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I haven't joined the school yet but from what I've heard it seems like a real down to earth school.The professors are committed to their job and the classes are small. Its a diverse place and it helps readied an alumni for the major of their choice. Succeed and push for innovation.
there is some flexibility to shcedule classes
I did not have any online courses
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Did not have any contact with Career Services at all
The variety of classes is not enough for a Masters degree, professors are not subject matter experts
I did not have any prospects or internship offers
Academically the program is not well structured
I am pursuing a Masters degree in Film but really did not learn anything additional to what already know
The atmosphere is engaging but students delve into several groups. Information is highly accessible and the Financial advisors are here to help.
Transferring my credits from my previous school was very easy, and I'm fortunate that they were able to transfer all of my credits.
I have taken a few online classes and I really enjoy them. If I had an issue, the professors were quick to respond.
Like I mentioned before, the school provides excellent opportunities for employment placement, internships, and career development.
My expectations of the courses and professors, have literally been blown away. There are nothing but good things I can say. The professor and nice and truly care about their students, and they give professional advise. The class style and sizes makes it so easy to learn and interact with fellow students. Once again, A+
Miami International University of Art & Design provides students with career advising and help with resume development, interviewing and career placement.
The best experience I have ever had in a learning institution! A+
I would definitely recommend Miami International University of Art & Design to anyone who is passionate about the arts.
WARNING: THIS SCHOOL IS FOR-PROFIT! Only 43% of students return after their first year because of the expenses. It is no joke and the school WILL sugar coat things as much as possible as a distraction tactic. With that being said, you get what you pay for. Great staff, amazing peers, overall very good experience, worth the money if you can afford it.
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It was weird talking to random people
My financial officer is amazing!
Im not at thia level yet were i know about this specific topic
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