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The advisor for our program (dental hygiene) left months ago, and to our knowledge, she has not been replaced yet... Classes are not terribly difficult for upper level, which is nice while dually enrolled with another program.
Great mix of online and on campus classes. Also very flexible for the working student. They partner with many different campuses across the Metro area, giving you the opportunity to take classes on campus, but at a campus closer to you. A majority of the teachers are also working in the area that they teach, giving you the opportunity to learn from first hand, and relevant situations.
I'm so happy I chose Metro state to complete my bachelor degree. I've conveniently been able to complete all classes thus far online and whenever I need help the advisors are front and center to help.
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I love the school, it gave me opportunities, and gave me classes that work around my work schedules. The advisor there was so easy going, and they help me decide on classes and they help guide me to become more successful in school while working full time. The tutor there are awesome also, they made me understand everything in a better way, the professor were the most patient teachers ever they help me when I was lost, they understood my way of learning and was willing to help with that/.
Very helpful staff and devoted instructors/teachers. Campus is easy to get to and offers many resources in conjunction with other metro area schools.
I like that they offer online and night courses and many courses throughout the summer since I can’t always take a class during the day due to my work schedule. The advisors and staff are great and help you succeed and use real life examples in class which makes a big difference.
There are many things that I have enjoyed about my experience at Metro State University (finishing my undergraduate degree for 3 semesters and the first 3 semesters of my graduate degree thus far). The professors at the school are absolutely phenomenal. They are always willing to work with students and are very knowledgeable about the subject matter. I enjoy the personal attention and more interactive learning that’s created by having smaller class sizes. The school offers many of its classes on a schedule that caters to nontraditional students.

One thing I would change is student involvement. Being that there is no on-campus housing, it’s easy for students to just go to class and leave without interacting too much with others on campus. I’m not sure of the best solution to this or if this is an issue with all non-traditional universities.
Transferring to Metropolitan State University from St. Cloud State University felt very different. I had many friends, was very active in student organizations, and had great bonds with staff. Entering Metropolitan State University, I am in and out of class and head straight home. The university is primarily commuting; no dorms available, so it took a bit of time to adjust. However, I have enjoyed all my professors after completing one semester. As a student who goes in and out of class, I cannot say there's anything I dislike due to being an inactive student with student organizations.
I am working on my second degree from this school and have attended classes here for a total of three and a half years. The instructors and staff are all very dedicated to the education of their students. And the instructors are experts in the areas they are teaching dedicating their time to educate the next generation in their fields.
If all you're looking to do is get in, get your degree, and move on to an average low/middle paying job then Metro is fine. If you can afford to go to a better school then go somewhere else. If you are looking to come out with a competitive degree, contacts, and potential for high-paying entry level salary from a top company then Metro is not for you. Classes for your major are barely offered, and a majority are online. Your XXX 101 course will have 8 teachers conducting it, but your upper level graduation requirement electives will have maybe 1 a semester, maybe. Advisors are not active, and do not tell you requirements unless you stumble upon them yourself and ask. I do not recommend Metro for someone with ambition to make competitive salaries; however, if you just want the title "Bachelors of XX" then Metro will cheaper and easier.
I initially transferred from a school out of state to metro. With the exception of maybe two classes all my credits transferred over with no issue. Out of the gate the first course that I took was amazing the teacher was awesome and so were my classmates. The schools overall look is great as well. The only I would personally critique would be the variety in terms of hours for classes, besides that I would honestly recommend this school to anyone.
Metropolitan is a excellent college where all students come together and really help each other. Professors are very reliable. They will help you get together what you need to be done. Professors tries their best to help everyone understand what the class is about and what the class will help you with in the future.
Metropolitan State University is a great school. The people here are great and the environment is very welcoming. The classes are small, which means you get more one on one time with your teachers. However, there are no sports. It is not like a typical college. It is a great school overall.
All of my professors pushed me to do the very best work I was capable of. They were incredibly knowledgeable and well educated but always made their students feel like the input of everyone mattered equally. Truly an amazing college experience.
I love Metro state. It's a wonderful school, and a laid back college experience. It is very professional, and full of wonderful people.
Metropolitan State University is an affordable school that is excellent for students who are in search of inexpensive education. The overall atmosphere is good and there are little to no distractions.
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My freshman year at Metropolitan State University was better than I thought. The instructors are very helpful and interact with its students on homework and projects. The diversity of the university is colorful. I feel like I fit right into the environment. Gateway will be your best friend; your go to for answers.
Metropolitan State University is the essential school for non-traditional students. The staff works with you to ensure your success and understands that their are other priorities in your life. They offer several classes in the evenings, on weekends, and online to be flexible with working students. Metro State is a great place to go to college.
You can complete a Nursing degree from Metro State at many locations. However, I didn’t feel the program was good at all in quality.
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