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I really liked how the classes are small enough to get a sort of personalized type of teaching. Also every single person on campus are extremely friendly, no one treats anyone in a disrespectful manner.
Methodist was a great experience for me. It was a small school setting, and I loved that my professors actually knew me by name. I would recommend MU for students who want a personal college experience with a quality educational outcome!
It's a good school for the local area. I'm not sure I would move a long ways to go to school here. Small classes make the learning environment a little easier. It's more personal with your processors which I enjoy. It's not really great for people who need daycare since there isn't one that's the only downside.
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My transition to college life in the fall of 2017 has been great. Methodist if very welcoming. The other students are very nice and i enjoy my time there. The professors have a very open door policy that is nice for extra help or talking to them about my plans for the future.
Methodist University is a school full of great resources. Student's are able to receive tutoring, and always offered help when needed. The university has a very resourceful library and staff to help you utilize it to its full potential. The writing center is a great place to get assistance in planning, forming and writing papers, allowing you to be most successful. Methodist also offers career serviced to help you find not only careers and internships but also prepare you for the interviewing process.
i love how active the school is in the students education. i love how much the professors go out of their way to help their students
I would say this university is average because the campus is easy to get around, the people and the professors, for the most part, are really nice and understanding. The sports teams are fun and entertaining. But on the downside, the faculty can be a little difficult to deal with, I have had some issues with the staff not imforming me on some very important information that I really needed to know, and not having the right information on my file and then me having an issue later on when I found out it was wrong.
Methodist University has the best campus where you could make great friends, the atmosphere is positive and warm welcoming.
I really liked my first year at Methodist University. The professors were all very friendly and helpful. My favorite part about Methodist is the small community feel, you could walk into a building and see someone you knew basically any time. What I'd like to see change is the food in the cafeteria. It wasn't my favorite, but it wasn't unbearable.
Methodist university is a great school for students that like small classes and a small campus. I really like how involved the professors are and also the pride in the school overall! Greek life is a big part of my life and it is growing very fast. The one thing I'd like to see change is the cafeteria food. It is not the worst but not the best. I wish there were more options for the students.
Methodist is a small campus which is what I like but some of the Professors only lecture. the campus has a lot of trees. the campus always has something going on.
I am in my first year of college, and it was a tough start being that I have just retired from the U.S Army, and there is a large age gape between me and my peers. One of the great things about Methodist University is teacher to student ratio. most of my class' have less than 15 students. All of the teachers that I have had are easy to talk too, and will bend over backwards to help you understand any material that you may have not comprehended.
I love that it is a small school. You get personalized education with professors who understand their field. Most professors are also leaders in the community who can help with acquiring employment upon graduation.
Methodist is a great school to attend but it is not goo enough to live on campus. The education is great but the housing will cause stress. I recommend a school with a nice dorm and housing whereas Methodist require students to live on campus the first year. And it is not really great food wise. There is no variety and the service is not great.
I enjoy the small class sizes for a more personal experience. Most of the teachers really care about their fields and I enjoy their lectures.
Hiring more officers so its safe
Increasing with number of students
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improving more and more each year
lots of one on one teacher student time
There is always a sports event going on and emails regarding sports events. I just don't have the time to attend.
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