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open and interesting layout of the campus. I do enjoy the open nature of it, the near by restaurants students have access to. I do appreciate that the parking decals are free for students. I wish food was part of it too.
Culturally diverse, urban, great environment with lots of worldly people and views. Its different campuses have different things to offer academically and professionally. Definitely owns the title of one of the best colleges in the nation. Professors comply and even go beyond their work description in order to ensure the learning of their students, something that is not often seen in all colleges or universities.
I love Miami Dade college, only some red flags. Security needs to be upgrade and students need more professors who are willing to help.
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The main reason I enjoyed Miami Date College was because of the Honors College. Experiences through this program allowed me to enjoy my first two years by not only getting a good education but by the friends I have made and the option to step outside my comfort zone and participate in activities I would not have done otherwise.
I would like to see them have better professors because most of the professors are really bad unless you take night classes. it would also be better if there was another parking garage instead of using the student ones for teachers. and also no allowing the faculty and staff to park in the student lots.
Good for an associates degree and to save money on college, but not a place to try and graduate from with anything more.
Miami Dade College is a great school. I have been able to complete all the classes I need in order to Graduate . The Professors there are super nice and understandable.
I currently attend the Miami Dade Honors College. It has helped me tremendously to excel not only academically, but also within my community. it has also molded me to become a well rounded individual. I have had the chance to take regular classes along side my honor classes and I can say without a doubt that I have never had a professor who did not care about my progress in the class. They have all been very willing to answer any questions or concerns I may have, whether it was in class or through email.
It is an okay institution. Campus and teachers are not the best but not terrible. Its main flaw is the Office staff. In Advisement and Career Services, New Student, and Admission Office they were really mean. Works very bad.
Miami Dade is not the place where you to fullfill your college experience. Office staff is very rude especially at the Admission and Registration office.
I am a freshman at Miami Dade College but I am really enjoying my experience here till now. There’s a friendly environment in here and every department is really helpful during times of need.
Miami Dade College is the local community college in miami and while most campuses are fine, mines is not the best. Students get very clique-y, professors can be rude and seem like they don’t care, and anyone in administration goes out of their way to be unhelpful.
I had a great experience at Miami Dade College. The class size are small, so professors get to know students by their name. Students get to know most of their classmates, create study groups, and make new friends. The professors are very knowledgeable, helpful, and enjoy their job. Professors have a fair grading system. Students who put effort in studying the course material having a chance to get good grades.
I have enjoyed my time being at the Wolfson Campus. You're pretty much in the center of downtown, and get to see all the amazing events that happen. [Minus the whole traffic situation, but then again this is Miami so what can you do...]. The professors that I've had were good, and care about you passing the class. The diversity of the campus is amazing. The food at the campus is delicious, and at an affordable price. The professionalism that I've experienced was good. Overall, I had a good time there!
I like that Miami Dade encourage students to take courses that apply to everyday life. Miami Dade College offers courses such as Speech and Psychology that provide a lot of information on enhancing everyday life.
Great school overall. A lot of the professors are adjuncts that are either day time teachers or work for a University. Truly does prepare the student for upper division courses.
The campus is very large, usually sufficient amount of parking. The professors themself are caring. All the professors are extremely knowneldable about what they teach and it isn’t hard to see how passionate they are. (No dorming at the *North Campus)
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I really like the program they have over there. If you go there you will feel welcome there and they provide a good education for varies people. Also, the staffs are really nice and helpful.
It's a good school with financial aid and good professors. It's a little hard to apply for financial aid and some professors are unprofessionals. Is hard to communicate with your virtual professors sometimes.
I went to a couple of events with my higjhschool. The crowd is nice the school isn't too busy and the classrooms are a nice size. I enjoyed the IT program in the new building I will defiantly take coding classes.
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