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Metro is a great college that is affordable. They have professors that teach all around the state, many different majors that can be picked from, and a great first year program for incoming freshman. One thing that I would like to see changed at Metro is some of the campus buildings are a little outdated and it sometimes makes it hard to get the proper method of education if the technology can not support it.
What I like about Metropolitan University of Denver is the many options they have when it comes to choose schedules. Having a chance to do online, evening and weekends classes, was what made choose it. Great teachers!
MSU Denver changed my life. The professors made me excited about learning again. They push you to reach your potential. Student life is available if you want it, but it isn't pushed down your throat. The atmosphere is welcoming. It was the best decision I ever made to transfer to MSU.
Review Metropolitan State University of Denver
Metropolitan was more affordable, with smaller class sizes and dedicated staff prior to it being titled a University. Otherwise, there are still some seasoned professors within the biology and chemistry departments. Tuition is too expensive for the education that I received. They have established resource centers, but they are filled with work study students that do not advocate or supply information to students accordingly. The library is a great place, it is shared by Metro, CUD and CCD. Overall safety on the campus has decreased over the last couple of years, matters include arsen, shootings and robberies as it is int he heart of Denver. Also to note, this campus is a commuter college, I felt it difficult to establish long life relationships with others in similar programs.
Metro is a great college! The faculty are knowledgeable, the campus is wonderful, wide variety of majors available and in general the atmosphere is positive and energetic. I cannot say enough great things about this school! Great for people who are a bit older and wanting to obtain a degree!
I enjoy the campus and how close my classes are together. I enjoy how on campus everyone is nice. I liked how they have those fun outside events that anyone can join in on. I wish we were able to ride around on our boards without getting harassed about it though.
Currently I'm a student at Metropolitan State University and overall the school has been a great experience. My first semester of college was nothing of what i expected and it affected my grades, but that hasn't stopped me to keep trying. The school does a good job on providing support to its students. The environment at school is great every one is friendly and professor's are always doing their best to help students reach their interned goal.
It's relatively a large campus. There's a wide selection of business programs as well as variety of art classes.
Metro is the best campus. Thanks to its urban feel and diversity, it creates a home like feeling for students.
The campus is amazing and offers small classes which is extremely helpful! The staff is amazing and is willing to help with just about anything. The best part is that the school is on a campus with two other schools, therefor you get to interact with students from many places.
I went to Metro right after high school and it was a great experience! I ended up moving , but I am back in Denver and planning on applying again soon!
So far I have been enjoying attending Metro State. The campus is nice and in a great location within down town Denver. What I would like to see change is the transportation side of it. We pay for a RTD pass however I can not use it due to where I live and the work schedule I have. So I have to pay for parking every time I attend class. I think they should give us the option of a parking pass or the RTD pass.
I had a few issues with the staff of the University. Considering that they have fairly recently received accreditation, I feel that the staff are a collection of whoever applied, regardless of skill or merit. I am a veteran, and in an Ethics class, was discriminated against. I confronted another instructor for exposing students grades to other students and other unprofessional conduct. The schools response for both instructors was "sorry" and told to deal with it. I have transferred out and have been better off.
I like studying at Metro, it is a great school and cares about it's students. However, some teachers aren't so good, an aspect that can be improved by conducting student surveys.
I loved half of the teachers, they were great. The other half were not great, they talked down to you and thought that their 20 years in the field was enough to bypass needing to treat people like adults.
My favorite thing about MSU Denver is the diversity amongst all the students and majors across Campus. The campus is beautiful and it blends in to the Denver Metro area. The only I would like to see is expanding more options for students across Campus whether it's for studying, more majors or more master programs.
I like how easy it is to register for classes and how friendly people are there. I also liked the painless process of getting books and my student ID. My advisor was very informative and put me on track to successfully complete my degree. I'm fairly new so I'm not sure of any changes I would suggest just yet.
Review Metropolitan State University of Denver
Metro is an overall very good college with very well qualified professors. This college have a lot to offer in every field. I got my BS in Biology from this college. It is full of great professors willing to help you, classes size are a little big but every professor have great knowledge of what they teach. Its a little affordable college. I really enjoyed my time at Metro
I absolutely love MSU Denver. The location is great, you feel safe, the professors work with the students, and overall a fun environment for college. The light rail makes it easy to get to campus and the parking isn't bad.
It's a really good school I've been goin here for almost a year and it has been an amazing experience for me!!
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