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It is a good community college with a lot of different options in classes to fit any schedule. I really appreciate the willingness of the professors to help me with any questions I have concerning work from the classes or personal quandaries.
Campus involvement is not that great because its a community college and everyone commutes. We go to class and leave. The academics are average. If you want to get involved with clubs, I advise it because the clubs are actually diverse and fun.
A pretty good local community college. They offer a good range of class and most credits transfer to most schools. Buildings are good and professors are above average.
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I love this college because they have a wide range of degree and certifications for the students. But what I am not pleased with is some of the teachers that I have had attending this college. I have had teachers that have had altimeters that would forget they even had a class and then I have had teachers that would be little you just for asking questions. With the bad teachers though I have had some amazing teachers that saw potential in me even when I didn't see it in my self.
This college has great classes and professors for a good price. The culture at the different campuses is very different. I mainly went to the Penn Calley campus; most of the students In the general education classes aren’t very motivated and will complain about the work load/blame the professor for their bad grades; do not let this get to you! College requires work, and you will get what you put into it. The professors are very nice, and most of them will help you if you communicate with them!
Great for a Community College, but just average in terms of all colleges. You get what you pay for and that's a bare bones education. They do have some fun add-ons like clubs, activities, and free bagel days, though!
The instrutors are incredibly helpful and make sure to answer any questions. They are also flexible with meeting with you outside of their office hours. The facilities are great and are equipped with everything you could possibly need.
I had great teachers that were taught hands on & by the book. The experiences I had just my first semester made me ready to continue my college life.
There are so many clubs around campus to join. They also put on a few shows a year that are open to the student body and the public. There are also groups on campus that host activities throughout the week to provide pick-me-ups and fun to students in between classes. If you stick around campus, you're bound to find something fun to do! Also there are cheap classes with quality education! I'm able to transfer without having to do expensive gen-eds at my university. Maple is a good start to college, especially if you are receiving A+ benefits. The class sizes are nice and the education is quality for the price. It's also close to home and convenient to attend.
Being at a Community college, one would think that it would be a waste of time, coupled with the fact that you face a stigma of choosing a different path than most others. However, choosing to use this school was a genius idea as one is able to achieve their academic goals on a rigorous curriculum, while on a budget and even while working a job.
As my first experience in college, Longview, Metropolitan Community College, was a decent first college. The prices for classes were low, and even though I had to drive a lot because I live a distance away, the classes were fun and the teachers were very helpful.
Great college, amazing professors! I love all of my classes and teachers. MCC is a great stepping stone to prepare you for the rest of your college experience/universities.
I like that it’s nearby and that it’s afforadable. They’re very understanding. They also carry a lot of clubs which I love. I’m involve with a club that is called Intervarcity. Intervarsity is a basically a bible study where we meet weekly and speak about the Bible or what others believe in. We are very open-minded. I love it because I can openly share my experience about Christ.
There are many great teachers here. Very affordable, especially since the classes are very engaging and educational.
I've been attending metropolitan community college for about 2 half years now and my experience has been great so far. I've made a lot of friends at this college and saved money.
Very good school! There’s always an abundance of help available between the teachers or tutors. Classes are easily available and there are opportunities for just about everything that interests you!
I earned my AA at Penn Valley. I liked the convenient campus location downtown and how small and connected the campus is. The administration and financial staff could be more friendly and the processes should be easier than they are. Not many choices in the cafeteria. Lots of student activities.
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It's an average school. I like going here since the classes are small and it is very easy to get around campus. I also like it here because it is cheaper than a university.
I liked how close the campus buildings are and the ability graduate quickly. The credits earned here transfer easily to most schools. However, the staff is not very helpful. That includes teachers, advisors and financial aid. The class selection is shrinking and the classes are becoming less flexible.
If you come to this school you will really want to use the rate my professor site. Some teachers are very good at what they do. Other teachers, and most of them I might add, are not the greatest teacher out there. You don't really get what you need out of it and to a lot of students it seems like the teachers don't care so much about our education.
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