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I love it here the campus is beautiful and everyone is so helpful and encouraging. There are so many activities to participate in I am incapable of keeping up as well as job opportunities all over campus offering a relief from the stress of figuring how to manage school and getting back and forth to a job to maintain your life.
Professors all care about their students and have real world experience. The school is very flexible with your degree, you can make a custom one and transfer half of your credits into the school (that's far more than most universities would accept). Employers love to hire MSU Denver grads, including some very selective companies like Lockheed Martin. The value of the education provided at this university is unmatched when considering the quality of education, flexibility, and affordability.
It's a very relaxed environment on campus. The fact that there are two other schools sharing the campus means there is a great variety of people to interact with.
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I love this school, it is perfect for late staters or people who have decided to change their life for the better.
I just graduated from Metro with my undergrad in Early Childhood Education. The education department from which I graduated from was great. The professors were great and the program really prepared me with real hands on experience.
I am a transfer student at Metro State University, entering my junior year. The application and transfer process from my community college was seamless. My advisor has been accessible and helpful. The hybrid course system gives me the flexibility to work. And the four courses I took over the summer were great and their professors were engaging.
So far so good. A lot of resources to use to help you to get through. Although getting in contact with a specific person may be difficult.
I had not realized that I could even consider attending college until well into adulthood. Metro gave me the chance to change my life, and for that, I am grateful.
Going onto my third year and I can most definitely say that Metro has given me more than my old school in Fort Collins and the students there are awesome and welcoming!
Good professors. Not many outlets for help in terms of financial/counseling guidance. Good professors. Not many outlets for help in terms of financial/counseling guidance. Good professors. Not many outlets for help in terms of financial/counseling guidance.
I love this school it helps out a lot of DACA students, it has great scholarships for undocumented students that don’t even have DACA . The classes are great, professors always help you out .
It's good, not a traditional college with vibrant on campus living culture. Mostly commuters and older working adults, so not much of a social atmosphere.
The diverse population of students that make up the 3 connecting campuses of MSU DENVER, CCD And CU DENVER are truly what make it unique. Tucked into the heart of Denver, this campus is inviting and makes even tourists ache for the excitement of the first day of the semester. The instructors are knowledgeable and passionate about continuing their legacy of education. Anytime I arrive on campus, I have this feeling that I was meant to be a MSU Roadrunner! The education department invests time and resources for pre-service teachers to ensure that they are fully qualified and ready to not only teach, but encourage curiosity and acceptance in their future classroom communities. When asking an instructor how they deal with the tough situations they encounter every year they responded that we have no control over what happens to our students when they are not in our care. However, we can make sure to show them they are valued and loved.
MSU Denver is a good school. In my experience at the school so far, all staff and teachers I have encountered are very kind and nice.
The diversity of the campus and all the opportunities that the campus offers for a successful first year student.
The campus is quite nice with many different buildings that are not too far apart. There are not many choices for food on campus which is a downside. Once a week they have many food trucks that come, however they are pricey. It can be challenging academically if you do not have direction and are not sure what you want to do. The advisors are not really helpful and seem to be less than interested in investing time to the students.
Metro State is a cheaper university to attend in the greater Denver area, but with the lower cost of entry you do not lose out on the quality of education you can achieve here.
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Almost every member or the staff (from professors to people within the financial aid office) is very approachable and willing to talk you through anything. You always feel welcome and are able to complete your degree at your own pace.
Metropolitan University of Denver is a good school to go to if you are looking to graduate. It is a commuter School for people looking to get a degree and get out. The professors in the criminal justice department are amazing. The faculty is willing and ready to help at any opportunity. That being said the life outside of school for any student is in their own hands.
Ive only been attending this university for a short amount of time but the thing i like most about the university is the location. This is a convenient location for students in the surrounding cities to continue to pursue their goals. Academics wise this is fairly good school but can use better professors. Campus life is nice because it is not an enormous school overall I hope to continue having a great experience.
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