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Meredith Manor International Equestrian Center Reviews

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From a former student: Prospective students and parents beware!

This is a for-profit institution.

• Few credits transfer to a traditional colleges.

• Few colleges accept transfer.

• Gainful employment rate of graduates is lower than the government's 30% threshold.

• Students pay greater than the government’s 10% of net income threshold to pay loans.

• There is a high student default rate amongst graduates.

• A majority of instructors are a products of this institution.

• Their reputation is severely overstated: They are completely unknown by either the International Equestrian Federation or the British Horse Society. Low reputation with the USEF, USDF, USET and among horse industry employers from New York to Hawaii.

• There are better programs out there. Colorado University has an excellent program and the British Horse Society.
My daughter is currently a student. When we first visited, we were impressed by the staff and everyone seemed nice. Since she has been there, she had to wait to be taken to urgent care to be seen. A fellow student had to take her because the school doesn't have a nurse or any type of protocol in place for health-related issues.

We were also given a bill to pay and we paid it in full, only to be notified ai that later that there was another bill to be paid from the previous months. Very u organized and hardly any communication.

Save your money and go to a better school. This place is falling apart and I was told that the owner spends the money on motorcycles and airplanes. The dorms are outdated and the barns are falling down.

The cafeteria has processed food and nothing nutritious. When I complained they told me that my daughter could always buy food for herself.
All the "trainers" I have seen that came from this school are awful. They beat the horses, force them into a false frame, and advocate "desensitization" when they are repeatedly hitting the horse if it spooks at something. Not to mention that at the school itself, horses are not given any turn-out time and are kept in stalls all day long with the exception of a 30 minute "run" where the horses are allowed to gallop around the dusty indoor arena or get lunged. Also, the horses are strictly fed corn because it is "cheap." The housing is just literal storage bins converted into "dorm rooms". The "degrees" they give you are just pieces of paper that have no meaning anywhere but the Manor itself. I would NEVER hire anyone who has been a student here.
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My collage visit to Meredith Manor was spectacular! I was given a very nice tour of the beautiful campus, everyone there was happy to be there and had a smile on their face. It made me really feel like I was at home. The professors really work hard to make sure the students fully and 100% understand it. I can wait to apply and learn as much as I possibly can about horses and how to teach them.
where to begin...

ive been at meredith manor for the last year and half and its been on the best experiences of my life. it is a very hands on program, where you get to handle a variety of horses. from a 14 hand quarter horse to a 18 hand clydesdale, MM has every every shade of gray. i learn something new EVERY SINGLE DAY, LITERALLY! there has not been one day i felt like i was wasting my time or money. the instructors are just absolutely phenomenal. the days i felt like i was lacking skills to do the task assigned, they really pushed me and gave me the confidence i lacked. when i didnt believe in myself, they believed in me. ive ridden so many different horses with different personalities and evasions, you wont get better hands on experience with such a variety of horses anywhere else. MM is so dear to me, and has really prepared me for the horse industry.
Unorganized and unprofessional. They preach professionalism and I never saw it displayed. Horses overworked and not fed enough for the amount of work they're doing.
MM is an accredited school and it looks great on a resume.
They help you with about anything you need. They challenge you so you could be better.
Once you reach a certain point in your program, they help you find a job. They prepare you for going out into the industry.
I am taking the Riding Master's program and it's great. Four days out of the five day week is spent with hands-on learning while on Wednesday's you're in the classroom, learning even more.
The instructors are helpful and caring. They actually want you to succeed. The school is welcoming and the hands-on learning is awesome
The equine massage therapy was very helpful for what i wanted to do.
I loved the help they gave me when I needed it and they made me fell like a person not a number.
It has over 150 horses, a semi-large campus, dorms are on site
To my knowledge, it used to be one of the BEST equestrian schools in the world. Sadly it is far from that now.

Honestly, you can get so much better education cleaning stalls at a local stable in exchange for lessons or general horse knowledge.

Cons- The facility is falling apart, they seem to be desperate for instructors, and most horses seem to just have had enough of their life there. Most of your fellow students were nearly unbearable to work with.

Pros- The horses.
They hold a fitness class once a week in the cafeteria, other than that, there is nothing. They have a "welcome bonfire" at the beginning of each quarter. It's not friendly nor inviting.
There is none. There isn't even wifi in common area like the cafeteria.
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Every graduate I've met, either stayed at the school as a GA (not paid) or do not work in the horse industry at all.
You have to work around the school schedule. There is no "I work on Tuesdays, and Fridays, so m classes have to be the other days. School is EVERY DAY. Classes cannot be changed, your responsibility block (feeding, cleaning stalls) is the same every day.
Being a tech school its difficult to get decent financial aid that allows you to complete the program at normal speed. You can extend your dispersed aid by going to school twice as long. Also since aid is hard to get, its nearly impossible to get extra aid to help pay for the mandatory supplies you need to have for the program.
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