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I Recently visited Meridian Community College on April 23, 2018. Throughout the visit, I noticed Meridian Community College as being a nice environment with helpful faculty members. Also, I was offered all the information that I needed to prepare for the Nursing program.
it is a wonderful collage that really helped my explore and grow both emotionally and academically. it is the first school ive been to that made sure to try to take care of my psychological needs and problems that i did not realize had been plaguing me. its safe environment to grow and learn was a breath of fresh air that i enjoy and take advantage of to the fullest. even in the off branch part of the campus that im in i still felt included in all that MCC has to offer.
Wonderful place! I truly enjoyed meeting the students, teachers and various faculty during my first semester there.
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The faculty and staff at Meridian Community College and extremely friendly and helpful in every way possible. This college was a great transition for me from high school. I am still a current student here and I continue to be for at least the next two years. If I could go back, I will still choose Meridian Community College over the other opportunities I was given. This college feels like a home.
My home town calls this college Harvard on the hill! I love MCC because they have a little of everything to study at this fantastic college. The teachers are extremely helpful and give many chances for students to keep their grades up. I always get the chance to meet new people everyday! MCC is a beautiful place!
I started there in January 2016. I have been going and the experience has been great! The staff is always willing to help me with things I may need. The facility is nice and a safe environment! I have enjoyed every minute of my experience. I work full time, am a spouse and have 2 kids. The faculty and program has helped me get through this with as little stress as possible! Not saying I have not been stressed but they have definitely helped me!
Overall, one of the best community colleges academic and staff wise. Everyone wants you to succeed and will help you get there all you need to do is ask. All the instructions are easy to talk and ask questions. Everything here is there to help you succeed not only here but whatever you choose to go. This is a great choice for anyone.
I always have an amazing experience when I go to MCC! The staff there are always extremely helpful and just all around fun to be around in general. It is a really nice and beautiful campus considering it is a community college. The campus is not too big either, which is really convenient and helps a lot! I cannot wait to start in the fall!!
I love Meridian Community College! It has a great atmosphere and the faculty is amazing!! Advising is very helpful. The food is AWSOME! Campus life is always getting the students to come together and have fun. I don't think I could not have gone to a better community college.
Starting out at Meridian Community College in 2013 I immediately felt at home. My advisors were excellent at giving me the tools and guidance on my career. Even though I was undecided MCC still gave me great insight on other options to pursue at the college. I graduated as a university Transfer.
I loved the convenience and flexibility of Meridian Community College. I was able to work during the day and take night classes for my prerequisites to Nursing School. I obtained my Associates Degree in Nursing while being home with my children and working full time.
I transferred to Meridian Community College in the fall of 2016. Some of the things that I like about Meridian Community College is the small family atmosphere. Upon arrival at Meridian Community College on the day of registration, student workers and other staff members were in place and ready to assist with any area of need. They made me feel so welcome and they made the registration process very smooth. This semester, I was accepted into the Associate Degree Nursing Program, beginning in the spring of 2017. This process too has been extremely organized and easy to complete. I really look forward to my future experiences at Meridian Community College.
My time in Meridian was well spent. It is overall a good school to attend straight out of highschool. The baseball team is top notch.
It's a great two year college very hands on activities for different majors. The campus Is great it's a perfect size for people that like smaller colleges. The staff is very helpful and understanding. A lot people down the school but in reality it's really a great school. Great time schedule for certain classes. Everything is well put together and organized. The campus police are always around when needed the campus is very strict on safety and always enforced the proper rules. The teachers are all very nice and will give you extra help when you need it meridain community college is a all around great school.
I just learn better in class.
The teachers are great and as far as the course go you get what you put into it.
A degree from here is awesome to say the least
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In the nursing program what I have learned will help me help so many people and family's
The nursing program is best.
I have been able to talk about my degree requirements to ensure I take the necessary classes as quickly as I can.
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