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I like how the general education courses correlate with the nursing major. The only thing I would change is allowing classes to transfer from other schools a lot easier.
I really enjoyed practically all of my teachers. I really think that they were the only reason I enjoyed the college.
I love everything about my college. My instructor is loving and very helpful. There is nothing to change. It fees is expensive but it is worth every penny looking at the materials used and the knowledge aquired.
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over all I really like the school. I do feel like there is some disconnect between the students and the teachers. I feel lost at times and like I am getting a lack of guidance on what I need to do next. The college seems to offer many services to provide help but the ones that I have used so far are not what I expected.
This school is a nice facility with a vast array of resources to help their students. From tutors being on site and always willing to make time to see you to teachers going above and beyond to help us out.
very family oriented. Everyone on campus seems to care about one another. You should never feel alone when you have so many open arms to run into. The newly redone building is a plus too. I haven't actually started yet but I'm excited just off orientation itself
I have not yet started at Methodist college of Nursing, but I am getting excited to as the spring semester is approaching. I love Methodist college because it is a smaller private school. It focuses on what I want to do. I love that students have the opportunity to live right on campus too. The only thing that I would like to see change is it's size. I hope Methodist continues to grow and can add more master degree programs. Overall, I absolutely loved visiting Methodist college.
Online courses are the best.
Methodist hospital hires a lot of new grads!
Relatively safe unless walking to the hospital.
Everyone has to clean the kitchen on the floor regardless if you use it or not.
It is getting better as semesters pass. A lot of improvements but charging us way to much for the improvements. Made a new rule that you have to buy your own testing software but still pay a testing fee on top of that. With the amount of tuition I pay, I should not have to pay for parking too.
I think that there are so many new grads that they have went in waves hiring. For the most part though I have not heard of anyone having a hard time getting a job.
I feel that the teachers are just as frustrated as the students. I have a teacher right now that is so consumed in her own coarse load for school that she has not graded anything since midterm and does not respond to emails, yet I am paying thousands of dollars to go here. The money far outweighs the education we are receiving.
I know there is a security guard but I am not sure what they even do, they are here throughout the day but at night you rarely see them and they are not able to be found to walk you to your car since we are not in a good neighborhood. Anyone can just walk into our school up until 5pm.
I feel that if I had to do it all again I would have picked a different school. I understand inflation but the fees have went up drastically since I started and all to pay for a new school in which we were told would not happen. It is 60.00 to park at the school and there is not enough adequate parking, they have expanded their program to include may others but can not adequately provide for what they have now. If I could transfer I would.
Never had any problems! Security is good
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Professors all care about the students.
I have nothing but a great experience here! all of the faculty want us to succeed!
General education courses are even made to be about nursing. So you really encompass nursing from day 1
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