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The wolfson campus in particular is very beautiful. The professors are very understanding and there is variety of courses to take.
My experience in Miami Dade has been unique, you will never feel alone, you will always have support of everyone, they are like a family, and you actually start liking school. I think that it has that drive to give their student a brighter future and it helps them throughout the whole process.
very welcoming college. a lot of diversity and a chance to make new friends. small classrooms make it easier to stay connected to classmates and professors.
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My experience at Miami Dade College was great. The staff is wonderful and the student are very open and welcoming.
Miami-Dade college has a very nice open campus, friendly staff and besides being a little overpopulated for number of staff it is a great college.
It's a very good college the professor are so serious about teaching and leading the students to understand well the subject.
It's great to go financially, but overall student experience it's not the best. If you want a good college experience, enroll into a University.
MDC is an experience! The professors are very hands-on when it comes to education and Students are friendly and inviting. Overal its a safe and diverse environment to study.
Although I am currently a dual enrollment student at Miami Dade College, I have a very accurate experience as to how the enrollment process works. It was a very simple process, however, the student advisors appeared somewhat incapable of providing me a course plan as to what classes I would be taking in pursuit to finish my Associate's degree. In addition, the students appear to be ignorant & have a tendency to be disrespectful to teachers. Other than these unfortunate supplements, MDC appears to be a clean college & provides all of a student's necessities such as honor clubs, book stores, and libraries.
Going to dade was a good transition from high school to college, the professors and advisement is really helpful, unfortunately they do tend to make situations a little confusing but will work alongside you to make it right!
Miami-dade is a great school to get into the flow of college life. Dade helps boost up your GPA and helps get you ready for your transfer.
Awesome school and learning environment. I had visited the school as I plan to attend there once I graduate from High School. I am currently a Senior student at Southwest High School and plan to attend Miami Dade Kendall Campus in the fall of 2018. I did tour the school as I took the papers for the admission department and was impressed with all the resources offered to the students. It is a friendly environment and offers lots of resources for my field of study which is Computer Engineering. Because of all the above the reasons I rate this school a five...for the best.
what i liked the most about Miami dade college is that professor were always willing to help in their classes. The food and safety are excellent as well. i think one of the things i don't like about MDC is that it takes to many days when you send transcripts to another institution. Another thing i dislike is that they require to take labs with all science courses which in my opinion in some classes is unnecessary. Consequently, you spend a lot of time and money taking unnecessary classes.
Being that I'm only a freshman I haven't really been around Miami Dade a lot. Tis is my first semester and my teachers are amazing. Parking is absolutely terrible. If I don't get to school 45 mins before my class than I'll be late.
Experience is good currently working alot into my career looking for scholarships to help out my carrer and study more no matter what people say or if i go out i want to study to earn my AA
Miami Dade College has been an excellent college for me in the few weeks I’ve been there. Every day I’m there, the staff, professors and the students are all so friendly and professional.
I took dual enrollment classes in this college and it was great. The teachers are very sweet and they will help you as much as they can if you have any questions. The school is not very busy so it is not too difficult to find parking unlike some other colleges that I ave attended and overall the student advisors help you with as much as you need. Even though sometimes student services gets a bit full, they do assist every person.
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MDC has a diverse cast of characters, and I enjoy the small classrooms and how easily I can speak to my professors, the actual administration isn't the best, many times you get wrong information or not enough of an explanation for questions that are asked. the attitude seems to be in a limited time-sense.
The faculty are amazing at helping incoming freshman understand what college is all about and make the application process much easier. The professors are very knowledgeable and caring. The institution also provide a surplus of tools students can use to help with assignments or just studying.
I really love there medical classes and the different crimanal justice programs they also have. I woudnt want anything to change.
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