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Metropolitan Community College - Missouri Reviews

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This school is great option if money is an issue. You will have a hard time finding classes that are cheaper than they are at MCC. However, not all of teachers care for their students and in some cases appear to just be there to put on a show to exalt themselves and all that they have accomplished. Many teachers there do care about their students and will explain a topic numerous times until a student understands. The good ultimately outweighs the bad when it comes to this college.
MCCKC so far in my experience has been good they are decently structured classes with knowledgeable professors, and small classes which gives you more time with the professor if you need it, as well as free tutoring services. The advisers are helpful with all the information that you need to succeed, and the campuses are small so it is easy to navigate and find where you need to be with out much hassle. On the down side, I think that some of the professors could be a little more organized when it comes to having class prepared for the period and giving more notice when they decide to cancel classes. I have had two professors cancel with only an hours notice, and when you live far away this is quite frustrating to arrive only to turn around and have to go home. Additionally, they could create more online classes to accommodate students in all areas of life. However, the overall experience is sufficient and it has very reasonable tuition.
In my experience at MCC, the advisory staff are very helpful, As well as the instructors, the course work is reasonable and informative. None the less, I don’t care for how the school requires students to take intro classes that are designed to bring in money for the school but won’t help you with your degree when you transfer to a four year university.
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MCCKC Community College is a good college to start if you're undecided about your careers. Not to mention that the cost of tuitions makes it affordable so everybody can learn.
The staff is wonderful and are always there to help you when needed!! The over all environment feels very safe yet not like a prison.
Great experience at an affordable price. Good instruction and fun environment. Professors are approachable, easy to talk to and available when needed.
So far, Metropolitan Community College has given me a wonderful experience. Being so close to home has allowed me several opportunities I did not think I would have. I love the small school feel that I get going to MCC. I do wish there were more benches and tables to be able to work outside.
MCC had a variety of courses that were beneficial to my college education. These courses were offered all day, at night, weekends, and online! This made it easier to obtain my degree and earn an income.
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I only attended for a year, but the administration was very helpful. The school allowed for growth in students and opportunities to challenge them to think outside the box. I was overall very pleased with my experience.
I like that MCC is less expensive and take financial aid, but their tutoring services are poor when available or non existent. Each class depends on the instructor rather than the course. Enrollment services are not prompt.
The schooling was wonderful! I had an amazing advisor who helped to make sure I was on track to graduate on time, enrolled in the right classes, make sure that even though I was an athlete, I was still able to take all of the classes that I needed to earn my degree even with a tight schedule, etc.
I attended 3 of the campuses over the course of my part time attendance. I attended night, weekend, and evening classes only. This college offers a variety of courses allowing me to successfully complete my Associates Degree and all of the prerequisites for nursing school at Graceland University. The tutoring center at the Blue River campus is amazing and I owe my passing of Statistics to the tutor! In addition they willl hold a workshop review class for you upon request. rest experience.
The atmosphere felt safe and friendly. The only thing i would encourage to be looked at for changes is how some of the professors just give out C's because they feel as though that is sufficient. Though some students work hard for their grades it was reflected that some professors did not take their grading seriously and keep their students up to date on the grades.
The teachers and staff are awesome. I say about once a month they gave us students free food for working hard in our classes. I appreciate that. GO WOLVES! GO WOLVES! GO WOLVES! GO WOLVES! GO WOLVES! GO WOLVES!
MCC is a great school for getting the basic general education credits required for an Associate's Degree. The class sizes are small enough to receive individual attention and assistance, and there are several resources on campus such as tutoring, an excellent online library catalogue, and student events to help with FAFSA, transferring, and career preparation. Overall, the quality of the education was good. I was challenged with the assignments and workload, but felt that it was still possible to balance work/school/social life. The cost of MCC is also very appealing--it's just a fraction of what one would pay if attending a typical 4-year University! My credits at MCC are transferring nicely and I have had no issues taking my Associate's Degree and transferring to my four year school. MCC also offers several online classes which have been wonderful for my busy schedule. Some of the classes are more challenging than others, but they are a wonderful option.
I have attended Metropolitan Community College for one year, and finished my associates degree in this year. The school is very well laid out and the professors are absolutley amazing.
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It is a great college, a few flaws but great. If You want to be a nurse, this is the best community college around for it.
For being a community college, I feel like I still got a quality education. The professors don't treat you like you're in high school, nor do they blow you off like large universities would. They genuinely care about your education, for the most part. Although the campus isn't too big, they still hold several activities to make you feel like you're still getting the "college experience" that those who go away to college get.
I attended the Metropolitan Community College of Longview in Lee's Summit for my Associate's in Arts (basically general education so that I can move on to a 4-year with a lot of gen-ed credits) and had a wonderful time. From my experience, most of the teachers here have a lot of expertise and make sure that students have ample opportunities to show excellence. Instructors at Longview try to take as objective and unbiased a stance on the facts as possible, to provide students with the facts instead of their own opinions. I am going to miss this college and all of my professors dearly when I move on this coming semester. I would highly recommend this school to anyone who wants to get some credits taken care of cheaply before going to a university or even someone who wants to go back to school and get a simple degree. Just because it is a community college does not mean it will not provide you with a good education.
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