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Metropolitan State University of Denver Reviews

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It's a great school filled with very diverse people. I'm just not a fan of downtown Denver or I would like it a lot more.
Metropolitan State University of Denver is an amazing University! Metro has well experienced professors. The campus is huge tho. However it's possible to get around. In fact, Metro has well trained tutors that will aid you with your homework. If you are in need of anything, Metro will help you someway or another.
Love it! It's incredibly diverse and all-inclusive. The professors are knowledgeable in their fields and extremely available to students. It is in a great location and easily accessible to all students.
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MSU Denver is a beautiful campus with many opportunities. The professors really take the time to get to know the students as individuals so that everyone is set up to succeed.
Love the teachers. They are super nice and considerate. Really helpful to students and clear with course work.
There is a lot to love about Metro! First off I love that it is easily accessible by public transportation. Taking the RTD lightrail downtown Denver is so quick and easy. Not to mention it drops you off right on campus! I also love that Metro is centrally located downtown. If you have time off in between classes there are so many places to visit in downtown Denver that you can walk to take the lightrail to. Next, all the professors that I have had at Metro have been amazing rolemodels. The class sizes are smaller compared to most universities so you feel that you can really get to know your professors. Last, the campus is amazing. It has a lot of diversity and it is clean!
The campus is clean and interactive, especially sharing Tivoli with other universities. The security is phenomenal and always prompt about letting students know when issues arise. Staff is friendly, helpful, and encouraging.
We had one of the admission counselors come into our college seminar class to talk about the school, the counelor was very friendly and helpful when it came to answering questions, plus was convincing enough about attending the school, lastly was a great help when it came to applying to the school!
I love attending Metro! A wide variety of classes offered plus extended diversity across the student body.
I like the staff and the environment. The first day I went to the school for orientation I felt welcomed and excited to be a part of this community of amazing educators. Don't have any improvements so far!
Metropolitan State University of Denver was well known among my peers as a second chance school. Most of my classmates and friends that I have met there all went to there after deciding they wanted a second chance with college. Despite being a commuter school, it has an inclusive campus with tons of clubs and student activities to be included in. I believe the best part about Metro is the close connections to the city of Denver whether it be from political science majors working with the governor or engineering students working with companies such as Lockheed Martin. Metro is a fantastic choice for those who also are not sure what exactly they're looking to do career wise and provides affordable classes to explore. Metropolitan State University of Denver has an excellent staff of professors and opportunities for those living in the Denver area that want an affordable, open campus to explore their interests and build professional relationships.
The student services especially TRIO SSS are a joke. They are very discriminate. They say they love to help students but they don’t. They just care for student money. Cheap schoo comes with sucks student services. I am the victim of this school. People are nice on campus but the school being run by bunch of idiot.
I absolutely love the campus and enjoyed the classes I took this year. This was my first year I attended college and was nervous about the atmosphere and how people were going to be. But once I started and attended my classes, I realized how much I am going to enjoy coming to campus. Professors are really patient and kind.
I love that the campus is shared by three schools. There are many places and resources to set me up for success.
Transfer student friendly, affordable, and plenty of resources for any difficulties that you may be having.
I've been a part time student for several years and have enjoyed my time there. The professors are great and I like that there are 2 campuses and online classes. I wish more options were available at night for each class since not everyone can take classes in the daytime.
I started attending MSU Denver since 2014. I stopped attending in 2015 due to being very sick. I recently re-registered and it is the best feeling in the world. The campus is great, many teachers are very friendly, knowledgeable, pro-student. There are many activities that happen throughout the years and many resources for help, financial, educational, personal.
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The entire campus is absolutely beautiful! My professors are all kind and great teachers, they make subjects I don't like enjoyable.
It's a very average school. The campus is shared with two other schools, which makes it a unique and diverse campus. However, academics are very average as well as day to day student life.
I went on a visit to go tour Metropolitan State University of Denver and this is my dream school. I am interested in majoring in either nursing or political science. I believe that their nursing program is good and they recently got it back. Since it is my dream school and I have yet to get accepted one thing I would change is the application process. Me and many other students have applied months prior and we have yet to hear back.
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