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The school is outdated but I try not to let that influence my judgment of it. There are pro's and con's. There are a lot of class options and professors, and there are a lot of resources for students. But, trying to find employees and advisors who are actually helpful is quite tough, I've been given the run around quite a few times.
what i liked about miami dade was the environment and the kindness of teachers and other staff members.
Miami Dade College is a phenomenal college. The school have professors who are willing to help out all the students.
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I like to call Kendall campus the concrete cave. Please add some paint or something to liven up the place. Not very good campus life, just take classes and leave. Professors were knowledgeable and usually understanding, even inspiring.
Some of the professors aren't as invested as they should be. Also many of the in classroom classes are somewhat of an independent study type of class. Also transferring was extremely difficult. The admins office was rarely ever available. Also the advisement office wouldn't allow me to speak with an advisor over the phone.
The institution 0f Miami-Dade College changes the lives of thousands of students every day. In my personal experience, I have met exceptional professors that do not only want students to succeed in their class but also in life. This educational center has turned me into a more qualified person. I am not only able to accomplish satisfactory results in a classroom, but I am also able to be a leader that helps the community and its surroundings.
In my second year attending Miami Dade College I learned some of my favorites subjects with amazing teachers. My Calculus professor encouraged me to improve time managing skills and to keep focused. My school often offered lists of scholarships and workshops were students could apply and receive help. In this same manner, I have been attending college essays workshops and other interesting presentations. Overall, the school maintains amazing hours for tutoring and being a small college campus my relationships with professors are close and they help me a lot.
Great college , no motivation. Interesting students , no culture, very unorganized. Lovely teachers, for the most part. West campus is definitely the best campus and most inspiring. Kendal Campus is dull and not lively.
Miami Dade College, in my opinion, is a bridge between high school and University. It lets you show your capacity to get adjusted this the transition. Even though it can be hard to focus due to a large number of students not taking the class serious, the academics and teachers are to a good level. It is a good and affordable college.
I was at Dade for two years to get my AA. The school is okay, it can be very loud at times. Most of the professors are very nice and make you feel at home. However, you will encounter yourself with hard HARD professors. Overall, it was an okay experience. They need to improve student life for sure.
MDC is an amazing college. Even though it is not comparable to universities when it comes size, abundant resources, and other things that big-name universities amplify it is a good place to study and receive an education, especially towards one's first two years in college. They offer a scholarship that makes my experience of paying for classes a breeze and an advantageous opportunity to save money towards my intended transfer university. There are great professors who provide quality education and help. If I need help revising an essay, understanding chemistry concepts or doing math homework, MDC offers the resources to meet the ability to assist me with those needs. All in all, MDC is a great college that aims to educate me, is affordable and leaves no stone unturned when it comes to providing a complete educational experience for me.
excellent professors , Financial Dept. was very professional and helpful . Counselors were very accommodating.
From my personal experience, Miami Dade College is an institution that opens the door for many people that are looking for a better future but that they do not count with the tools necessary to succeed. Miami Dade College has one my horizons, I feel more mature comparing myself to day one. I am currently participating in the "Honors program" and I feel so product to say that this institution accomplished what they promised us at the beginning of my college experience. This is a college where you fell integrated, you feel that you are in a family. You created connections that will allow you to be someone in the future. I am very proud to say that I am an MDC Student.
I like about Miami-Dade college the teachers, Also has different campuses to choose according students and teachers necesities.
Miami Dade College is a great college at Miami, Fl. It has a lot of activities to do and a lot of majors to study. Techers a are amazing and the environment is very comfortable for students.
College is not only for achieving an academic career but for an experience full of accomplishments and excitement. Miami Dade offers many opportunities with a promising future. The campus is a bit bland as far as color and décor. Many people find themselves going directly to class and leaving soon after without any hopes of engaging in campus festivities. It is my wish for the school to acquire a sense of change for that matter allowing people to more indulged in those settings. School spirit is lacking in this area. The professors are helpful and have great instructing skills. No complaints on that end. Overall, Miami Dade has potential and offers me what I need to get through with school.
Miami Dade is a great place to start off your college experience. Classes are not expensive, the professors are nice and the campus is full of nice people. Miami Dade is not a college that has dorms, but it is very convenient for the people who live near campus. The campus food is not the best but it will get the job done.
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Miami Dade College offers course scheduling flexibility and multiple campus options. There are a variety of bachelor, associate and certificate options for just about any field.
Miami-Dade College offers a major university education for people of all walks of life. Whether you’re a recent high school graduate, or someone returning to or beginning their education later in life, MDC is welcoming to everyone. Many of the professors there have high level degrees from major Florida universities and pass that education down to the students who may not be able to afford an education from them or have yet to be admitted. It offers a more intimate environment to learn in with smaller classes that may be beneficial to students who learn better in such a scenario. I am returning to my education after a few years away and MDC as be nothing but welcoming to me.
It’s not that bad but there should be more parking and remodel the school it looks pretty dull. Good teachers, needs to better service especially in the financial aid office.
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