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I know they have a Facebook page but I haven't seen much recruiting for employment.
The class style is group based and many assignments are team based. The class size is relatively small (30-35) students.
I feel very safe and have yet to see anything alarming
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Overall, I think MGHIHP is a great program with a good balance of clinical and theoretical base teaching methods. Our fieldwork experiences are usually in great healthcare settings allowing students to get hands on experience. Professors have an extensive amount of experience in their field.
I have had an excellent experience at this school so far. We have amazing professors and guest lecturers.
I have had a great experience, and I look forward to spending more time here.
Some places are good, some aren't so great, you have to pick and choose.
The administration is very nice and as long as you follow the rules you're good to go.
There are some good ones, some bad ones, you just gotta look for the right ones.
Delicious food that you can't pass up on, it's great.
Very competitive admissions process. Great academics.
This is a very professional school so drugs and alcohol aren't an issue.
Boston has a great nightlife and bar scene available.
Summers are beautiful and winter isn't bad for being in the north.
Very diverse student body so you get an exposure to various students.
Very safe and secure campus. I have full confidence in the security.
I love the Boston atmosphere. It is very friendly and active.
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This is a professional campus because it is a graduate school.
This school has a wide array of options when it comes to major selection.
There is a blended learning environment with regard to technology.
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