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My online experience was actually good. All details need to complete course was provided. The online platform was easy to navigate I had no issues.
Attending MCNY gave you the opportunity to graduate with a 4 year degree in 2.5 years. There were 3 terms a school year instead of 2 like CUNY and SUNY provide.
I never received any assistance from Metropolitan College of New York's Alumni or its advisor or fellow colleagues. I found work on my own, almost 7 years later but it has not been easy. Let us not forget I am still paying back my student loans, which again MCNY did not help me. I felt it was a waste of time and money.
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My experience at metropolitan college has been great so far. I love how the classroom sizes are smaller, which allows us to connect with the professors.
The hard work at the school made graduate and professional life much easier. It was a great experience that I could not have obtained at a traditional college.
As a new student returning to school after 30 years, the staff was very friendly and helpful in getting me on the right track.
The open house was very informative and the students were very welcoming.
Establishing and maintaining the highest standards.
Identifying and implementing creative opportunities to provide quality programs and services.
Assisting ourselves and others to become more effective and productive.
Actively promoting and supporting a community of
Awesome, epic, wonderful and phenomenal. I describe this school with such a great contents because they deserve such. I experienced a better life around the school environment .awesome lectures from lecturers who engage in passion teachings from the dept of their soul.
This school was a waste of my time, resources, and energy. I was a graduate of the MPA - Emergency and Disaster Management program and I can safely say the degree is not worth the paper it is printed on. I also graduated with a 3.98 GPA. After being coaxed into this program instead of an MBA, which was what I originally wanted, I was not able to find any work and the school has little to no resources to support you. A major disappointment and I would urge anyone to pick a different program.
When I went to visit NYU, it was an experience I will never forget. The bustling sound, energetic atmosphere, and hopeful environment really “set up the stage” for my ideal college experience, studying theatre and drama at the Tisch School of the Arts at NYU starting in 2020.
Overall I should have enrolled in a different school because I would have got more bang for my buck the idea of what MCNYwas supposed to be, made sense . But as we know when business is more important than the success of the students who attend then there is a problem
In my opinion, I am having a decent experience. The students seems to be motivated and driven; the professors whom I’ve had the pleasure to learn from were very dedicated. I am learning many things pertaining to course work and things about myself. I will further my degree at Metropolitan College with their Master program.
The vibe, the professors, other students everyone is so helpful and want you to do your to succeed and graduate on time or even at all.
I like that they offer 3 semester terms with 14 wks. The admission staff needs work. The class times aren't as flexible and are very long. Also the online courses are mediocre and require constant peer feedback.
Starting as a Freshman at MCNY, I learned about the college purpose each semester. I began to get A's, the professors are fantastic, also got on honor roll society. My g.p.a is 3.68 and I am one semester away from graduating with my bachelors in Human Services.
Being a graduate at metropolitan college of New York has given me a perspective on life . This school has given me the confidence to pursue my careers and my dreams
It's diverse and a great school to further your career. Love the atmosphere and the staff are a good set of people.
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Metropolitan is a really good school for human service majors. They teach you a great amount of psychology in an interesting way. Metropolitan college should offer more online courses to students who can not always make it to the actual building.
The MBA Finance program is a waste of time and money. You are doing basic courses that you have already covered in an undergrad. You're spending thousands of dollars doing over classes with content that was covered in community college. WASTE OF MONEY!!! I regret going there for that semester. WASTED my time and money.
There is security on every floor and you must use your ID card to get into locked areas.
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