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went in for registration not 1 counselor tried to help me. found my way to the registration office just so the registrar to tell me that registrations are closed. was very disapointed and upset.
I was a student in this college for a short amount of time. I was enrolled as a dual-enrollment student. This college is actually quite helpful in getting you to places as well as learning. Even though it is a community college, it feels like a private university.
Miami Dade is a great place to start your college education and save money. Plus close to bayside marketplace.
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Miami Dade is honestly a great school, i love the west campus and the wolfson campus but wasnt a fan of the kendall campus. I loved the diversity and how modern it has become. Student life is great! love the SGA
The classes, teachers, and faculty are nice and helpful. However, when there are issues that need addressing in terms of registering, financial issues, or advisement, they are very unorganized and give you the runaround on things. They also sometimes make you do unnecessary steps that take up time and still leave you with more questions than answers if you don't know exactly what you need to ask.
Miami Dade College is a great stepping stone for higher education. While I was attending this school I was dealing with a health crisis, which affected me tremendously physically, psychologically, and socially. Miami Dade was a huge factor in my healing, introducing me to my passion for writing which was a great outlet for my pain which in turn helped me realize I had to change my major. My professors and fellow classmates for various classes became my community along the way, uncovering parts of me I didn't know was there anymore and helped me grow personally and professionally.
So far after two semester at Miami Dade College my experience has been quite interesting. Apart from beginning the new chapter of college itself, Miami Dade's environment made the transition easy. From the various club fair events to Advisement really extended a helping hand to guide me through my classes. I have to say I am thankful for a school that values me not only as a student, but as a person in this community.
Miami dade college was a small community college the professors were always great and very helpful, the class sizes are smaller which makes learning easier for me. there was always plenty of opportunities for tutoring. I wish they had more traditional things like sports and clubs to offer. But it was a very affordable and beautiful campus with a great degree program.
Great school to start off with, helps you and leads you to the right path of success. They led you into and help you on what you want to do with you life, helps you determine what you want, and also helps you decide the career you imply on doing in your life. Helps you accomplish goals you never thought was possible, do things you didn't think you would be able to do.
Miami Dade is not a bad school at all there are loads of teachers that want to see you succeed and even send me scholarships and are always willing to recommend you to any program you need
I have joined with the ESL class in the Miami dade college, the tuition is reasonable, the classes are good, and the professors are friendly here.
Miami Dade College has excellent faculty and staff and has an overall encouraging atmosphere. It provides its students with various opportunities for experience and success.
Miami Dade College is so disorganized. Before I began the 2016 fall term I had to go to miami dade multiple times to bring papers to finalize my admission and every time I turned in one of the papers they asked for, they would ask for another paper and then another. The same exact thing would happen when I had to speak with one of the employees at the administration office, they would send me back and forth to different offices. This happened on multiple occasions. The employees that work there have no idea whats going on. It would make the students life at MDC a lot better if they hired people that knew what they were doing because when I would speak to someone they would always give me different information. Now I'm a freshman and the academics are great and the campus is huge. However, there is no parking spots at all, especially in the morning.
Miami-Dade College is an amazing college to attend. Everything from friendly staff, helpful professors, and kind students. It's a all around great experience to be at a local community college. The scheduling of classes work very smoothly. Miami- Dade College let's you take courses at your own speed and take another if one is not available one semester. one thing I could think of that I would change is the times of classes. I believe it should be a morning, afternoon, and evening class for each subject to be more convenient for everyone.
I liked how it was family oriented and the staff worked with you. The classes were easy and the teachers always tried their best to work with you. Many opportunities were given and appreciated.
Miami dade college wolfson campus is very calm and chill the professors are very nice and they actually know you name. But, what I would like is more activity and more things to do as in hands on activities.
Miami Dade has some of the most excellent professors I am happy to have begun my career with, but also some of the... not-so-great. Just be sure to register early and get an idea of who the professors are before registering for their classes! Wolfson Campus is amazing, especially.
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So far so good. Taking mainly online classes. The teahcers are very responsive to questions and are eager to help. Very poitive exoerience over all
It has been a great experience. I am not only taking college classes but i am also a junior in highschool.
This school fills you with ease knowing that there is always someone close by to help you. The campus' small size allows you to make friends and join clubs relatively quickly.
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