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Methodist University is a wonderful school and has a great education program. Methodist offers great activities and a home atmosphere.
It’s an okay school, little to no party scene, the foods okay, but the dorms are pretty bad. Too expensive for what’s offered.
Methodist is awesome. I love playing baseball and being apart of campus. Besides the food, and the freshman dorms, it is an awesome place to learn and meet new people.
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Methodist has staff which genuinely cares for your success and wellbeing. The professors are all very qualified and there are so many kind people all across campus. The small community makes you more than a face in the crowd, teachers remember you and what you are good at.
There is so much involvement. Whether it be the professors doing their best to help students or the student sponsored activities. There is always something going on and there is something for everyone. Our international program fills the school with diversity. The one thing that I would like to change is having the library open later on Fridays. It's difficult to finish all of my homework for the weekend and make sure everything is printed by 6pm on Friday.
Methodist is a great college. There are wonderful professors who are willing to help you learn, and of course there are professors who couldn't care less. Like every college. They have a variety of programs to attend, and the campus is very nice. I just wish the financial aid office would be a littel mroe helpful, as we are just colelge studetns trying to pay for an education here.
I love the variety of opportunities available at MU, from Greek Life, to Religious Life, to athletics, to other clubs and organizations. Diverse experiences are encouraged, and there's always something going on around campus.
My experience at Methodist University was very eye opening. Methodist was very diverse with many different races and cultures with their international program. Also I had to make college what it is, here's an example during the second semester of my freshman year there was not a lot of activity going on during campus so I called up a few friends to come and hangout.
A great school with caring people and professors. Small enough, yet large enough to find lots to do. Overall, it has a great atmosphere in friendly North Carolina.
Methodist University is a perfect college for anyone looking to be a physician assistant. Their campus is very strict on safety and security by allowing only one way in and one way out after 10 pm. The dorms are much bigger than any other college. Campus food is very good and the community is extremely friendly. I would highly recommend this school.
The school is a very small school with people intertwine together with different social groups, clubs, and sports. Most of the students on campus are student athletes making the game atmosphere inviting. The classes are rigorous and fun as you dive right into your major. The only problem with the school is there is not much social life outside of your organized hangouts and they can become boring really fast.
What I love about Methodist University is that it is a small University. Professors know their students on a more personal level and it makes it easier to build relationships and communication. I also love that the campus is beautiful and everything is together, its not all spread out. I feel safe here and the people are super friendly. I would like to see the parking change, there is limited parking and confusing hours as to where you can and can not park.
I really liked how the classes are small enough to get a sort of personalized type of teaching. Also every single person on campus are extremely friendly, no one treats anyone in a disrespectful manner.
Methodist was a great experience for me. It was a small school setting, and I loved that my professors actually knew me by name. I would recommend MU for students who want a personal college experience with a quality educational outcome!
It's a good school for the local area. I'm not sure I would move a long ways to go to school here. Small classes make the learning environment a little easier. It's more personal with your processors which I enjoy. It's not really great for people who need daycare since there isn't one that's the only downside.
My transition to college life in the fall of 2017 has been great. Methodist if very welcoming. The other students are very nice and i enjoy my time there. The professors have a very open door policy that is nice for extra help or talking to them about my plans for the future.
Methodist University is a school full of great resources. Student's are able to receive tutoring, and always offered help when needed. The university has a very resourceful library and staff to help you utilize it to its full potential. The writing center is a great place to get assistance in planning, forming and writing papers, allowing you to be most successful. Methodist also offers career serviced to help you find not only careers and internships but also prepare you for the interviewing process.
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i love how active the school is in the students education. i love how much the professors go out of their way to help their students
I would say this university is average because the campus is easy to get around, the people and the professors, for the most part, are really nice and understanding. The sports teams are fun and entertaining. But on the downside, the faculty can be a little difficult to deal with, I have had some issues with the staff not imforming me on some very important information that I really needed to know, and not having the right information on my file and then me having an issue later on when I found out it was wrong.
Methodist University has the best campus where you could make great friends, the atmosphere is positive and warm welcoming.
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