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Miami Lakes Educational Center and Technical College Reviews

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I chose this school because of the class schedules. I am able to drop my daughter to school before going to classs.
Compare to other nursing school, Miami Lakes Education tuition is very reasonable.
The teaching is basically all on the students you are responsible for knowing the material and the teachers just spit out the information straight from the book.
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The post secondary teachers at this school for the LPN classes are not the best . . . at all, but they do let you know the material you need to know and give a calendar of the course with tests and quizes, which allows students to prepare for themselves. The financial aid advisors are not good at guiding you and telling you the things you need to get everything done in one sitting. the course is very rigorous and fast pace and doesn' allow much time for leisure activity but good time management does help.
At first it was tough, because the teacher did not know how to teach, but once transferred over to the night class, I found the perfect teacher for my skills and how I learn. She is amazing and I'm glad my school has her as a teacher.
Finiancial Aid Officer – The tuition of the class of books and the class is worth the process. We were told ahead of time the course price but not book pricse. When odering my book in June the school ran out of books and couple of the students had to purchase theirs online because the books would not come for a month or so. The Financial aids councelor was very sarcastic and would not be there unless called by the secretary. Its only one person so it takes time to get what you want handeled no matter what it is.
They Teachers Try – The teachers try to interact with the students although it may not be perfect. There have been days the teachers remain after school and lecture on what was not understood during the chapter. The teachers have even taught the students study methods that will benefit us. Class registration was a little hectic because the school does not have many registration staff and with so many people doing different programs it was nerve wrecking.
Great Place for Lpn's – Miami Lakes Educational Center is a vocational school which offers great courses such as the Licensed Practical Nursing Program. The program is a tad rigourous but manageable. It really is alot of work in not too long of a time but we, the students, do learn. Clinicals are three days in the week giving a lot of experience.
My teachers constantly check up on me. It's great!
My Rate. The school has resources for the students but they are not always available. Students have to pay to make copies or print homework at the library. This makes it even harder for students to pass classes or care about passing the classes. In my opinion the school can facilitate these things to the students. It will benefit both parties. The students will do all they're homework and the school will have a higher passing average.
My school is an excellent school. i would recommend to any one.
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