Uptown besides that, unless you drive 40 minutes to Cincinnati because Miami is in the middle of no where. The Oxford "townies" are resentful towards students as well and the police try to get every frat party rolled. The academics are good and challenging, however many students overlook their classes and instead choose to go out (any day of the week).
There is nothing to do here besides binge drink and go to bars. Academics are good but no personal connections with any of them.
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