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It is very welcoming and the campus is very nice. The people are nice. I have not heard any negative comments on Metro. While on a tour, there was a lot of history at the campus and the arts programs are great.
I liked my instructors but I would probably change how the administration handles the school, especially financial aid.
MSU Denver is a great school there is great support on campus for disability accommodations, there are many places to eat, and there is also some sort of event going on. What could change is the required healthcare for students, while the idea is good it's frustrating to have to provide proof of health insurance. It would be convenient if students could just decline coverage.
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I have had several great teachers here that have encouraged and inspired me to pursue my education to the fullest.
Overall, my experience with MSU Denver has been amazing. Professors are always willing to help students. MSU Denver also provides a respectfully and safe environment for students and staff. I woud like to see parking cost decrease.
I like how diverse the campus is. I would like to see more about opportunities of student resources.
Great resources and the staff seems to be involved. Small class room sizes help for better learning.
My experience at The Metropolitan State University If Denver has been very unique. For starters, being a commuters campus, MSU Denver’s environment differs from what other traditional four year institutions have to offer. During my first year, I had many different resources such as the Firsts Year Success program and my teammates and coaches from the MSU Denver Track Team to give me guidance in how to excel and achieve my academic goals. I faced some challenges in my life during this time as I fractured my foot and because of this I had to endure surgery. As I went through recovery, not being able to run track really affected my mental health, but my support system at MSU Denver stood by my side to make sure I didn’t give up on pursuing academic success and guiding me on ways were I could achieve what I want professionally.
MSU Denver is a commuter school. You don't get the traditional student life scene that you would normally get at another schools. I enjoyed my classes and the professors for the most part.
Metropolitan has a very diverse community within it's campus. This is what makes learning a better experience and much more fun!
They didn't handle paperwork with care which led me to debt. I wouldn't suggest going here if you don't have tuition or a scholarship.
I am a student of Bachelors of Fine Art and the counselors and teachers are always helpful and informative. The closer you get to thesis the more challenging the classes. By graduation you will be articulate, skilled in the world of art and will have built a network of artists you can always stay in touch with.
I have been at metro for two semesters and the professors really care about your future and education. They do want you to successed and they will stay after class and help you out if you need the help.
Before I started my first year at MSU Denver I was already selected by Denver Housing to work at MSU Denver so I could get familiarized with the school. Being able to work there before Fall semester was an amazing way for me to feel confident with my classes. Since I have been in MSU Denver I have not stopped getting help and resources, it is the best way for me to succeed in school. After the Denver Housing program ended I was fortunate to get work-study. I have continued to work for a program called Center For Equity and Student Achievement and this program has a lot of resources for students to succeed and be able to graduate.
My experience with Metropolitan State University of Denver has been really good. I love the classes and the overall atmosphere of the campus, it has made college seem less stressful.
I love going here, the faculty work with you and there is a diverse group of students. They offer many ways to help you succeed.
Overall its been a great and mind opening experience for me. I love the diversity that MSU has, and its been a great experience being able to be around different cultures of people.
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MSU Denver allows you to get a quality education at a great price. I was given to support and knowledge needed to not only get me into medical school, but to also out preform many of my colleagues who went to much more "reputable" schools like Yale or John's Hopkins. At first I was ashamed to say "I went to Metro", but as an alumni I am very proud to have attended such a great school. I recommend that you consider attending here even if you may give up the typical "college experience." It's worth it!
The campus is incredibly diverse, and there's always something new to see or get involved with on your way to classes. The faculty is excellent and seem passionate about their jobs, and with the food court in the student union and multiple restaurants within walking distance of the campus, there's no shortage of food options.
I think there are good programs at Metro that will translate into the real world. Not all of the programs will in my opinion, but they do offer plenty good ones. For students willing to do extra work, there are plenty of student resources to help you succeed.

If I was to offer advice to someone thinking about attending Metro. I would say do lots of research about the field you are thinking of studying to make sure you have a good chance of getting a job in the field after you graduate.
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