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This school isn't for everyone, but I had a wonderful experience. I lived at home with my parents and rode the RTD light rail on days I went to school. The price of riding the light rail is included in tuition which is really helpful. The cost of the school is very reasonable, especially for the quality of education you are receiving. I do think the school as a whole could do a better job of making sure students are on track to graduate on time.
I love this college because first of all it is pretty affordable even if you are coming from out of state. The campus is affordable and unique as well, you can live in dorms that are either little condos or ones that are in a hotel. The campus atmosphere is amazing, most of the people that you meet even in passing are friendly and are helpful. The professors are very helpful and flexible, they are willing to help you with whatever you need or if there is any issues, they are able to work with you on them. The few problems that people might have with the school is that there are three different schools on on campus. Another problem could be that they do not have a football team or have a wide variety or sororities and fraternities. All in all, it is a good starter school or a school to go to if you are starting your education later in life, the process to get in and take classes is very easy and they provide as much help as one person would need available at all different hours.
The campus is beautiful and the tour guides are very helpful. its a great place to visit with so many things to offer.
Review Metropolitan State University of Denver
I was able to commute to school using the lightrail train which was great. The instructors and classes offered were fantastic and the cost of school was affordable. I'd highly recommend MSU Denver to anyone!
The appeal of MSU Denver is the diversity that it brings to campus life. The tuition is reasonable, the professors are truly there to help the students succeed, which makes the education provided unique and relatable.
MSU Denver offers flexibility; they have courses going on nearly every hour of the day, which is great for those of us who have full-time jobs. I actually graduated from Metro in 3 years and I enjoyed the mandatory courses for my major. For the most part the professors were lenient, but I will say there were one or two who were meanies. I was living off campus which saved me a great deal of money (so I can't tell you about the dorm life). The cost of tuition was the main reason I attended. For a Bachelor's in Psychology I owe about $20,000. Not bad, right? MSU is also right in the heart of Downtown Denver so there is a lot of things to do in between classes. All in all, it's an exciting place to get your education!
This school is incredible! The diversity is unmatched and the campus is very clean and easy to navigate. The amount of students per class is small which is very nice and all the professors are always there via email for help if you ever need it. The school really wants you to succeed and help is available for anything you need it for. The tuition is what separates this school from others as it is very affordable.
I attended one year at Metropolitan State University and I would like to say my overall experience was fascinating because the professors were connecting and interacting with students as if it was a one on one session when the class held thirty students. Professors were motivating and trustworthy with their word on wanting to help each of their students succeed and it made the learning environment for friendly inspiring. They answered all my questions and cleared their after school scheduled to help students that were falling behind for any reason. One thing I would like to change is the administration workers who seemed tired to help students that need financial aid help. Overall, Metropolitan State University is a college all students should attend.
I took public speaking with Metro, it was a great course! Our professor had a lot of knowledge on the course and he was great by helping everyone find a way to feel comfortable speaking in front of others
Overall, Metropolitan State University of Denver is a great school to go to. It has a quite diverse student population that really brings different points of view to the table. Every teacher that I have interacted with seems to truly wish for their students to succeed!
Metro finds a way to make students feel comfortable and welcomed. I enjoy the classes and experiences I've had so far.
The class sizes are much smaller than any other big university. This allows for professors to get to know you and to be much more accessible.
Great college. Majors, minors,certificates and master degrees. Affordable. ..................................
I am currently going to Metro, and my experience as a returning student/single mom has been very rewarding. A variety of ages in a diverse ethnic student population allows for a positive learning environment that is open and accepting. Located within easy walking from the tram station, the college is easily accessible and the Professors are truly excited and dedicated to what they are teaching. The level of education enrichment at this school is far and beyond any college or university I have ever attended!
MSU is a great school on a beautiful and accessible campus. It shares the campus with two other schools and provides many resources for success.
I loved how diverse the school was and that you were able to commute and not be stuck on campus, I do wish that I was more involved from the social aspect, but other than that it was a great decision!
Metropolitan State University of Denver is a great school to attend when you're still looking to attend a university but you're not ready to commit to paying massive amounts of money. It's more affordable than most universities, the teachers put a lot of work into your education and it's an extremely friendly environment.
Review Metropolitan State University of Denver
Enthusiastic professors with thorough knowledge of given subject that genuinely care about the success of students.
Metropolitan State is one of the most diverse campuses. Although the campus is shared with two other schools it is obvious that the faculties main goal is to help a student thrive. Especially as an incoming freshman, it can be frightening but with all the help and guidance the school provides it makes the change a lot easier.
MSUD is a good, cheap college. Had several teachers that had a lot of personal experience to share and apply to teaching.
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