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Miami University offers so many majors as well as a diverse student body. The campus is beautiful and easy to maneuver.
The overall experience with Miami has been good. However, their administration is very complicated and neglecting sometimes.
Coming from California to oxford was a really big change for me but I am so happy with the decision that I made. It was really easy to make friends within my dorm and classes were easy to find bc of the size of the school. It is very easy to access my counselor, professor or tutor if I need academic help. The campus is a perfect size to me because its not too big or too small. I love how there are so many places to study all around campus and a lot of the buildings are open 24 hours for student access. The campus is pretty diverse and I have many friends of different races. I can not wait to spend the next few years there and keep learning more about myself and strengthening my academic challenges.
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Miami is a very Greek-Oriented school. Meaning that fraternities and sororities essentially rule the social life. Overall, the academics are great and the professors are fantastic. But, the student body could use some diversification.
Miami University has been a really great place to start my professional education. The university has a variety of great classes and class sizes are smaller than larger universities. It has also been really easy to talk to professors and get good opportunities in research.
The school has a beautiful campus, the teachers are friendly and helpful and I felt challenged academically. I would rate Miami University very highly on their level of academics. The school is a little isolated in its location so there is not a ton to do unless you get pretty involved in different groups and clubs on campus.
What I loved about Miami University is how great of an internship progam they have that the schoo. My return on investment from this school will be great, and the education is amazing. The only thing I would like to see change would be more emphasis on sports, the sports scene at this school is not that big.
The campus overall is gorgeous. There is so much school spirit and I cannot wait to be a part of this wonderful school.
Miami is a great place to go to school. The professors care so much about you, the college town makes it a great environment, and the campus is just beautiful. There are so many resources available to students.
I loved attending Miami University. Beautiful campus .Moved into my fraternity my Sophmore year and party hard so much that I came close to flucking out. Then my Junior year I bucked down and got my GPA up to an acceptable level.
I had a terrible roommate sophomore year so it wasn't the greatest experience. There is a strong drinking and going out culture which isn't very appealing. But I suppose you can expect that with every college.
The campus is amazing and the education is great! I really enjoyed my classes and found that the professors were very supportive and wanted to see the students succeed. However, I found that there is very little diversity at Miami. Coming from a very large and diverse high school, I could it very hard to transition to a place where most of the students looked, acted, and dressed the same. Though the university is great, it does take away from the college experience and can make finding a place at Miami difficult.
Miami is what you make it. The party scene/ greek life is very prominent, and students should consider club/ employment involvement if he or she wants to socialize outside these circles. Academics were excellent and challenging.
Very good school for engineering majors, and has a renown business school. I would like to see meal plans return to the way they were, as it was much more affordable and easy to use. Right now you have to travel long distances on the weekends if you don't want to waste money at non-buffet locations. Dorms aren't always clean, mainly the showers.
Miami is a bastion of development and most elements of the college exceed expectation, with one caveat, race relations at MU. There seems to be a chasm of misunderstanding and at time intolerance for minority groups.
I love going to Miami University. All my professors are very caring for the students and really want to see everyone succeed. There is also tons of stuff to do and it's probably one of the best party schools around.
I would like to see the social atmosphere change within the coming years at Miami. Students are not the most welcoming and inclusive of all people.
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Love and Honor. Great school and amazing people. Farmer School of Business might be what Miami is known for and its claim to fame but all of the Majors and Minors offered at Miami are INCREDIBLE. Beautiful campus. Great food. Always something to do up-town. Even if you don't like to party, MAP has got ya covered.
My Miami experience is amazing. I have learned and continue to learn so much both in and out of the classroom. I continue to grow as a person and am able to do some amazing things while at Miami including research, volunteering, working, and being a full-time student. The one area I think that needs improvement is Miami's diversity. Miami is not very ethnically or socially diverse due to the way Miami appeals to high school students. Miami seems to target specific white, upper-middle class geographical areas, and there needs to be a more encompassing approach. I would appreciate hearing and listening to others views and being exposed to a wide variety of ethnicities, cultures, and more.
Miami Hamilton campus was great, but when I was forced to go to the Main Campus, I felt like I was just another student there that wasn't important. The staff weren't great and the teachers were there for a paycheck. There were some professors I really admired, especially the Japanese department and the foreign teachers. it was great for frat parties and whatnot, but as someone who didn't go to any of the parties and just wanted an education, I felt like I was out of my element. My education was okay, but I really wished I had more time to focus on my degree and less time on the general education.
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