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Attending Metro Community College has been a wonderful experience for me. I am a sophomore there and have taken many courses. I have had very nice and helpful professors in all of my classes. I work part-time as well and the teachers are very understanding and flexible. The campuses are nice as well. I've been to three different campuses in the Omaha area and the building and staff were very nice which creates a great environment to learn and build in. Another point that i would like to mention is how easy it is to sign up for classes. Time is valuable to students in college so the fact that signing up for classes online is an option makes life a lot easier.
I have been a student here since 2015. My experiment has been about as perfect as you get. They go above and beyond. It is indeed a community; the staff make an effort to help, and build you. I love my school simply because I don't feel left out, people are amazing, I feel support, and I feel at home.
The instructors seem to actually care about the students success. The student service center is always willing to help me understand any issue I may encounter.
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The most interesting thing I like about metropolitan community college was it’s very diversity and different cultures.
Metropolitan Community College is a great institution. The staff is always willing to help and they have a lot of resources to help you on your path. I'm not sure how I feel about the length of the quarters as compared to typical semesters.
Its a great institution for learning. New buildings have just been built for science/math and computer engineering. The part of town it's in is unfortunately not the best. However, that being said, security is great and there aren't any real issues with that. The professors are outstanding. They will do the very best to help you succeed. If you have a blemish on your record, there are people there to help you get into school as well. It is a great institution of learning. I wouldn't suggest partying anywhere near there or apply for sports.
I like everything about the South Omaha Campus. From the students to the amazing staff, the only downfall is there is not a quiet place to study.
I have truly enjoyed being a student at MCCNEB so far! The campuses are all really nice, full of nice people, great professors, delicious food, and more. I highly recommend it for people who are debating on what college they want to attend!
I am an international student at MCC, the classes are mostly easy to manage and there is no need to be scared or worried about a language barrier! The instructors will know you by name, they know your background and do everything that is possible to work with you so you succeed in your class.
Overall, it is a great Community College with many transfer agreements with 4-year institutions. Unfortunately, the dorms have been closed for several years due to bad experience the College made. Athletics are not available, however, there is a program with UNO (University of Omaha Nebraska) that offers to be part of some of the teams for a small fee.
Metro Community College is a great school. They offer a lot of affordable programs for transferring students and new students. My overall experience has been great. When I need help I have a lot of resources I can go to on campus.
Its a very affordable community college with caring and well educated professors. It provides online and in person classes and has quarterly academic schedule, which is more flexible for busy students.
Metro teachers/professors we're always there when help was needed. Even if the subject was very challenging, the staff did whatever they could to make sure you understood that subject. They never give up even if it is frustrating. Also i like how they really want us to continue with school after my two years are up at MCC. I honestly wouldn't have anything changed. They're doing a great job with helping their students.
Everyone at the college has been amazing to work with. I have only taken online classes but the professors are always great and helpful. I would recommend this college to anyone that is trying to go back to school and raise a family and work at the same time.
It's a community college. There's a nice place to study and pick up a credit or two but Metro doesn't offer big picture career opportunities. Lots of different age groups and ethnicities, well kept campus.
MCC is extremely flexible. You choose the classes you need and there are many different campus locations. Their online classes make learning easy when you have a busy schedule.
Excellent online class program. School uses quarter system instead of semester and tuition is less than that of a four year college.
After obtaining my last degree more than twenty years ago, I am proud to be back in academia and among my fellow students who are striving to improve themselves. Some are fresh out of high school. Others have multiple degrees and some are teachers who push forward to consume knowledge which advance their current skills. While one of my classmates is sixteen others are well into their sixties. In this environment, age is not a limitation but embraced as an opportunity to share a myriad of experiences, perspectives and ideas.

At this time, I can't think of anything negative about being in school
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I quickly learned as a student at MCC, it was one of the worst decisions I could have made. The nursing division is unbelievably unprofessional. The Dean is ruthless,actively shows favoritism among students as well as instructors. Should one speak to "the dean" regarding success within a program, tread lightly, because your education, and your future career will be held against you. When you seek the advice of your dean pertaining to your academic progression, you will be a problem. Expect retaliation not only by your dean but your classmate's as well, including your instructor. The "private" conversations outside the hall where other classmates can hear the two way conversation, which includes private information,is violation of privacy.The head Lady of Health and Human services,the woman who oversees the medical programs. Absolutely unreasonable, she will lie, slander your name and make the student and or students feel as if they do not deserve what Metro calls"a higher education."
My experience at MCC-Omaha has be wonderful. I've returned to school at a rather late age and was somewhat apprehensive about being able to meet the demands. I've continued to keep my GPA at 3.5 or higher and take school seriously. It is my first priority and am full time. The instructors are amazing, they are very student friendly and genuinely love there careers as instructors/teachers.

I would recommend MCC to anyone that wants to further their education or even just for the learning experience. It has been easy for me to return back to school.
I like how the instructors, and the other advisors of different departments take their time with the students and sit down with them to understand what is needed from them, and what is important to them to help them go further in school. I would like the student advisors, financial aid department, and the staff who works in these departments to either get further training or new training, because they don't seem to know any information when we call to ask questions about our education statuses, and it would be nice t have the departments speed up progress on getting our financial aid applied to our accounts and getting refunds out faster for the students who depend on them.
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