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Metropolitan Community College - Nebraska Reviews

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In my opinion,Metropolitan Community College - Nebraska is an average college because as a community college is cheaper than a 4 years college, but it has got a lot of classes that you can choose from. Staff members and teachers are most of the time available to help you. In this college there aren't many opportunity of scholarships for international student, but most of the people with financial needs can find financial aid.
I personally loved MCC. It combined the flexibility I needed with an affordable(ish) education. It's definitely cheaper than other area schools, but it still costs about $5,000 a year. The big downside is that there isn't any dorms/housing available; I think it would be nice to have at least a couple dorms for students who want the full college experience (especially since many students don't transfer to another school).
Classes are great, professors are fair and kind, but the Financial Aid and Admissions Departments need more informed staff. This creates a headache for new students, because you'll run around in circles getting passed to another person after another because no one knows the answer or how to solve a generic FAFSA or enrollment problem. It's a great choice if you know how to do everything yourself! Cheap tuition!
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The people at this community college have helped me to attain my associates degree. The instructors were respectful, helpful, and were literate in their expertise. Additionally, I have been able to save money in the long run and now I am going to a university debt free as a transfer student. Come to Metro in Omaha and you will have no regrets.
There is not much I would change about MCC. There is no doorming which is unfortunate to some students, including myself. This college has a lot of campus' which can help students with different class time opportunities. This school has a lot of benefits with it.
This has some of the best technical education opportunities in the area. I studied in the electrical technology field and the teachers really knew the information they were presenting and were helpful in offering hands-on opportunists to learn
I am a mother of two children, I work full time and enrolled at metropolitan community college full time. I have NEVER met a college so understanding and eager to help me pursue my dreams. I felt like I was being acknowledged for my aspirations, and everyone who I have ever been in contact with at Metro has always been willing to help me succeed. I appreciate this college SO MUCH for giving me the opportunity to full my dream.
GREAT community college. the teachers are really helpful and nice, the staff at the school are very helpful as well. I have been able to get through my classes very quickly with no issues.
What I liked about Metro are classes being cheaper than classes at other colleges or universities and winning prizes for raffle tickets you fill out at the north campus. What I would l like to see changes are strict teachers becoming nice ones and not having to show up at the north campus everyday just to increase our chances of winning a prize.
Metro is good college with the friendly environment. Teachers are caring and supporting of student in their academics. They make having a job and going to school a possibility for students like me.
Great community college! Great for first timers and great for returning students! So affordable! They make sure to be there whenever I have questions regarding my schedule and my classes! I would recommend Metropolitan Community College to anyone! Great classes both online and on campus!
Metro is very easy to navigate (unless you’re at the fort Omaha campus) and the staff is very friendly, however some of the professors grade hard. The best teacher I had moved and left me feeling very sad.
i liked how easy going, accommodating and how nice the professors were. they were understanding and easy to approach. i wouldn't change anything because the education i received there was worth my money and time. and it helped me advance my future.
I have only taken online courses and I am just three quarters from an associates degree. It's been a great experience for a busy person like me.
Metro is an outstanding place to begin your college career. The professors are fantastic and the environment is extremely conducive to learning. It is affordable which makes it a great beginning for a college career.
The faculty and staff is supportive, caring and helpful. I’m very comfortable at MCC and love the fact that the classes are smaller so I get more interaction with instructors. Parking is free as well which is a plus and they have so many resources to help you succeed. It’s also afforadable. Also has flexible class times. Only downside is it’s only a two year college and I wish they had more healthy options in the cafe/bookstore. I highly recommend for students to start their college journey here.
When I first started school at Metropolitan Community College I was very nervous and apprehensive since I had not been in school since the 1980's. The instructors work hard to make everybody believe that they can be successful at MCC. I have had many great teachers at MCC. The students are very diverse. There are many cultures and and many age brackets represented at Metropolitan Community College.
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I really enjoyed my time at Metro. The instructions are very helpful and the workload is manageable. There are so many resources at Metro to help me succeed as a student.
It is great if you just want to go to school and get a degree for cheap. There is hardly any student life though.
Decent experience with Metropolitan Community College. The campuses are newer and nice, teachers have been pretty good. They do have many required textbooks which are special editions for Metro and require being purchases new as there is a code that goes with them, this is extremely frustrating as a college student.
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