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My experience with the admissions and financial service offices have been dreadful. For a student who works conflicting hours, they do nothing to help you over the phone. Although they have an inflexible schedule, they always make it so that you have to visit in person to resolve any issue one might have. Professors, on the other hand, I have found that they can be very helpful and always provide resources to ensure success.
I am current student in Miami Dade College, Medical campus. I just got accepted into the Nursing program. I completed my prerequisites at this campus. Since before enrolling I walked in to speak to an adviser. They were extremely helpful and positive. They made me feel not only like they wanted to help me but gave me all the information I needed to get into the program. The teachers are also very positive and encourage you on your application journey. They never intimidate you by saying "One of you will not be here at the end," instead they said with hard work and studying we can all walk the graduating stage together. Their positive attitude and helpful hand make you feel supported and give you the push to help you pass.
Miami Dade was a great school in the sense that it was affordable and I had amazing professors, but it was not really the full "college experience".
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I graduated a year ago with my A.A and transferred and it is probably the best plan for many people. One wants to go to the best universities and colleges for their major but higher education is expensive. Going to MDC saved me so much money for my first two years of college. You take basic classes anywhere you go might as well not spend $40,000 doing it. MDC is great stepping stone to get you where you want to go.
Depending on the campus, it can be small or a big campus, yet the staff is friendly and the professors are great. There are great sources of help for a variety of majors.
I like that the teachers are very involved and filled with passion about the subject they teach. the teachers i have had so far are very nice and eager to teach
My experience with Miami Dade College has been great. All of my professors have been extremely helpful, and genuinely want to see their students succeed. The campus is a great environment for learning, and is always well-kept. MDC provides all of the resources you may need to achieve your academic goals.
I went to Miami Dade College when I was a sophmore, junior, and senior in high school. I t was such a great experience. I took a tour of the whole school and it was great to learn about the student life and campus life as well. The academics are outstanding as well because, they have great programs for whatever you want to study or do in life.
Miami Dade College has been a great experience overall. Very good professors overall and latest technology to really help students learn to prepare for the real world.
Miami Dade is a college with a lot of options! There is a variety of programs that can be taken, and many use it as a stepping stone to transfer out to a university. What is great about this is that Miami Dade offers classes cheaper, but the quality of classes are no lower than any other! The only reason I give one less star is that there seems to be a couple system errors since I last went a few years ago. First it was a problem finding my high school transcripts, then the system saying I didn't have prerequisites I already met since I've completed an AA already! Aside from that, the staff has been very helpful in dealing with these issues. Miami Dade College is a definite recommend in my book!
Pretty good college for you to get your Associates of Arts degree. Very open campus with decent classes and professors. There are no dorms, so take that into consideration.
I am having a great time here. I like the teachers. They always take time out to help with anything if I need help with something. Everything is easy to find. I wouldn't change anything
The campus is big and clean. The advisors and the staff are very helpful and friendly. I needed some help to register for my classes, I emailed my advisor and he answered fast and solved all of my problems. They were also helpful when dealing with my in state residency for tuition purposes.
Miami Dade College is a great community college. They focuses on every individual and their learning. The teachers care of each individuals learning and will help them when tests are coming up. If you need time alone to study, they will set this time apart for you.
I definitely enjoyed going to MDC. The professors (for the most part) were very helpful and supportive of the students. The administration was also above the norm, at least when I attended back in 2012. I lived off campus with my husband and daughter, so there were a few things that I wasn't able to experience and thus can't rate on.
I like how its a simple college with little distractions such as party scence,etc. Thanks to fancial aid i was able to attend college without going bankrupt. The teachers are average but regardless the student needs to put most of the work.
It's a great college to start in. The staff are are really kind, the professors vary depending on the subject matter. I'm currently pursuing my AA for Architecture. Personally, in my experience I probably favored at least 4 of the 14 professors and their subject. Those 4 classes weren't related to Architecture come to think of it. The rest were either average or whatever. I've been going here for less than 2 years. The only problems I have or have had was with advising. For my first semester I was given classes unrelated to my major as I found out when I was selecting classes for my third semester. Turns out there's this thing where your major has a certain department on a specific campus and you have to see an advisor in that department and campus. It was pretty confusing for me. So, if you intend to study here I suggest you go to the campus that has an actual department for your major.
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Miami Dade College has many campuses under its name. The ones I went to were Interamerican, and Wolfson campus. Interamerican has renovated its campus, and has made it much nicer to study at. The new library is very big with lots of computers, and space for tutoring, and self study. The campus life seems to be quite boring there as no one sticks around to study, hang, or discuss for some odd reason. Now, Wolfson campus gives students the full package. Wolfson offers more of that "College life" experience one would be looking for, with people discussing business, school, and projects. This campus is in downtown, and you can go to our school cafe, our bistro, or take on food from other places like Whole Foods, Zona Fresca, Mondu, or even go across the street to Bayside Market Place. Studying here is no problem with Wolfson's big library that has two floors, but if you want something more then a couple blocks away is Miami-Dade's biggest library with 3 floors! It's truly a sight to see!
Great College for Students wanting to save money and obtain and great education. The campuses are clean overall and provide and ambient relaxing area that provides relaxation when outside classes. Teachers are overall really hands on and very interested in what they teach.
I love that it’s not your typical huge college. It’s very comfortable and you see familiar faces all the time!
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