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3200 Broadway
Kansas City, MO 64111
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Overall, I'm sure it's like any other community college. When I entered college, I was still a senior in high school, but since the age range is so diverse, I didn't feel weird or out of place. Most of my professors I really enjoyed and had little to no issues with. Some of my professors I really wished taught more classes because I loved them so much. For the most part the classes you take are just the right level of difficulty; they aren't too advanced but they aren't so easy that they feel like high school classes. I used my A+ money at school so I really got my moneys worth. The area is safe as well as the campus. It's a bit out of date but nothing is falling apart terribly and they keep it nice and clean. Overall I have had a great experience at Maple Woods and I would recommend the school to anyone interested!
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MCC is a great school for getting the basic general education credits required for an Associate's Degree. The class sizes are small enough to receive individual attention and assistance, and there are several resources on campus such as tutoring, an excellent online library catalogue, and student events to help with FAFSA, transferring, and career preparation. Overall, the quality of the education was good. I was challenged with the assignments and workload, but felt that it was still possible to balance work/school/social life. The cost of MCC is also very appealing--it's just a fraction of what one would pay if attending a typical 4-year University! My credits at MCC are transferring nicely and I have had no issues taking my Associate's Degree and transferring to my four year school. MCC also offers several online classes which have been wonderful for my busy schedule. Some of the classes are more challenging than others, but they are a wonderful option.
I attended classes in highschool during my senior year. It was an amazing learning experience, the teachers were very kind and helpful. The staff offered as much support as they could to the students that were attending, and there were many groups to join if you want make any commitments during the school year. There's a very diverse crowd of students ranging from all ages to all races and its amazing learning next to many different cultures. The local area has places for you to get a bite to eat if your hungry, and there's parks if you want to go somewhere to get some alone time. The cafeteria was also great, it gives a large variety of food that you could choose from. You could get a healthy snack or a not so healthy snack if thats what your in the mood for. The sports teams are great, if you want to join one of them then all you have to do is follow instruction on how and you'll be apart of the team as well. Overall I have to rate my experience the school great and its a safe place