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Amazing experience, best decision I ever made in my life was to come here. Beautiful city and campus, great academics and people, tough academics, great party scene. What more do you want?
Miami University sits in the middle of nowhere, all there is to do is go to school or get drunk at the bars uptown. Everyone likes to party and go out (during the week) and the alcohol abuse is obvious. It's so boring in Oxford, driving an hour to Cincinnati is your only escape. Dining halls were only open during the week and the walk to uptown was awful, especially if you live on campus. Students at Miami are white upper middle class or Asian international students. There is zero diversity and people tend to be very racist. Coming from an upper middle-class, white family from the midwest, I should've felt comfortable there, but I didn't. People at Miami are very snobby and flat out rude. Greek-life is a joke and solely based on looks and wealth. Switched schools after Freshman year.
I've really enjoyed my experience here at Miami so far; however, coming from out of state, they definitely do not portray the "highschool forever" scene that is so very prominent here. I really do feel like it is just an extension of high school where everyone cares about school just enough to get by, and that the true thing on everyone's minds all the time is when and where they are going to go out on the weekend. People thrive on the weekends and week nights but struggle a lot on the week days and it is very evident.
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Miami was first based on location for my top choice of colleges. After experiencing the school life and with the right professors I found this school would help me carry good habits in life. If I could change one thing it would be to add more opportunities for degrees offered online.
I love Miami University because in my department, I feel the teachers are passionate and dedicated about my learning, and really want me to be successful. I also feel that the administration, particularly President Crawford and Dr. Renate Crawford, are attentive to the needs of the students and the Oxford Community as a whole.
Good school. Definitely better for some students than others. Some classes are rigorous, if you know what you're looking for. Everyone here has absolute pride in their school--a proud community that really embraces the "love and honor" mantra and shows their love for their school.
The people here are much nicer than some of the stereotypes would lead you to believe. The teachers are amazing!
The campus is beautiful during all seasons. The student body is not very diverse which is a problem. The professors challenge the students and seem to really care about their success. The classes are hard but fulfilling. Sport games are very fun, especially hockey.
I would like better advising. I felt I had to figure out a lot of stuff on my own and wasn't always lead down the right path for my future and I was just put wherever.
I have loved my experience at Miami University. The buildings, the professors, the activities and the friends I have made have made this the best experience of my life so far. The reason I did not give it five stars is becuase my counselor did not give me the best scheduling advise from the beginning. I knew at freshman orientation that I was going to be a Chemisty major with a dental concentration. By the end of sophomore year I was missing one Physics class that I will have to complete in the summer. Miami University does offer amazing studying abroad opportunities. I am looking forward to two weeks in Italy this summer studying Chemistry!
We are the perfect size. 16,000 undergrads means that there will always be new people to meet, while also ensuring that you can find a close group of people who identify with your own interests; people you can share your college experience with. It also means that it's possible to go to a lecture of 200+ people to a class of about 13, meaning you'll get to experience different methods of learning/teaching. The staff is really amazing and it's obvious that they care about your future. I decided to change majors halfway through my freshman year, and I was overwhelmed at the reception and flexibility I received from my teachers and advisors. I have managed to develop some great relationships with faculty that will no doubt have a positive impact on my future.
Absolutely love my school and couldn't have made a better choice. There are so many different activities to get involved in and meeting people who share the same interests as you is incredibly easy. The academics are top notch and the professors generally care about their students. This school comes with a large price tag especially for someone like me who pays out of state tuition. There are academic scholarships available to students though and plenty of opportunities for on campus employment. One of the stereotypes surrounding my school is that everyone is very preppy, this for the majority is true however I think everyone can eventually find their niche. Hockey is the top sport at Miami and a great way to start off Friday or Saturday night with friends before heading Uptown. The party scene is great and the bars are a fun place to dance and hang out with friends.
Miami University is a great school with great professors. It is commuter friendly and I absolutely love going to school there. I think most students who choose Miami end up falling in love with it. I know I certainly have. I recommend everyone reading this to go on visit because it will pay off in the end.
I like how friendly everyone is at Miami. No one will deny you if you ask question or need help with anything. The only thing I would change at Miami would be when dining halls are open. I feel like that if you want to eat a lunch time you need to spend real money or you need to walk 25 minutes.
I like Miami a lot! I've only been there one semester, but it has treated me well thus far. My dorm is very nice, and I love my roommates. The campus is breathtaking, so walking to classes is enjoyable even in the cold. My classes have been interesting, and the professors are awesome people with a lot to offer. The food is great even in the dining halls, and there are so many options. Miami has so much to offer, it's almost overwhelming, it's a wonderful school!
Miami is truly a college centered around being a unified community that holds people of all types. It's gorgeous and offers an education that definitely makes you work hard, but provides many incredible benefits in return.
Lack of diversity plays a huge role as although the administration makes small leaps in tackling this issue, the majority population being that it may as white people, feels to me personally, a Black Miami student, intimidating and noninclusive.
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I really enjoy going to Miami. There's always a ton of things to do on campus and it's really easy to get involved. Classes are great too! The professors are dedicated to their students and enjoy getting to teach you.
I have absolutely loved my experience at Miami. The opportunities for internships are great and the professors are extremely knowledgeable and respected in their fields.
Love it here never want to leave. The teachers are great, campus is beautiful, many opportunities to grow and to become very successful. Also, the parties are great!
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