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I've had great teachers and I've learned a lot in Miami-Dade. Use Rate my professors!!! It's a lifesaver. I'm so grateful to have the opportunity to attend MDC.
Miami Dade actually offers a lot to its students but the administartion makes it difficult for the students to know about all the resources available to them. For a community college, I had a healthy social life and enjoyed my time. The professors can be amazing since their sole purpose is to teach, not do research or any other activities.
What I liked about Miami Dade College is that I had very low expectations about the school. However, when I began taking classes classes there, I realized that all my professors were excellent and they maintain the school nice and clean. What I would like to see change is that they change most of the employers at the student services. More than half the time they wouldn’t help me, all their responses were basically telling me to go online and figure it out on my own. However, it is still a very good school, especially for those entering college for the first time.
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The diversity and convenience of their locations is excellent. However, the attention given to students by administration is very poor. I have not yet completed my AA only because of the difficulty to receive financial aid.
I enjoyed the professors I had and their work ethic. I honestly learned a lot and did very well on all of my classes. The only change I would like to see is more food options. There isn't a variety of things to eat, which is quite upsetting.
I attend MDC as a dual enrollment student. The campus is organized and clean, there's a variety of food, and proffessors are invested and capable of catching your attention.
After graduating from high school I went into Miami Dade College and graduated with my AA Degree. It was an overall great experience and meet amazing people along the way.
I think the professors are great, and the institution is growing, but they could invest on better student desk for classrooms.
Average college. You may find a really good, prepared and caring professor but also you might find a really bad one, that demotivates you. Anyhow , is a good college to get an AA
Miami Dade College is a great school. It has many options when it comes to education and location. It has a variety of people and culture which I love. The school is very economic compare to other schools. The location where I attend is in the middle of Downtown Miami and the environment is amazing and it definitely feels like a college.
Miami Dade has a friendly atmosphere to meet people. The teachers are very nice and love to help the student. I find that is was very easy to adjust to the school and find my way around. Being on this campus, you notice how diverse Miami can be, different languages, and different ethnic backgrounds. At this campus, you will never be hungry, because there are a lot of restaurants and places to eat surrounding the school. Moreover, my experience at Miami Dade has been Miraculous.
my experience at Miami dade college was amazing. I'm currently at Miami dade still, I had professors that would want to see his/her students accomplish your goals. Ive had professors that were tough but at the end of each semester it was totally worth it. the best professors are the best professors. Miami dad does have amazing locations to study. the library is the best place yo study when you need to do some research a well as need some quiet studies. in the library some professors go and help kids out that need the help in a certain subject. not only that with in every building there are seats that may be quite but my be a little loud but in between classes and you need a little fresh air that the best place. I love Miami dade college and I will continue to go until I have finished and accomplished all my goals.
The environment is very welcoming and the professors are understanding. The campus is very clean and there are various activities around. The staff is very helpful and kind.
Pretty good school with many opportunities, many which you really have to look for. The appealing of this college is the good academics with cheap tuition.
Thus far my overall experience has been pretty good. Miami Dade College has all that's needed in order to get your degree and move forward in life. I personally can't commit on the social seen, however i'm sure if your looking to be more proactive in this area you wouldn't have any issues. As for contacting your advisor or getting concrete information in regards to your chosen career path that can be a little aggravating , but then I feel this may be the same in every college.
Everyone at this college is helpful. I like the diversity of the students and professors. I've encountered a variety of different personalities and learned a great deal about others cultures and perspectives.
My AP teacher and friends classify Miami Dade as an awesome college, better than some universities and it’s cheaper!!!
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Miami Dade College is overall a great place for a first college experience and also a great place for those students seeking an education and don't have the economic opportunity to attend a university. The college also does various fun activities for students such as music performances or cinematic presentations. When it comes to academics, most importamtly, Miami Dade College has really good professors and a very peaceful as well as respectful learning environment, in my experience. However, the college could improve in having professors better suit in the areas that they teach and in the way they teach since this sometimes forces students to drop classes which delays their academic journey. Regardless of this, Miami Dade College is an institution with a lot of potential and offers a trememdous opportunity to everyone hoping to achieve a successful career in the future.
Great environment, making it easy to study and learn. As well as helpful and motivating professors that help you reach your academic goals.
Miami Dade College is a great place to really discorver your true passions. It is a place where you will reveal your potential and find out what you like and what you don’t like. Great, understanding profesors that will take their time to encourage you to fly. Also, the campuses have all the right tools in helping you succeed. From libraries to computer labs aswell as writing centers with tutors.
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