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I have been enrolled at MCC to take my pre-requisites for nursing. I wanted to take all my pre-requisites first, then apply to a nursing program where I can pursue my BSN and then on to my MSN and DNP.
MCC is an amazing Community College. They have a lot to offer, counseling, advisors, there's so much to get yourself into while having fun, and learning. They have so many different programs and things to choose from and if you don't know what your major is they can help you figure it out.
This is your typical average community college. The only good thing here is the cost. The professors are okay they need to get better professors that can actually teach stuff..
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Overall it has the best program around for my area of study. I enjoy my instructors, however I am very disappointed in the financial aid departments as well as the fact that this school is blatantly a money making business. It keeps students who should have been dropped or cause and create problems for other students. The head of my program also created the largest class of my study in the history of the school, which has proven detrimental to my personal learning time. Considering I pay the same money as everyone else, I should be given the same learning time I need but because the class is so large, this doesn't happen.
If you are a flexible student this is the place to be. However if you are a non-traditional student you may have a harder time with classes. Though they do offer a good mix of night and online classes, some of the most important classes are during the day. Most teachers are will to work with you on your schedule but that means that you have to be on your A game in every class.
so far I have had an wonderful experience with Penn valley Community College. I have met some of the most fun and intellectual professors who have guided me through out the years. One thing I think would help however is better communication in the business office when dealing with financial aid.
I love this college. I havenot been to another college, but I love the set up of the college campus. The teachers are great and are willing to work with you if you reach out for help. They will make time for you.
This is a very subpar school. I strongly believe that other campus are greater than others. I have taken most of my classes for my associates degree at the maple woods campus. The administration at this campus are illiterate. 90% of the professors are great, but the administration staff are not very knowledgeable and barely helpful. If the Penn Valley campus wasn't so far from my home I would go there instead of Maple Woods 100%.
A lovely melting pot of some of the best areas of Missouri area, these campuses offer cheap, challenging courses that prepare you for the University level of work needed to get a degree. With tons of clubs, work opportunities and University visits, Metropolitan Community Campuses are a significant first step toward better education.
The teachers here are unpretentious and genuinely want to see students succeed. The campus is easy to get around and there is always someone you can ask for help.
The professors are very dedicated to us students being successful.Ive been going to school here for about 5 years and have enjoyed pretty much everything about it especially the price! The only thing the I have to complain about is the financial advisors can treat you like an inconvenience when you need to talk. Aside from that I love it here.
This college provides many options for non-traditional students. The campus could be improved by being more centralized. The online platform is very easy to use and accurate. The transition to a 4 year university is made very smooth by the advisers here. The tuition increase was the most disappointing thing.
I am currently attending this school , It is a new start for someone who hasn't been in school for a while . I just wish the staff was more accessible to help students with guidance in this new learning environment a little more compassion.
At MCC my experience here has been very well when it comes to learning and finding out my degree plan that I am choosing to seek in the near future. The student center and academic advisors have helped me understand many things on life and what would help benefit me with what I want to be when I am deciding my major. As well I have come across very well respectful teacher and many students like me who are wanting to achieve there goals and dreams as well. Overall it has been a great new experience for me and has open my vision to many new things in life I would like to achieve.
This school is great option if money is an issue. You will have a hard time finding classes that are cheaper than they are at MCC. However, not all of teachers care for their students and in some cases appear to just be there to put on a show to exalt themselves and all that they have accomplished. Many teachers there do care about their students and will explain a topic numerous times until a student understands. The good ultimately outweighs the bad when it comes to this college.
MCCKC so far in my experience has been good they are decently structured classes with knowledgeable professors, and small classes which gives you more time with the professor if you need it, as well as free tutoring services. The advisers are helpful with all the information that you need to succeed, and the campuses are small so it is easy to navigate and find where you need to be with out much hassle. On the down side, I think that some of the professors could be a little more organized when it comes to having class prepared for the period and giving more notice when they decide to cancel classes. I have had two professors cancel with only an hours notice, and when you live far away this is quite frustrating to arrive only to turn around and have to go home. Additionally, they could create more online classes to accommodate students in all areas of life. However, the overall experience is sufficient and it has very reasonable tuition.
In my experience at MCC, the advisory staff are very helpful, As well as the instructors, the course work is reasonable and informative. None the less, I don’t care for how the school requires students to take intro classes that are designed to bring in money for the school but won’t help you with your degree when you transfer to a four year university.
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MCCKC Community College is a good college to start if you're undecided about your careers. Not to mention that the cost of tuitions makes it affordable so everybody can learn.
The staff is wonderful and are always there to help you when needed!! The over all environment feels very safe yet not like a prison.
Great experience at an affordable price. Good instruction and fun environment. Professors are approachable, easy to talk to and available when needed.
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