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Miami International University has help me to grow both as professional and as a person. The school welcomes students from all over the world providing them with excellent classes that are fun, educative and very interesting.
The learning experience at Ai has been a blast. I have the pleasure to graduate with a Bachelors in Fine Arts, and currently enrolled in the Design and Media Management Program. They always provide interesting classes while helping students to be prepared for a professional career.
This school SUCKS! I graduated from this school and yes I learned a lot, but most of the things I had to learn on my own. Some professors basically don't care if you learn or you don't. At the end of the day, it's a private school and they just care about having students enrolled for their money. The financial aid advisors are the worst. I've worked with at least 4 financial advisors and each one is worse than the other one. I don't know where do they hire these people. If you have a lot of money to spend and don't mind that you have to basically learn a lot of stuff on your own, then knock yourself out and enroll in the Miami International International University of Art and Design. Again, not all professors are careless or don't know how to teach at the college level, but I do think the reason why this school lacks good professors is that the management, in general, is the worst I've ever experienced. If you want to have a real college experience, DO NOT GO TO THIS SCHOOL!
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Some online classes aren't bad. If you're ok by learning on your own then you should be fine and learn a decent amount of stuff regarding your degree. Although, some of the assignments are simplest than some high school assignments I had to do. It depends on the professor that you get for the online course. Be aware that some courses are harder than others and you will get challenges or have a course that it's definitely an on-campus type of class. May the odds be ever in your favor. With the inconsistency from this school, you never know what you're going to learn or waste your time on. If you want to succeed, be prepared to do some research on your own regarding the topic because, in the online courses, you'll definitely not receive enough info.
The school offers both on-campus and online classes, even if you pick on-campus courses you'll use a lot the brightspace app and your student portal, I've had a great experience with the school so far can't complain.
I like the school because it gives you this miami vibe at all times plus teachers are great and degrees are very balanced a little bit of everything in their courses.
I'm an international student with European background. I saw a lot of difference from my preview university. I like this American education. Also I can select as much classes as I need for semester and it's convenient for me. All professors are practical specialists.
This school will tell you whatever you want to hear in order to sign you up. Im alumni and experienced some bs during my undergrad, decided to return for a masters but the whoper presented is beyond words. At the time of my withdrawal (shortly after I realized they lied about everything) no one so much as apologized for wasting my time let alone funding. As far as I know the professors know what is going on and they are honest about the lack of transparency. Just be careful and dont be lured by a fancy name.
Kalinka Sotolongo, Chloe Brown, Anastasia Cholacu- seriously need to work on being genuine and actually caring for the students. They all share a very nasty insincerity that contradicts working in education. The school could be much better with a more caring staff. They dont put student's needs first at all.
I haven't joined the school yet but from what I've heard it seems like a real down to earth school.The professors are committed to their job and the classes are small. Its a diverse place and it helps readied an alumni for the major of their choice. Succeed and push for innovation.
there is some flexibility to shcedule classes
I did not have any online courses
Did not have any contact with Career Services at all
The variety of classes is not enough for a Masters degree, professors are not subject matter experts
I did not have any prospects or internship offers
Academically the program is not well structured
I am pursuing a Masters degree in Film but really did not learn anything additional to what already know
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The atmosphere is engaging but students delve into several groups. Information is highly accessible and the Financial advisors are here to help.
Transferring my credits from my previous school was very easy, and I'm fortunate that they were able to transfer all of my credits.
I have taken a few online classes and I really enjoy them. If I had an issue, the professors were quick to respond.
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