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Miami University has excellent academic programs that rival the best schools around the country. It has professors that are genuine, down to earth, and ready to connect with students. One thing I would like to see change, however, is the diversity of students on campus. The value Miami places on its diversity is lacking, but the university has the capacity to focus on the resources it needs to promote diversity so that there can be a wide range of backgrounds, beliefs, and ways of thinking from the students and especially professors. Many minority students struggle with not being represented by the institution, and even saying they feel unsafe as they are often targeted by racism. It is an absolute shame to see, and is something that can only change by increasing diversity on campus so that individuality and differences can be a norm in campus college and not an outlier.
The people are great, professors are awesome and it is an overall happy campus. You meet people from all walks of life and the schools mission is to help you succeed in the best way possible.
I am transfer student, and coming to Miami was the best decision I've made! The academics are wonderful and I couldn't imagine a better college experience. There is never a dull night in Oxford given the party scene, and during the day the campus provides hundreds of student organizations so student always have something to do. There is no shortage of involvement, and Miami feels like a true home away from home.
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Thus far, my experience with Miami University has exceeded my expectation of what my first semester of college would be like. MU offers many opportunities for their students to receive hands-on experience in their areas of study. Even as a first-year, I was able to shadow my professor in the clinic to gain experience relating to my future career. The mindset at MU is collectively based off of hard work, open-mindedness, class, love, and honor. For a large university, Miami has a close-knit community. Along with a good teacher to student ratio, professors at MU make the college experience much more personal and unique. All professors are eager to help student and focus on undergraduates. MU truly is a Liberal Arts school to the core. MU's diversity on perspectives and opportunities provide a strong foundation for it's students to be well rounded.
Great classes and teachers. Love the campus Big sorority/fraternity campus. Good sports. Students are friendly.
While the education and instructors are both well, the lack of diversity and open contempt for people of other race and sexuality than a heterosexual white student is nothing short of violent.
Overall, I loved my time at Miami University. The school provided me with the opportunity to get to know my professors personally because of small class sizes. It also provided a variety of classes applicable to my degree and to my personal interests. The aspect I didn't enjoy was the lack of diversity among the student body. I found diversity when I looked for it, but it was often difficult to find through the atmosphere of entitled, upper-class Republicans.
Miami has been wonderful in every aspect. They are truly there to help each and every student complete their degree and also find a job in their field. They will work with each student one on one to create a plan for you.
I love how connected you are to your academics. Everyone around you is very dedicated to their study and it really makes you try your best. The professors are also wonderful and very helpful. Being able to be a part of clubs is also a bonus. I couldn't see myself anywhere is. Miami is home.
I started as a chemistry major and absolutely hated the chemistry department. The faculty and organization of curriculum is not effective at all. They try to "weed people out" and it is stressful and does not support a learning community. However, in my second year, I changed my major to Architecture and I absolutely love this department and have had a much better time. The campus is beautiful and I love the size of the student body.
Excellent school & well known through out the country with Alumni all over the world. Excellent placement in jobs & opportunities post graduation. Double majors are encouraged . A wonderful beautiful campus & ranked very well academically! Can’t say enough an Ivy League experience at a state school . The food is never ending of choices for the students & the dorms are very comfortable - a great experience socially academically overall . Best bang for your buck for a student and a parent perspective
Miami University has everything you can think of from education to College life. Rated the top 5 college town be Forbes magazine and one of the top academic school in the country. The best professors you can think of that have your back on your incredible journey to adulthood.
Enjoyed my trip to Miami, hope to get in and experience more of what this amazing campus has to offer. It is very clean, modern, and has a wonderful amount of things to go to and do. When we went, they had a carnival going on for the students. This college cares about its kids!
Graduated in 2015. Outside Ohio no one knows about this school and alumni connections outside the midwest are tough to find. However, it provided a solid undergraduate education with the diverse GE classes required for graduation. Only go here if you intend on going to graduate school.
As a minority student with no wealth, I was really nervous to come to Miami. It has a reputation for being overly preppy (which, for the most part, is true). But since being here, I've found my people and had so much fun! If you're in the same boat as I was, don't be afraid to come here. The party scene is great and if that's not your style, there's still tons of events and lots to do. The classes are hard but the professors make it better. Overall, it's been a great first year
The faculty are very passionate about teaching and helping students learn. I feel that I am given everything I need to be successful at Miami.
It's a great campus, with many opportunities. The ability to take classes at all campuses, regardless of "home campus" is a blessing. If you are a regional student, and want to experience the main campus feel without paying main campus prices, you can do that. Also, you can bounce back and forth between which campus you take majority of your classes from through a simple application process. Also, many majors are available at the Regionals that give you a Miami education!
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Miami University does an excellent job of preparing students for their future as successful working adults. The network of alumni are outstanding. And they are everywhere! I have worked for several Fortune 2000 companies in Chicago and Boston and Miami alum occupy senior executive positions at every company. The best thing is every one of them has been supportive and welcoming once we share our favorite memories of our Miami experience.
Miami University was a great college. The overall atmosphere was so pure and amazing. There were so many students just walking around town and the student life was extrordinary. Oxford, OH was rated the number one college town by Forbes, and it definitely lived up to the expectation. Also, I attended a football game when I was there and it was awesome to see all of the students show up and cheer on their school.
This university allows me to learn from very qualified professionals and grow academically. This campus could work non its diversity but there are spaces on campus that are safe spaces for people of color. This university gives great opportunities and connections to the students in attendance.
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