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Mesalands Community College Reviews

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Classes are small and allow for better focus. Professors are friendly and knowledgeable. Staff goes above and beyond to help students.
I had to switch out of Physics into Liberal Arts.
The staff aids you through every step of the way!
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They will work with each student to get the best schedule possible.
They work hard on making sure every student has a good plan when they leave school. either that be a job or going to another school after graduation.
This school works hard to prepare the student for the real world. I have had job training in every class.
Teachers work hard on teaching Real Life lessons. All of my teacher are very helpful. I have a lot of hands on classes.
This school makes everyone feel like they are the only student in the room. They work hard to make everyone comfortable. The classes are small and the teachers are very good.
It wasn't what I expected. Some of the instructors are not much help.
The academic facilities, faculty and experience at Mesalands was on of the best I could have hoped for in a Community College. They went above and beyond expectation.
There are not many campus resources at Mesalands but the few services that they do provide are very well organized and helpful.
The career center at Mesalands has great faculty as well as many resources to help with finding a well paying job after graduation.
The personnel at Mesalands was quite helpful in getting my classes paid for through various resources such as government financial aid, scholarships, and many more opportunities such as work study positions and jobs around campus.
I was quite nervous about having to keep up with all my class work without any time in a real classroom setting but Mesalands makes everything quite accessible and affordable with their online programs
At Mesalands the post-grad service is actually great. We have lots of certificate classes where students actually enter the work force while they are still taking the class. Also, we have the wind energy program which allows students to internship and also find great jobs across the mid-west.
At Mesaland, we honestly have an amazing staff that helps every need of any level person wishing to be productive in that school. I have never once seen a professor turn anyone down for extra help or to stay late. The curriculum that thy use yes, some is tough and for others classes maybe not as hard- but in all we all come out with more knowledge.
I am a Ag. Business Major at a community college collecting my associates degree. Our curriculum pushes us students to use our minds and work toward a positive outcome. Our facilities are perfect for our size of classes, including certificate courses.
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I would have to say the student body as a whole is okay if you are on the rodeo team. The male to female ratio is terrible and its small enough that there is a lot of known drama; more than there should be.
The computer labs are okay. The main problem I run into is being able to print and have access to the labs and wifi 24/7 that way I can work on homework and what not when it fits into my schedule.
I think the athletics department could be better such as a sports medicine person to assist with rodeo injuries instead of having to pay to go to the hospital.
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