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Ive only been attending this university for a short amount of time but the thing i like most about the university is the location. This is a convenient location for students in the surrounding cities to continue to pursue their goals. Academics wise this is fairly good school but can use better professors. Campus life is nice because it is not an enormous school overall I hope to continue having a great experience.
I was a student this last semester, and the professors are very nice, as are the students. The diversity is amazing because you don't see just one race or whatever. People are willing to help you, and they are aware of diversity. I went to another college where diversity was something, but students and staff didn't really respect it.
What is amazing about the Metropolitan States University of Denver is the amounts of resources that are available for students, ranging from educational assistance to financial assistance. The University does try to get students to participate in friendly activities by putting together free activities outside of the Student Success Building. All in all, the University is very involved in making sure students are doing well not only in their studies but as all as themselves, mentally and physically.
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I have really enjoyed being at Metro, though I do feel that this is more of a college for those that are living life and work full time, have children, or are wanting to go back to school. It doesn't resemble a "traditional college" but that is what makes it so unique! Having dealt with the Financial Aid office, I have had issues in the past, but other then that, I will be finishing up by the end of this year.
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I am an alumnus of Metro, and I have gone there three (yes three!) times for varying degrees from Criminal Justice to Human Performance and Sport to Integrative Health Care. Each school of study and each degree program has a high caliber of professors who not only teach but also work in the fields that they are experts in. I feel that Metro has come into its own, and I look forward to furthering my education there.
MSU Denver is a commuter school, therefore it is difficult to meet people and make friends. Th campus location however, makes up for the lack of social scene as it is located in downtown Denver. Most of the professors here work or have worked in their respective fields which makes the classes more interesting and easier to apply in the "real world".
I love that fact that I'm able to commute to class and build a degree that is specific to me. I've been to another university in Colorado and I wasn't able to experience the same opportunity to learn multiple languages.
I like that tuition at MSU Denver is cheaper than the surrounding colleges, I also appreciate that they offer many evening classes because I work full-time during the day. I dislike that the tutoring center is only open until 6:00 pm and our library closes at 10:00 pm, I work during the day and take evening classes so it's difficult for me to get tutoring when I need it and by the time I finish my evening classes I only have about an hour or two to use the library before they close.
Great, lively campus, in the center of all the buzz in Denver. Good teachers, working for the benefit of the students, and a very comfortable vibe overall. Excellent value for a four year university. No on-campus student housing, this is for the most part, a commuter college.
msu offers a positive environment for nontraditional students, their faculty are dedicated and knowledgable and they do what they can to make continuing your education possible
Metro has a great elementary education program. The advisors go above and beyond to make sure that all students are on the right track and succeed.
This school has been great. It is affordable but also reputable, and they are constantly expanding what they offer, both with academics, and to students. They have a lot of great resources for students. My field of study is a relatively new program that is unique and rare to find throughout the country, which has been incredible. They have a lot of really great professors who truly know their stuff and a lot of them have been professionals in their field.
So far I have loved MSU because it is not my first college pick, but it was the best fit for myself after making a big decision to not play sports. I have learned lots of new great things about myself, since going to Metro is not normally my type of scene. I am used to smaller towns and so I was nervous to be out of my comfort zone by being downtown. But it has been great for me and to see how well I do here, it has helped me Mature in a way I did not know I needed to. Metro has a great atmosphere to it and I hopefully will continue to grow to love everything about It.
Admission process was super easy with the help of the advisers. They took me through step by step with financial aid and transferring. Metropolitian is a breath of fresh air making it possible and affordable to go back to college.
Academically, I love Metro. All my professors are so knowledgable and usually have first hand experience in the field they are teaching about. They are very organized, interesting lectures, and make a classroom full of strangers into a community. The problem with the university is the social experience. I transferred from a small, close knit college and it was hard to adjust to the commuter style. Most people have full time jobs and are focused on just academics rather than social needs. It is an amazing school for people coming back to get a degree, but I would not recommend the school to those wanting to get traditional social experience from college. The housing on campus is also far from a traditional experience as I found most people tend to do their own thing rather than connect with fellow students.
From the moment that I took my first tour when I was a junior in high school, they made me feel like I was welcome and wanted there. As I expressed my concerns, they reassured me that I would be more than a number to them and that the staff would help me every step of the way. Even though I have been there for only a year, I have not been forgotten. I receive multiple emails and calls to not only answer my questions but also to just reach out and make sure that everything is running smoothly. Not only is the staff amazing and helpful but the students are as well. If I ever have any problems in the classroom then I know that I can always ask for my fellow classmate help. They are almost always willing to help and even if they do not have the right answer then they can direct me to the correct person to answer it. I could not even beginning to imagine what college would be like if I was not going to Metro State University.
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Metropolitan State University is a good deal on school for the Denver-metro area. It is unfortunately a commuter campus so it is difficult to make friends and connections. I feel that there are many quality teachers at this university who are hidden gems and can be overshadowed by the more "popular" teachers.
MSU has great professors. There is practically no party scene, but this helps academics. It is a commuter school and is very diverse. I was dissapointed with how small the Economics department was because I’m an Econ major, but it is still good.
I like that the school has options to work around your schedule when you sign up for classes. Its easy to have classes either M & W or TUE & THU. It is a smaller school though sharing the campus with two other colleges. It would be nice if there were more activities for everyone to be involved in and that would be available during a M & Tues instead of a M & W.
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