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Mercy Hospital School of Practical Nursing Reviews

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The school is Monday through Friday from 7am to 3pm, or from 4pm to 10pm. You're in one set of hours.
The students all remain together and the teachers take turns teaching a subject and testing it. As mentioned before, this allows the students to focus on studying that subject. All the teachers are accessible and are willing to help with any questions the students may have.
As a whole, the LPN field is being phased out, HOWEVER, students who graduate from this particular program are much more likely to get hired as an LPN in most hospitals. Also, there are LPN to RN programs which favor students from this school.

As mentioned previously, students who graduate from the program and apply for a job in hospital are preferred over outside applicants.
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The staff is small, so are the classes, so the entire staff will know you. They will work with you to help you succeed in the school. The program design allows focus on one subject at a time in order to help facilitate memory retention.
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