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Good college for a small town. All the high school students first choice is here, however, since it’s very close to home and the only one for miles around. No dorms and only has 30-40 majors unlike the 100+ major Miami Univeristy main campus in Oxford. Some majors you have to transfer to the Oxford campus, anyway.
I absolutely love everything about Miami Hamilton (regional campus). The campus itself is beautiful. It is smaller, it being a regional campus. But I love the small campus. The staff, professors, and advisers are all so welcoming, warm, and passionate about what they do. So it makes classes interesting, never boring, and you're always engaged and learning. It being a smaller campus, you get to know your other classmates a lot easier, and even make lifelong friends and good study buddies! Miami Hamilton is amazing and I would definitely recommend it to someone looking for a good (smaller campus) college.
Really enjoy the small campus, class size. The professors care and will help you and make sure you are learning.
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Miami Hamilton is great school to be at if you have social anxiety and would prefer to be in a class with 20 to 30 other people instead of 100 to 200. There service is great as far as reaching out to their students to make sure they know where they are in the semester. They make sure there students know where to go if anything has happened to them, sexually.
I like the fact that compared to the larger, main campus, this regional one is smaller with and much quicker to get to classes with the confusion of location and walking for almost 20-30 minutes at a time just to get to one room.
Most of the teachers are nice and helpful, along with most of the students. It can be "clique" like and some teachers have favorites. Which I guess is true at any college. I've been to a few colleges and I like Miami the best so far.
I love the atmosphere and the teachers. Everything about this university is awesome. The price is perfect for me, since I had no idea what i wanted to major in.
The regionals are confrontable size without the over whelming stress of large classes. Teachers get to know you better and take more action to make sure you succeed.
I believe Miami Hamilton is the better campus of all of Miami University’s regional campuses. Every professor I’ve had cared very much about the students education and tried to help in anyway they could and would give many opportunities outside of clsss time to get extra help. The one problem I have with Miami Hamilton is that they are starting to impliment thr msth fourses with online worksheets which could be one if the worse ways to take a math course.
I love their nursing program. The professors are generally helpful and willing to teach you. I have always been able to get to my classes with ease and the commute is good. At times I have felt sceptic due to the area and rumors. Although with this I have found that the people/students are nicer than the main campus and that is really meaningful because I don't feel judged because of who I am or of my financial status. Miami University of Hamilton is a great school and leaves you with many oppurtunites to allow me to follow my dreams, meet life long friends and continue my education.
The convenience is great, smaller classes than a university which allows teachers to interact with everyone.
There are lots of programs, very diverse, and excellent resourced available. They make sure that you find a path you want to go down even if you go in not having a clue.
I am currently a student here and I absolutely love it! The classes are small so you get more attention and help from the professors which are also super nice. The party scene here does not exist, you have to go up to Oxford for that, but the student activities and clubs are awesome and easy to join.
I absolutely love Miami Hamilton. The smaller class sizes and more connection with the professor makes for a more understanding of the material. The close community is great to getting to know other students and feeling comfortable on campus.
They are all about making sure every student is on track and gives you the necessary resources to make you dreams become a reality. And A lot of free food and activities always going on!
My experience at Miami University Hamilton has overall been great. I have joined a athletic team, met a lot of new friends, and I also think I am being pushes in the classroom as well.
I love Miami Hamilton. The convenience to a public ivy is beneficial for sure. However, Miami Hamilton is full of non traditional students like myself who help me appreciate my journey as a student. The school as a whole, wants its students to succeed. The involvement of the departments and services they offer more than prepares its students for life outside of college. If anything I'd like to see more assistance for single parent students and less last minute changes to class registration.
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The professor here are very helpful and always have time for you! Hamilton Campus is responsible for the BeCivil project, and everyone here is so nice to you! The courses vary and there are plenty of options!
I graduated Miami with a Nursing degree and was very pleased with their academic program. I plan to go back to Miami to receive my bachelor degree in Business and finance
Miami Hamilton is a great school, especially uf you're looking for a smaller more personal university. The instructors are friendly, professional and helpful.
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