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Metropolitan State University of Denver Reviews

2,561 reviews
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I like how easy it is to register for classes and how friendly people are there. I also liked the painless process of getting books and my student ID. My advisor was very informative and put me on track to successfully complete my degree. I'm fairly new so I'm not sure of any changes I would suggest just yet.
Metro is an overall very good college with very well qualified professors. This college have a lot to offer in every field. I got my BS in Biology from this college. It is full of great professors willing to help you, classes size are a little big but every professor have great knowledge of what they teach. Its a little affordable college. I really enjoyed my time at Metro
I absolutely love MSU Denver. The location is great, you feel safe, the professors work with the students, and overall a fun environment for college. The light rail makes it easy to get to campus and the parking isn't bad.
It's a really good school I've been goin here for almost a year and it has been an amazing experience for me!!
Metropolitan state university is an overall well rounded university as it does provide a wide verity of services from helpful foreign offices to veteran offices to tutoring centers. Very helpful campus in which every thing is very reliably organized.
I absolutly love this college. I have not had a bad experience here. Everyone is so nice and helpful. I transfured to Metro from a small college and I now wish I started at Metro. The is an amazing school that lets you sechedule classes that are all on one day so you can work and it is also afforable. You wont leave with massive loans like other school. I would recoment this school to anyone and everyone.
This is a great school and campus for people all over Denver and the front range. It's a commuter campus, which can get dicey with the parking occasionally, but otherwise it's really great to go to school with such a diverse body of students. Everyone is focused and serious about their education, and it's a really amazing creative collaborative environment. This is my THIRD school (I transferred twice) and it's my favorite! The professors and the teaching staff are really great, and from diverse fields of expertise. There's a lot of stuff on campus- often markets, fairs, and even food truck events.
Metro State has a very friendly feel to it. Everybody at Metro wants to help you succeed and further your education. One thing they could improve on is the admissions process. It was a long strenuous journey but everything got figured out. Overall, the campus is very simple to navigate through and is just a wonderful school!
So far, I've had a great experience with Metro. I'm in the nursing program, and the faculty is amazing! Workers on campus are very helpful, even though they have to deal with 3 colleges on the same campus (Metro, UCD, and CCD)! Parking is bad, so I suggest taking a bus or the light rail. All in all, very great place to get a degree!
Metropolitan State University is located right in downtown where it is accessible for almost majority of the community. A great feature about this school is the diversity of students and professors available in the school. It also is the only school in Colorado that teaches ''Africana Studies''
They have a very diverse campus of all kinds of people. There are always fun events to attend as well as clubs to join. The staff here as well try very hard to make sure you are on schedule to graduate and want to see you succeed.
MsuDenver is awesome. I have been there for several years, taking live and online classes. Its a great environment, however in most classes I was the only colored individual. This gave me slight anxiety as I felt I had to perform harder than everyone. Not to mention lifes normal pressures.
Metropolitan State University Of Denver is a great school for the accreditation and staff you'd love to have! It is semi disorganized in the art Department side and seems like the academic advisement is slacking. You will make some great connection here though and most likely miss it once you graduate.
I love this college because it is inexpensive and it's located close to downtown Denver. There is more diversity than other schools in Colorado, but not enough. If you want to be able to go to parties and all that, it'd be best to get a dorm near campus. However, there are not many dorms and that's the problem.
I like that the campus is diverse with people from all over the world. I also love the flexibility of class times which allows students to work and go to school.
At first I wasn't too sure about this school, however I just completed by second year here and i'm elated. My major is international relations and their department is absolutely amazing!!! I love all the professors and advisors their. Everyone is genuinely so helpful and want the best for their students. 10/10 recommend for any major and anyone looking for a diverse and eventful campus.
Metro is a very nice school, an opportunity is waiting around every corner. I feel safe and welcomed on campus, the school Isn't super diverse but I didn't really experience any culture shock within my first few months of school. The school also has an excellent performing arts program (which Is what I'm going to school for) I just finished my first production here and there were rarely any dull moments, and I learned more from being in this show than I did from my acting classes in high school.
I have found Metropolitan State University of Denver to be a good place to get your moneys worth. While not every teacher is great, i have had high quality teachers overall with the teachers knowing their stuff and being eager to teach and help students in need. Sharing the campus with two other schools means a diverse campus as you will have chances to interact with students from the other colleges as while as the diverse population of Metro. They also offer tutoring, career services, and other useful programs.
Overall has been a good experience. The councelors show they care about the students. Most of the teachers are the same and do great job helping others learn, there have been a handful that have not done so. Obly things id like to see changed is maybe more online or evening options for classes. Was hard working out needed classes for these times. Also councelors are hard to get ahold of after 4 p.m. Some trachers needs to meke improvements on teaching and understand studnents work as well. Some online teachers need to give thorough directions and feedback, not just think we know what to do.
Such a great college with great professors. I learned a lot. The whole University was very helpful every step of the way through my education there. I received my Bachelors in Accounting and want to return to Metro again to get a second Bachelors in Finance.
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