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1,623 reviews
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My experience has been overall good. The classes are challenging, but not unbearable. The teachers I had are helpful and will try to accommodate your needs as much as they can. The college campus is beautiful, clean and so relaxing. The campus is a little hard to navigate when you are new, but that is to be expected. I felt safe walking around even in the evening hours. The worst thing about this school in my mind is the parking. You have to drive around for a while in order to find parking, which means you have to get there early enough so you are not late for class. Another bad part has been the admissions and financial aid offices, there are always issues with these two departments, even other people that I know had problems there also.
Over all this is an interesting college. The teachers are mostly intelligent, possessing a desire to help the student achieve their academic goals. However the administration and enrollment lack in many areas. It's not un-common to wait up to two hours when dealing with enrollment, weather that a simple question or advisement. Then their is the issue with their internal software for the college, Canvas. A truly complicated system to navigate, lacking in needed information and guidance. The campus is easy to navigate, but most of its buildings are older and needing remodeling. Over all it's an okay college but nothing to brag about or to get excited about.
I am obtaining my Associate's Degree from Mesa Community College this semester, and I can wholeheartedly say that I've immensely enjoyed my experience. The professors are fair and willing to work with you; the class sizes are reasonable; the rates are lower than any 4-year institution; and the students are friendly. Highly recommend!
I've been given advice contained herein to help me move forward by student advisors that put me in deep debt. I will recommend students going to MCC speak with instructors they're knowledge of your next classes to take help more than student advisor. There knowledge is powerful because they know the best professor who will help you make decisions for your career.
The advisement and enrollment services at this school are atrocious. First they decided to make two accounts for me so I was only getting credit for half of my classes. I have been in there 4 times (each time waited at least an hour and a half to talk with someone) I've called the school multiple times (only to be put on hold for at least 30 minutes) and the problem still isn't fixed. This is the kind of service you can expect from MCC. I would not recommend going here if this this they way they treat you when you are trying to give them money for classes.
This is my first year and the staff on campus is very helpful except for some of the people in the disability office .I have had an IEP sence I was in 2nd grade . I took my IEP info into the disability office on campus and they said it was not valid and I would have to go and get retested the lady gave me a list of Dr and the cost of the test .I don't have an extra $600 at that time to get retested . I just did not understand because the IEP I had from high school is good until Aug 2017. But besides that issue I had I love the school the professors are amazing and if you need help with anything just ask and they will help.
Mesa community college has been the best hands on school I've ever went too. I am finishing up my second year this spring 2017 semester and it has been a great experience. Teachers are helpful and they have a lot of extra help outside of class! Also great activities !
The professors are always eager to work with a student who is willing to work hard. I have had outside help from five professors and all of these professors were willing to help me outside of class.
I like Mesa Community College because the professors are able to help you one on one and are very knowledgeable about the course they are teaching. In my experience I have chosen a teacher by first asking councilors and online resources to find a teacher best suited to me. There is a variety of classes available to take that vary from online to one, twice, and four times a week! It is awesome here. It is really a great place to get a quality education for a fantastic price!
Overall the classes I have taken at MCC are much more involved and I feel that the professors take great pride in what they are teaching. I've taken classes at other colleges and I felt as though the professors were only there to pass the time as if they didn't care about whether or not the students were actually learning. MCC is completely different. The professors care and do what they can to ensure that every student is getting the most out of their education.
I absolutely love the campus. Every building is super easy to find. Public safety is all over and ready to help you with anything ranging from a dead car battery to finding a class. Professors are ready to help when you need it. Tutoring is available to fit your needs
I love going to MCC at the Red mountain Campus it is such a friendly school and the professors are so nice and always willing to help.
Mesa Community College is a cost effective way to you get you where you want to go. With the low cost tuition you have high quality teachers who love their job. The teachers I had were very understanding and were glad to help with making sure you didn't get lost in the crowd. To ensure you find the teacher for you it has a website that rates all of the teachers from the students perspectives. The food on the campus isn't the greatest but it keeps you going. More variety would be nice.
Flexibility of classes and curriculum is great and I haven't had to transfer my credits yet, but they have already told me multiplie of times that all my credits will transfer to any Arizona university no problem. The only isssue they said would be going out of state, but I don't plan on that.
I love the online classes, it allows you to work when you can or when you want. But some classes aren't offered online or they are just simply too hard to be done online.
They want you to keep going to school and get that higher degree. They encourage you by talking to you and what you want to do and help you plan it out. Which is great. They can look it up and just tell you.
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The variety and class sizes are awesome. Most of the teachers are great. Like I said before there are the select few teachers that don't care.
The different programs and clubs give you so many opportunities to be involved in something in your career field or major field. There are so many options.
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A lot of these classes can be taken at like ASU and NAU, but we are getting it way cheaper and not as many students in classes. And that means more one on one time for teaching. And that makes the teaching so much better and more personable and wanting you to be successful.
I love MCC, it's a great school, most teachers care about you and they want you to pass. But every once in awhile you have a teacher that really doesn't care if you fail his/her class. Which is unfortunate. But otherwise it has a lot of variety with different classes, clubs, activities, etc.
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