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MDC is an well diverse College that offers every student quality education for a fraction of the price.
The culture and atmosphere of Miami safe overall is quite easy going and exceptional when it comes down to making students feel like home. They're very neat when it comes down to activities or events for students to attend, as well. My only complaint is that they should have a better variety of food being served in the cafeteria.
Before I took dual enrollment classes in my sophomore year of high school, I heard everyone tell me to avoid going to Miami Dade. As soon as I got there, I knew instantly that it would be terrible. My perspective changed as soon as I met my teachers. They were the most helpful and inspiring people I had ever met. The counselors at the college were always supportive in my academics and the students always seemed eager to learn. The environment at Miami Dade College was wonderful as it created a small and nice atmosphere for most students to know each other. The campus I went to was in the center of downtown in Miami which made me access restaurants such as McDonalds and Subway. I loved walking around since I could see the skyscrapers and get a vibe of the whole city.
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Miami Dade has the most amazing professors. Unfortunately the administration in not well informed or trained.
Miami dade college is a great place to start your career. The teachers really do go out of their way to help you in anything u might need assistance in. overall, the professors are all very passionate about their job, and the environment is a great place to study and meet new people.
Miami Dade college has been an okay experience. Most people only focus on passing their classes so that they can transfer out later. There practically is no student life. Many people seem to be bummed out that they are there, but show up to class anyway because they want a better future. Although there are many clubs, many people choose not to join them. The clubs try really hard to recruit people and bring the life out of the students, but many people are not convinced enough. The school itself if very bland; walls are painted grey. I would like to see Miami Dade college start up new sports such as soccer and football to compete with other schools. Bringing sports to schools brings up the students' spirit and would change the attitude of most people in a positive way.
What I like the most is the ability of courses and the flexibility of schedule. I also like: the small a mount of students per classrooms,the classrooms are equipped with state of the art media devices, State of the art library and study areas and the nice and modern look of the Interamerican campus.
So far i have loved MDC, the teaching is awesome and the people here too. There isnt anything i would like to change beacuse i love the fact that it is smaller than the other colllege because its like family.
What I liked about Miami Dade College was the diversity there was around campus, how there were many helpful resources to better my studies, and how much I improved as a person and a student.
Miami dade college is a good school to independently get your education. I enjoy taking classes while successfully being able to balance work with school and not feeling overwhelmed by the expectations of most schools.
Miami Dade College provides a variety of selections of courses with convenient times. I would love to see change in major selections and more online courses.
MDC is an amazing campus and many knowledgeable professors and students. Everyone there is extremely helpful regardless of who you are. The atmosphere of the campus us extremely light with people of all different walks of life. The Campus is quite large, and it is easy to get lost, however, people are willing to point you in the right direction all the time.
I received my associates degree in early childhood education at MDC. I wanted to stay with MDC to complete my bachelors. Working full time was difficult due to the fact that I had to drive from North Campus, Homestead and InterAmrerican since they did not offer classes at all campuses. I also had an extensive amount of field experience hours to complete that made it difficult to manage work and school. I ended up completing my bachelors at a different university.
My experience at Miami Dade College has been great. My teachers have been helping me a lot with my grades, homework and exams.
Miami dade college is an awesome college. However I don't quite understand how they weigh the grades and gpa.
The community college isn't at all as academically inclined as I would have wanted. The school had a variety of professors that value quality education while there are some that would much rather take the lazy route. Depending on whether or not you want an "A" or an actual education you must look up your professors or talk to trustworthy students who have taken the class. The school however is very supportive of their students and have frequent food giveaways and supply giveaways. Their student life organization is out of this world and has made me much more comfortable attending this college.
What I liked about Miami Dade College was that their helpful and supportive team. The professors are understanding when it comes to working and going to school at the same time.
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Miami-Dade College is an excellent school to get one on one interaction between you and your professor. Class sizes at Miami-Dade College are usually small and typically have several times available for different classes. This makes it easy to accommodate your personal life with school life. There are numerous Miami-Dade College Campuses across Miami. Therefore, there is no need to travel far from home. One living in the Miami Area will be sure to find an MDC campus near them. My particular campus is in Downtown Miami and is beautiful. I have easy access to Public transportation and several restaurants and convenience stores are of walking distance from the campus. At Miami Dade College, one can find people of all different types of cultures, religions, race, and ethnicity. On my particular campus I do not know much about Athletics or Parties but it is great for academics. Student Life is great. MDC students always help organize several local events.
I loved the diversity of staff and students at Miami Dade College. They do not offer many sports compared to other schools which is why the student life might lack around campus. Everyone that attends seems to be driven and motivated to get their degree.
Miami Dade College is a great place to start out in your college career . The professors are very smart and care for their students and love to see them excel.
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