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It hasn't been bad, it's just that classrooms and some instructors could use some improvement. The use of technology in order to deliver material to students is minimal which is not as efficient. Especially for example a CSC 205, the instructor teaches code by writing on the board. He wastes a lot of time and is not efficient.
They built a new administration building that has made it almost like a one stop shop for signing up for classes. everything you need is in one building. My only complaint is having the library closed for almost 2 weeks right before scool starting.
Great Community college! I have had a great experience here. Great teachers, who are so willing to help out. Also, Great music programs that I have been involved with. The hardest thing is finding scholarships and applying to the college. It had some major difficulties with that, but other then that it is a great college.
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Mesa Community College is wonderful until you have to deal with administration for any reason. They don't help you very much from the start you really have to look and ask questions yourself as well as keep an open ear to opportunities around you. but the culture and the faculty are wonderful and the opportunities and involvement are wonderful also its a very active school full of wonderful opportunities. Provides a mostly good college experience!
Mesa Community College helped me become a better version of myself. I became more aware of what I could accomplish through the accessability and care it offered.
It's a great college, but the Math department is terrible. There is hardly any school spirit but the teams are great. The tuition is cheap and very much worth the price.
I attended MCC a few times on and off throughout the past two years. The campus is nice and very big. It's hardly ever crowded which is nice. All the students I met were really nice. Only thing I would change would be a few staff members who were rude.
At first, I was hesitant to attend a two year college. However, with the scholarship I was offered, the great campus, and great location, I decided to give it a try. I definitely made the right choice. Not only are the teachers helpful, but the students are friendly as well. You can honestly find someone to help you with anything, whether that be applying for classes, service learning, volunteering, or extra curricular activities. It's also very cost effective as many of the professors who teach at MCC where classes cost less, also teach at a university, where classes cost more.
Mesa Community College offers high quality education, small class sizes, and amazing professors. Professors and advisers are dedicated to your success, they have weekly open office hours and are usually accessible by phone or email if you have a question. There are always campus events going on at one of the two campuses and there are many opportunities to be involved.
My first year at mesa community college is great, the students are friendly, outgoing and communicative, and the staff are beyond great, and i feel as if i am learning something new every class time we meet again. Id recommend this college to incoming seniors out of high school, its the best way to further your education.
I want the faculty and the professors to least act like they care. Students might not be paying at lot of money but they are paying for an education non the least. It is a community college and they are professors. In my experience with the faculty they treated me like crap. The front office called me a lair to my face and to my grandfather on saying that I am not an Army Reserve Solider. After I showed them my ID card, they never said sorry or seemed to care. When I asked to speak to someone in charge they said no one was available. I asked them to email me their bosses information. They said they would, after a week and a half. I walked back and they told me if I didn't have anything to do the school related issues that they could not help me with, then I was to leave.
My grades in college did not reflect who I thought I was. I'm a driven individual with my own flame; I want to succeed. High school, however, did not reflect my passion. Transferring to Mesa Community College made me nervous, but I soon eased into the classes. The professors, especially, treated me as an individual in the present. Past grades didn't matter and my professors were more than willing to spend office hours with me. Whereas my high school instructors didn't seem to have that same passion.
what I like about mesa community college is the teachers, they are amazing. Also the environment is great as well.
Fantastic staff, always helpful and very nice. The campus is clean and simple to get around. Advisers help you with choosing what you want to do and are open about anything you discuss with them.
MCC has done a wonderful job at connecting students with faculty, as well as making new/incoming students feel welcome. The wide variety of student organizations, such as clubs, makes it easy to get involved and connect with others. Although MCC is the only community college I have attended, the year-and-a-half I have spent here has assured me that there's no other community college I would rather go to.

One thing I would recommend change for, are the advisors. Perhaps they need more extensive/proper training, because many students (myself included) have been misguided by their advisors. For example, some advisors have been known to mistakingly suggest taking classes that a student didn't even need for his/her major, among other issues.
I am having a wonderful experience here. I take online courses and have had an easy time finding classes that work with my schedule. Their student center on campus is very friendly and helpful.
Lots of people have bad things to say about community colleges. They say the education isn't as good or that you won't get that college experience. With MCC, that was not the case. I went to MCC straight out of high school, knowing I should probably go to college, but still unsure of what I wanted to study. Since the first day I stepped on campus, I've had nothing but positive experiences. First off all, the campus is well laid out and kept clean. The classes are smaller than the university so you get a more intimate learning experience. There are always activities going on, food to eat, and people to meet. I loved that I could get the college experience that I wanted, without paying thousands of dollars. MCC also helped to prepare me for ASU, which I desperately needed. I have such a love for MCC, and owe my incredible college experience to that great school!
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I've only had one teacher who I didn't click with. The campus is clean and safe. The staff is great and extremely knowledgeable.
What I liked about this college was the ratio of instructor to students, which was about 1:20. This made it comfortable enough to participate in discussions with my classmates and ask questions in front of the class without hesitation. I also enjoyed the different events that the school had on campus. These events provided music, food, and information for all students. I also loved having a locally-owned coffee shop on campus.
Mesa Community College is a great college for those wanting to transfer to a university. MCC's staff worked along side me to help with the transitioning process to ASU. It's the perfectly paced school for those unsure of what they want to do.
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