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It has been amazing and wonderful. I have had a lot of help from teachers and fellow classmates. There is no requirements to live on campus and it's really close to where I live. I love this school.
It was a big school but the teachers took time to get to know you and everyone there wants to see you succeed.
Most affordable state school in Colorado. Most diverse state school, too. Why pay 6x the price to pay for a name-brand school? Teachers are great, school resources are great, location is great.
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Metro State is a great school and is incredibly affordable compared to other Colorado Universities. While it is a commuter campus there is a great community and the school offers really wonderful resources to make college just a little less stressful.
Metro State University is a very diverse place. The atmosphere is relaxing and everyone is generally nice to each other. The professors really care, which seems to surprise everyone that transfers here from another college. They will help the best they can and will always make themselves available.
I'm so glad I came here, there are many non-traditional students and a very diverse culture. I work in the Call-Center and love being surrounded by other students from a variety of walks-of-life.
I liked how this college is very diverse which is something I like to a college I apply to. I also like how the campus is big it’s spread out so you can walk around and look at many things while your walking.
Amazing school for those who like small class sizes. A school for people who just want to get there stuff done and get home.
Great school. Lots of supportive teachers and staff. Wonderful classes that are up to date with the world.
Overall, the academics are amazing. The professors invest their time into the students and make sure every individual is going to succeed. On the other hand, there is not much of a college experience associated with this school. There are no dorms, no parties, and a lot of the student population consists of middle age adults returning to school. Point is, if you're young and looking to get a good college experience, don't go here. But if you want to make save a lot of money (cheap tuition) and could care less about making a bunch of friends and partying, go for it.
I like how affordable metro state is but it doesn’t sacrifice the academics. I am able to work on campus and am very supported by my teachers and employers to succeed.
I love it here the campus is beautiful and everyone is so helpful and encouraging. There are so many activities to participate in I am incapable of keeping up as well as job opportunities all over campus offering a relief from the stress of figuring how to manage school and getting back and forth to a job to maintain your life.
Professors all care about their students and have real world experience. The school is very flexible with your degree, you can make a custom one and transfer half of your credits into the school (that's far more than most universities would accept). Employers love to hire MSU Denver grads, including some very selective companies like Lockheed Martin. The value of the education provided at this university is unmatched when considering the quality of education, flexibility, and affordability.
It's a very relaxed environment on campus. The fact that there are two other schools sharing the campus means there is a great variety of people to interact with.
I love this school, it is perfect for late staters or people who have decided to change their life for the better.
I just graduated from Metro with my undergrad in Early Childhood Education. The education department from which I graduated from was great. The professors were great and the program really prepared me with real hands on experience.
I am a transfer student at Metro State University, entering my junior year. The application and transfer process from my community college was seamless. My advisor has been accessible and helpful. The hybrid course system gives me the flexibility to work. And the four courses I took over the summer were great and their professors were engaging.
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So far so good. A lot of resources to use to help you to get through. Although getting in contact with a specific person may be difficult.
I had not realized that I could even consider attending college until well into adulthood. Metro gave me the chance to change my life, and for that, I am grateful.
Going onto my third year and I can most definitely say that Metro has given me more than my old school in Fort Collins and the students there are awesome and welcoming!
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