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The teachers and faculties
very nice . I like the fact of the small class settings. The cost is only 18,000 for the semester. I love the schedule that they offer. They also
offer job placement before graduation. It is Nationally accredited. The hands on training is awesome
and effective. I like the fact meridian is well known for efficiency and the loyalty to students. I would recommend merit
Don’t waste your money to this school! If you care about your education, go somewhere else! This school is terrible! They only care about your money! They’ll ripped you off and left you with debts! Alot of DEBTS! Please! Again, If you want a good education and have a good future, NEVER GO TO THIS SCHOOL!!
Do not waste your money, I am shocked there has not been any legal repercussions particularly concerning the Ultrasound program. After having completed the program I feel totally ripped off and scammed. I wish someone would do something about this place. Terrible!
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Meredian college,
DMU ( Diagnostic Medical Ultrasound )Being an ultrasound tech is a good career path. Though this school is HIGHLY UNEDUCATED & UNQAULIFIED! The placement coordinator has no sites, she tells students they are going out and they keep getting pushed back! They only require 20 hours a week for a 3 month long externship! Your DMU classes are just 7 months long! This is not including the prerequisite you have to take 2 years prior! This program at this school is HORRIBLE
The teachers are great teachers. They really care about education and making sure that you understand the material. The problem is that for the amount of money that we pay to come here, I feel like it's not worth it. Night classes are very rushed courses.
I tended Meridian the medical assistant course all they want is your money never received a certificate of completion I attended Meridian the medical assistant course all they want is your money never received a certificate of completion never got a graduation was not able to be state-certified 30 other people in my class experience the same difficulties they offer profit all they want is your money with false promises great force your finances through as you see hundred percent Financial availability and that's all it is now you're responsible for the money that they put through on you a total Scam School or profit important phrase
Back in 2009 i decided to stop going to school because I was not sure of what career path i wanted to go down. Well about 8 years later i finally figured it out and I found Meridian College online and decided to look into it. I went there for a tour and to get some of my questions answered. They were all so nice, that same day i filled out my application and had my financial aid all taken care of and a month later i was back in school. All the teachers are absolutely great, they work with you as much as they can and only want you to do your best. This school was a great choice for myself as i am a mother of 2 little girls and being able to go to school 3 nights a week is not to much and you only have to focus on one subject at a time. This college was the best choice I could have made for my future and my family's future.
My experience at my school has been very convenient although I stay an hour 1/2 away the classes and curriculum were very flexible.
I actually liked online courses but I learn better when I am in the classroom. It is always best to stay ahead because you don't want to get behind.
Post grad services provides a way to address issues we are truly passionate about. Everyone has different motivations and reasons for deciding to do post grad service.
My school have a lot of opportunities where you are able to decide which career you would like to join. You get to talk to different recruiters and decide what major is best for you, once you are finish talking to the recruiters you know exactly what you would like to do and there is no pressure.
The course at this school can be difficult if you do not study for it but the teachers are willing to help the class size is reasonable not packed which is a good thing.
Nursing is not meant to be easy because when you get in the real world you have to take care of real people no one wants a nurse who does not know what they are talking about the program is fast paced there is a lot of work but you have to want it, we have choices and that means giving up your weekends. There are plenty of jobs opportunity and it should be about the succeeding and loving what you do and not just for the pay check. The teachers are great and they break it down for us to understand you just have to be willing to want to understand.
Overall, I learned even when I felt like giving up I knew failure was not an option. Teachers cared and as long as you care about succeeding there is always a boost to get there it is not easy being in Nursing school but so far it has been worth it. The experience of going to nursing homes and caring for those patients have been amazing and I wouldn't have it any other way. I love my school.
We do not have online classes
Class sizes are very small which I like a lot usually 4 to 10 people. There are only a few teachers so you have the same three teachers the whole year and also are kept with the same people you started the program with as well.
I have classes three days a week; Monday Wednesday and Thursday's. You can either go to the day or night classes which range in time from 8:30-1:00 or 5:00-10:00. I believe they work around my schedule great and if my job needed to change i can always switch from day to night as month as needed.
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They help us get into an externship at the end of our year and they find it for us. They also have a bulliten board in the school with a bunch of job openings in all the different careers they offer. Our teachers go over ways to interview and to make sure our resume is up to date and is apportiate for the job we are going to.
Well I am only learning classes that are going to further me in my career. I'm not taking English classes or math classes or any kind of extra classes that I do not need. They are focusing on all the medical classes I need and then I go into a extern ship at the last three months of my course! Also I have clincals and hands on training that will provide me with all the real world experience I'll be needing!
I have been at this school going on my fourth month now and I could not be happier! I have a 4.0 which I have never had in my life. I believe because the classes are so small and the teachers have more time to sit with us and actually get to know you as a person it has helped with my grades. Yes you learn a lot fast but if you come to class and pay attention the grades are easy to get! I cannot wait to finish up my schooling here and I am so happy that I made my choice to go to this college.
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